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January 22, 2017 Theology

Sir Francis Bacon was a man who held great status in society, but at the height of.

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his political career he was banned to his country estate because he was found guilty of.

taking bribes. There he decided to devote himself full time to thinking and writing about.

new ways to discover knowledge. He didn’t master all knowledge, but did make many.

important contributions to such branches of knowledge such as political science,.

economics, biology, physics, music, architecture, and many more. But he is most famous.

for his vision of humanity’s future, when knowledge would be based on verifiable.

experimentation, and science would be separate from theology. Bacon’s best-known.

literary works are the Essays. Bacon tore down the old Aristotelian ways of think and.

stimulated the “modern” ones.

Of Studies:.

In “Of Studies” by Sir Francis Bacon, Bacon expresses many of his views in.

simplistic one sentence ideas. He doesn’t expand on his ideas like most other people’s.

essays. Bacon stresses that when people study that sometimes they may become lazy if.

they do it too much or even become a “show-off” if they do it just to impress others. He.

believes that people should study to know themselves and of their profession. Through.

studying is the only way to fulfill yourself as a person.

Why is the King James Bible special and why is it still used today?.

The King James Bible is special because it has led and still is leading the way for.

civilizations of all English-speaking countries. If English-speaking people living before.

our time read anything, they read the English Bible; therefore, they were being influenced.

consciously or unconsciously. The language of the King James Bible has become even.

more distant from ordinary English over the years, but still everyday English is full of.

words and phrases from the English Bible. People still use the KJB because of its old.

fashion elegant language and it still holds the value and true meaning of the original bible.


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