Remember the Titans Film Essay Sample

August 2, 2017 General Studies

The film Remember the colossuss is a great Disney film directed by Boaz Yakin. This movie depicts an everlasting sociological issue that has to make with race in America. The movie takes topographic point in the early 1970’s where inkinesss and Whites had equal rights but inkinesss still faced the wrath of many white people who don’t agree with the equal rights. This hurts them in occupation chances and school arrangement. At T. C Williams high school in Virginia. Herman Boone has merely been announced as the schools new football manager.

Boone is an African American and the manager he is now replacing ( Bill Yoast ) is white. This causes an tumult around the school and the town but the authorities stands house and permits Boone to be the manager. Although Yoast decides to take up the helper training occupation at T. C Williams under Boone. The fact that an African American manager was instated meant that a one time all white football squad now is going an interracial squad. The inquiry is. despite the race barrier can the squad happen a manner to put aside differences and happen a manner to go a true squad non one separated by racial barriers.

The football squad leaves for cantonment one twenty-four hours where they head to Gettysburg for preparation. While the squad is acquiring on the coach and on the trip you can experience the tenseness between the black pupils and white pupils edifice. When they get to bivouac. in order to ease some of the tenseness manager Boone makes the room state of affairss so a black and a white participant would be boarding together for the continuance.

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He besides makes them acquire to cognize each other as people and friends. At first this program backfired. it caused battles and even more tenseness on the playing field. But as camp went on. the participants figured out that the race issue is all merely in their caputs. Each and every one of them is on the squad to carry through the same end and by the terminal of cantonment. most of the squad understood that.

As the film goes on the squad additions a really strong bond among each other. Particularly one between captain Gary Bertier and Julius Campbell. What made this bond strong was the fact that Bertier who is a white and Campbell who is a black roomed together for cantonment and hated each other. But now that they put there differences aside to assist the squad they have become true friends.

Everything seems to be traveling good for the squad as they go through the season undefeated and travel to provinces despite the societal scowl put on them for their interracial engagement. Even though this expression was diminished to a great grade one time T. C started to win games. there are still people who believe what they have traveling on is incorrect.

As the Titans prepare for the province semi-final game. Yoast is told by some members of the school board that if they were to Lose the game that Yoast would be inducted into the high school football hall of celebrity and retain the caput training place the undermentioned twelvemonth. Yoast doesn’t think much of this alternatively he merely prepares for the game. The game starts and the colossuss are acquiring shafted with calls all first half. Blatantly awful calls from the referees got Yoast inquiring if this game was fixed to do the African American manager fail.

Once this became evident. Yoast went over to the referee during the game and called him out for what was traveling on. Despite the referee’s reasoning Yoast got his point across. The functionaries started to name an even game and the colossuss made the rejoinder for the win. I thought this was a premier illustration of what this film stands for. Yoast new that had he allow go on what was fixed to go on. he personally would profit greatly from it.

But his ethical motives told him to make the right thing despite the fact that his superior manager in Boone is an African American and so isn’t half his squad. He defended them when before his experiences with these people he surely wouldn’t have done so. This radius to me a batch and I thought this exemplified what this film stands for. The colossuss end up traveling on and winning the province title.

All in all I liked this film because I understood what the significance of it was. Despite the racial boundaries set from society itself. the Titans were able to put aside these boundaries and achieve the ultimate end. Not as persons. but as a squad. Obstacles are merely obstructions. Don’t let outside beginnings consequence something good that lies within.


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