Renaissance Love Poem Versus Current Love Song English Literature Essay

September 29, 2017 English Literature

In the current essay we will compare the Renaissance verse form by Christopher Marlowe “ The Passionate Shepherd to His Love ” and current popular vocal “ Love The Way You Lie ” , performed by Rihanna and Eminem description . It is obvious there will be important differences in the attack to show feelings and to state “ I love you ” in a really different mode.

In the verse form by Christopher Marlowe “ The Passionate Shepherd to His Love ” we can see the described nature by the writer, a batch of love affair and really shyly asks a adult female to be his Love. And in the current popular vocal “ Love The Way You Lie ” , performed by Rihanna and Eminem, we can see “ the other century ” in the words and in the sense. It can be seen that there are other values ; other ways to show feelings, there is less love affair and more creativeness in the vocal. The vocal describes the hurting people get, as the love hurts and this point is the chief and it is described in item in the current vocal.

The description of the feelings and love today differs so much from the last old ages and centuries, as we seem to hold other things that are in the manner of the relationships. Each century has its jobs, its engineerings and its distinctive features. That is why we are able to see such contrast between two people who are in love and who try to be converting utilizing their words. While the vocal give us a batch of information about the relationships, its jobs, the verse form reminds a tide of feelings and descriptions of what the writer was seeing at the minute when he was composing the verse form. Beautifully described nature in the verse form makes everyone who read it to conceive of everything the writer is depicting, as it seems unagitated and beautiful, charming and ageless.

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It can be surely noted, that in the times of Renaissance, love was perceived as nature- beautiful, independent, perfect. Today, in our mercenary society, it can non be perceived this manner any longer. Today people have other values, invented by them, as they forget about the existent of import things to appreciate, as we have so many other things to pay attending that sometimes we forget about feelings and their importance. It can be seen in the vocal, as there is depict the state of affairs of how people got along with each other, and a adult male describes his love in short words, he does non state anything romantic. Probable today work forces are non so romantic as they were at the times of a Renaissance, as today the society has other values that can dominate the of import things. Equally good, possibly adult females have accepted the fact that they will non hear romantic words and sincere words of feelings from a adult male, because today different gifts and nowadayss, unluckily, replace them. As we live in the mercenary society, so we are forced to play by its regulations. One more cause of such alteration in the perceptual experience of love in centuries may be the technological advancement, as in the period of Renaissance people could pass on with the aid of letters, and now it is possible to do phone calls, to compose messages on the cell phone, e-mails, communicate via societal media and confab. At the times of Renaissance people missed each other more and accordingly valued more, and now when there are many things available to utilize and many ways to pass on, people start looking for something more interesting, ever seeking for the better. Often people take many things for granted, and suffer merely when they lose them. And this vocal is about these things, about the lost love, a adult male is imploring his love to come back to him. Probably, if person presented a verse form in a Renaissance manner to his loved one, this individual would believe it is a gag, or would be confused, as today there are other regulations for this sort of things.

Presents, comparing of love with nature does non go on, and that is why people are normally surprised when they see something like that. Rivers, birds and the countryside are non so romantic today for adult females, as they dream of other things. The things that have non changed in the verse form and in the vocal are people ‘s perceptual experience of love, their feelings. What is changed – are the adjectives with the aid of which people compare their feelings and the state of affairs they are in. Love affair has changes a batch, the whole attack to the perceptual experience, the significance, the manner of life and hereafter is seen the other manner. In today ‘s busy universe people want to hold everything at a clip – a occupation, a loved individual, money, calling, kids, houseaˆ¦And in the period of Renaissance people had other values, where dominated the household, kids and place. The society today dictates the tendencies, the values, “ the of import ” things, the “ must hold ” and other modern inventions. As a fact, on-line communicating has a immense influence of what is go oning around the universe, on relationships between people, on their behaviour, on their programs and life. Some people do non happen it necessary to travel out of the place because they have internet connexion and societal media helps them live their life online, while the existent offline life base on ballss really rapidly. In the verse form “ The Passionate Shepherd to His Love ” , the peace and isolation are the cardinal words that describe the life of a shepherd who is waiting for his love. But today it is about impossible to populate isolated in love affair and in harmoniousness with the nature as described in a verse form, as the vocal describes the relationship that did non last because of the error a adult male made and he is entirely. It is obvious, that today people make the things more complicated because of the regulations the society has made itself.

All in all, there is so large difference between the life in the Renaissance period and today that it is about impossible to conceive of what life would be like. Many people would non wish to give up everything they have and change it for what the Renaissance period could give them. Probably, people who lived in Renaissance period would non understand the significance of the current popular vocal, as the things have changed so much in these centuries that it is hard to believe it. Both the vocal “ Love The Way You Lie ” and the verse form “ The Passionate Shepherd to His Love ” reflect love, and boulder clay people have the ability to show their feelings, the life is deserving life.


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