Remember the titans Essay

September 2, 2017 Human Rights

To make such a singular movie is wash uping. Remember the Titans the movie that I have created is animating. exciting and watching it is an experience you won’t bury. Created and produced in 2000 Remember the Titans has had much work. devotedness and continuity put into it. The movie distributes many grounds of why it should be in the 2014 Human rights Literature and Film festival. Remember the Titans has become such a fantastic piece of show. demoing how black and white unite for the better. The ground why Remember the Titans is such a valuable movie is because it shows that two races can come together for the better to thrive and endeavor. This alone movie shows that racial favoritism can be overcome.

Remember the Titans shows bias. but so once more don’t we all have a preconceived sentiment of others? I believe we do. A cardinal scene where bias is shown is when the participants are about to travel to bivouac at Gettysburg. Coach Boone has merely arrived. he walks over to the managers and gives them his drama book. He is so approached and confronted by his Team Captain Gerry Bertier and squad member Ray Budds. Gerry says to Coach Boone “I’m the merely all American you got” . He tells Coach Boone that he must reserve half of the squad for the white participants.

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The Dialogue besides says “we don’t need none of your people in the defense mechanism line” Gerry mentioning to “your people” is categorizing the squad participants as black and labels them as the “other” . While Bertier is in a confrontation with Coach Boone an over the shoulder close up shooting is used. This shooting establishes tenseness by the sober facial looks and subsequently a long shooting shows hostile stance and position. This scene shows how rough and blunt bias is in Remember the Titans.

Remember the Titans is more than a movie about winning. it involves unifying the two black and white races so they come together and organize a friendly relationship. a bond like no other this is why for cantonment the participants were taken to the conflict of Gettysburg. During the camp manager Boone made the participants take a 100 stat mi tally to the burial evidences of the fallen soldiers. Boone says “I don’t attention if you like each other right now. but you will esteem each other. And possibly – I don’t know. possibly we’ll learn to play this game like men…” The technique is the usage of the duologue and the reading of this quotation mark means that no affair how much racial hatred the participants have for each other they must larn to esteem each other and if they do they can win.

Taking the participants on Camp would hold been the most of import action for Coach Boone. because if they sleep. unrecorded. train and pattern together like those soldiers they have to come together as one. esteem each other and work as a squad. This scene shows that Remember the Titans is more than merely about winning and how friendly relationship and trust must be formed for them to win.

Remember the Titans is one of a sort. and one of a sorts are alone its singularity can be seen in the manner it teaches us to get the better of racism. In the beginning of the movie. the white and black members of the squad hatred each other. The white participants of the squad don’t “want to play with those black animals” . The black participants don’t want to incorporate either needfully because they don’t “trust your people to be honest” . A scene where this is seen clearly is when Ray and Petey are forced to larn about each other in cantonment. The two participants are sitting on opposite sides confronting each other like antagonists. The camera angle technique is a mid-shot. Dividing them is a way running between them up towards a large traditional door of Gettysburg College.

This way represents the tradition of racism in America between inkinesss and Whites all the manner back to slave-ownership times that divides Alan and Petey in the present twenty-four hours. This camera shooting is combined with a duologue that is leery. personal and hurtful. The movie retrieve the colossuss sends a message that a racism war has been fought for so many old ages and is still traveling. but these male childs overcame racism and became one. Remember the Titans shows us how racial favoritism was overcame. It shows that it is possible for any age or race to be united and that together you can get the better of racial favoritism and be stronger. this is why this movie is so of import and it would be a great movie to be shown at the 2014 human rights literature and movie festival. To non demo it in the festival would be an abomination. Remember the Titans presents a memorable message that can assist us get the better of racial favoritism and work towards making a just and equal society.


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