Renaissance Humanism Essay

September 26, 2017 History

The Northern European and Italian Renaissance period was a clip of metempsychosis of Greek and Roman surveies. humanistic disciplines. and civilization. The people of this clip period were call humanists or people who studied Greek and Roman classics and plants. The humanitarianism motion non merely influenced civilization. but it besides influenced how the person was perceived. Humanists encouraged happening oneself whether it is through art. athleticss. acquisition and instruction. scientific disciplines or mathematics. and they believed one person could accomplish anything they put their heads to. ( DOC. 3 ) The humanists of the Renaissance greatly valued faith even thought they were more focussed on the survey of human nature and values ( DOC. 9 ) .

Humanists took it upon themselves to be devoted members of the church and do faith a important facet of their mundane lives. By going a more spiritual person. they benefited themselves and it was encouraged of humanists to utilize their connexion to the Church to beef up their relationships with others. One of the most of import facets of the Renaissance that the humanitarianism motion influenced was art. People all over the universe began to show themselves and their endowments through art and the humanists’ beliefs greatly emphasized Greek and Roman art technique every bit good. For illustration. Michelangelo’s sculpture of David emulated the Greek and Roman’s appreciation for the physical beauty of the human organic structure and humans’ perfect strength and symmetricalness ( DOC. 1 ) .

Leonardo district attorney Vinci’s drawing of the musculuss in human weaponries besides emphasized and shed more visible radiation on the map. expression and anatomy of the human weaponries. therefore doing it easier to analyze and visualise the human organic structure ( DOC. 7 ) . Additionally. the population of humanitarianism during the Renaissance influenced the manner art became more graphic. In pictures such as Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael ( DOC. 4 ) . the creative person utilised facets such as pragmatism and position to give more deepness to the picture. There is besides a sense of the Roman and Greek esteem of the beauty of the human organic structure in this picture. which was painted with new stuffs and on new mediums. that were invented during he Renaissance.

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Humanism greatly influenced scientific and secular surveies of the Renaissance every bit good. One illustration is the betterment of the telescope in Europe ( the telescope was originally invented by the Muslims ) . which greatly increased the flourishing of scientific discipline during the Renaissance ( DOC. 5 ) . With the aid of the telescope. it became easier to analyze astronomy and view the planets and the remainder of outer infinite.

Additionally. the publishing imperativeness invented by Johann Guttenberg greatly contributed to the addition of larning during the humanist motion because more books were produced and became available ( DOC. 10 ) In decision. humanitarianism during the Renaissance transformed the life style of people in Europe and influenced interconnected features of civilization such as scientific discipline. art. and rules of the clip period. Because he humanists became enthralled with the universe around them and were detersmined to show themselves. the class of history for the Modern Ages was decidedly changed for the better.


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