Renault Nissan The Paradoxical Alliance Marketing Essay

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Contrary to common belief recent research suggests that, most frequently it is non hapless strategic that causes amalgamations and acquisitions or confederations to neglect but hapless execution.

Common error can be identify in, for case: deficiency of trust and communicating, insensitive direction, power battles, slow executing or a leading nothingness following the trade. In this check we will explicate the points that have made what on the beginning was announced as “ a matrimony of despair ” is now sing one of the most successful confederation.

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“ The most cardinal challenge of any confederation or amalgamation is cultural: if merely one does non believe that something can be learned from new spouses, the venture is doomed to neglect ” said Carlos Ghosn.

Renault-Nissan gave attending of the cultural people aspect, in fact Ghosn ( Nissan and Renault CEO ) created a specialize squad unite both nationality together, in add-on they chose a common linguistic communication ( English ) and a common vocabulary, for some deceptive words, with the intent to avoid misinterpretation.

A thrust alteration, for the company has been the crystalline heroism and the strong leading of the CEO ; in add-on a common vision, based on the Nissan Revival Plan, with the chief intent to be profitable in merely three old ages, that has given a common point to make for both the companies and what it is more the perfect ends to accomplish. In this manner, Ghosn had reinforced the value inherent in the organisation ‘s position and expressive a clear and appealing vision, such as utilizing expressive, strong signifier of communicating, show strong assurance and confidence in the attainment of the vision. Furthermore, they transferred high outlooks to the group and assurance in their abilities, showed role-modelling behaviors that emphasized and reinforced the values inherent in the vision and in this manner authorising people to accomplish the vision.

From my point of position since the first meeting they create an confederation based on partnership and trust, instead than power and domination.

The two companies utilize common synergisms in legion countries, apart from sharing the platforms on which vehicles are built ; they besides exchange research and technological invention ( transmittal technology, fuel and cell research, and state-of-the-art engines ) .

In order to ease coordination and better public presentation, they create a cross-cultural squads and functional undertaking squad, in fact some employee were working on the same clip in Renault-Nissan confederation even though they continue to remain in their original company.

Another of import facet is that the Renault-Nissan confederations have fall ining together people of assorted national civilizations and different corporate society into one company. Furthermore, the leader had capitalized on the cultural differences between employees and he minimized foremost the stereotype and secondly the psychological distances between them.

Furthermore the company since the beginning invested a batch of money for preparation 1500 Renault employee about the Nipponese civilization and 400 Nissan staffs about the Gallic civilization. This one the first good measure for create a cross-cultural confederation, analyzing the opposite company civilization, wont and background, both Nipponese and Gallic could understand better the opposite point of position, in order to avoid misinterpretation and play together for a common program.

When Carlos Ghosh arrived to Nissan, he plan to cut 21,000 occupations ( from 147,000 to 148,000 ) by March 2003, so fundamentally in three old ages, in add-on he closed five mills and interrupted the historical provider resonance with the Keiretzu. He did all of these actions in order to give a strong signal to the company and cut down to the minimal redundancy and cost. Another of import facet that Carlos wholly alteration was the direction procedure, before he came to Nissan a younger employee could non pull offing and old co-worker because of the age and the senior status, in fact publicity were related to the plangency of the employee. He creates a wholly new publicity regulations, based purely on public presentation, without any relation between ages of the employee. In this manner he creates common regulations between the two companies and on the other manus he motivates immature and non members of the squad to work hard. This was wholly different from the Nipponese civilization, but after a piece, when the Nipponese employee understood the benefits of this action, it was easier for them accepted and gave them besides, a immense motive, because of the classless manner. “ Furthermore, he established nine cross-functional squads ; each was led by two executive members and headed by a pilot. Further, squad members were selected by the leaders and the pilot ” . The intent was to make a transverse functional and international squad, in order to portion competences, experiences and see the company as whole together. Furthermore, Carlos Ghosn in 2001 hired a high-profile female Nipponese executive for heading Nissan communicating section ; in fact she was the first adult female to take an of import map inside the company. This new individual did non make any contrast inside the company, because of the new outlook that measure by measure the CEO was seeking to construct inside the Nissan-Renault company. In the yesteryear, in Nipponese civilization an act likes that could make jobs or merely free of power from the director, but because of the long preparation and the new cross-cultural vision, what in the yesteryear would be a struggle, now it is a new benefit.

Undoubtedly, there were some extremist cultural differences between the two companies, Nipponese civilization is more collectivized, as oppose to the Gallic 1 that on the workplace is more individualistic. This two peculiar facet of cross-cultural were explained by Hofstede before and Trompenaars subsequently, even if with some differences. As a affair of fact, the former gestate the differences between individuality and Bolshevism as general differences between civilizations. The writer point out that on a graduated table of 50 different states, with values between 91 and 6, the IDV value for France people are 71 so reasonably high, as oppose to the Nipponese with merely 41, which show a more collectivized civilization alternatively on individualistic. The latter, on the other manus accent more frequent mention to managerial deduction, even though the general sense is truly close to what Hofstede set out. This last facet can be a practical point that Renault and Nissan directors and employee had studied during the first months preparation, with the intent to avoid jobs inside the cross cultural squad and co-workers so. Furthermore, Hofstede explained the different point of position that some states have about maleness and muliebrity, in fact based on the writers 4th dimension, he underlined that the Nipponese state is the first state for maleness, such as competiveness and public presentation, with a mark of 95 out of 5 and France merely 45 out of 5, decidedly with more muliebrity values, for case relationship and a concern for the quality of life. This shows a immense difference between the two states, but due to the high Nipponese maleness, for Carlos Ghosn ( Renault-Nissan CEO ) was the perfect synergism, in fact Nissan employees found a strong new direction, which gave to the confederation new regulations, with a continue demand of high public presentation and even more difficult competiveness than earlier, because more classless.

On the other manus, we can happen in Hofstede besides same synergism ; the first 1 is with the power distance, in fact following the author research France ( 68/104 ) is somewhat more hierarchal than Japan ( 54/104 ) which is more equalitarian, even though the significant difference with the two states is truly minimum. The 2nd possible common point is with the last Hofstede dimension the uncertainness turning away, where both states show a closer mark ( 92/112 France and 86/112 Japan ) , which underline a sensitivity for the functions ; which decidedly prove an of import facet for a strong confederation.

As Trompenaars and Hampden -Turner ( 1997, Riding the Waves of Culture: Understanding Diverseness in Global Business ) identified and analyzed seven different dimension, one in specific is the neutral/emotional dimension, where they describe the cultural contrast between states where emotions are masked and others where emotions are exhibit openly, besides inside a concern state of affairs. Furthermore, the two writers emphasis the cultural differences between south European and Japan, the former in general tend to exhibit without any separation between emotion and logical thinking. The latter, on the other manus, demonstrate that the 74 % of Nipponese do non desire to show inside a workplace strong emotions. The points merely reference above are perfectly a cultural difference, which can make discontent and break inside a new confederation, if the several company do non cognize that it is more a behavioral facet instead than a value in itself. Furthermore, Trompenaars and Hampden -Turner besides wrote about “ the function of social civilization at the organisation degree, believing that corporate civilization is shaped non merely by engineerings and market but by the cultural penchants of leaders and employees ” . This is another of import point that links the two writers with the new Nissan-Renault vision.

A common facet that both Hofstede and Trompeenars reference in their studied is the dialogue facet, in some instances if the two parts do non cognize the opposite wont respect the apprehension and understanding stages, these can make some misinterpretation and accent the difference between a Middle East state and European or Western Countries ( USA ) . Indeed, during Renault- Nissan dialogue the two CEO ( at that clip were Schweitzer and Hanawa ) met twelve times, with the intent to larn, trust and understand each other and in this manner conceive of a future confederation between their companies. Therefore, the 2nd measure was to set together for six months ( before the confederation ) some of the top executives, with the purpose of hammering a formal confederation between the companies. After that Schweitzer and Hanawa chose 100 applied scientists and directors from both companies to work together, with the purpose to joint squad survey and without any formal aim and free from cultural stereotypes. Both companies have invested clip, resources and money for a long period dialogue with the intent to detect the possible synergisms without wage attending to the economical facet.

Harmonizing to Schwartz researches, the two nucleus bipolar dimensions identified were:

Self-transcendence/ self- sweetening and Conservatism and Openness to alter, the last 1 is the first nexus for the two companies, in fact, even though in different manner, both have been opened to alter. Nissan had wholly changed direction construction, portion of the company vision and it become more crystalline and communicative ; on the other manus, Renault brought to Nissan of import key people ( CEO C.Ghosn, merchandise development P. Pelata and finance T. Moulonguet ) , in order to give to the confederation strong brick for the company ‘s resurgence. Furthermore, both companies since the beginning have been opened to portion applied scientists, thought and platforms.

The 2nd point correlated with Schwartz ( 2000 ) surveies is with the three indices and in peculiar with Mastery and Harmony, where harmonizing to the writers research the Nipponese civilization appear more focal point for control and alter the natural and societal environment. On the Renault- Nissan confederation this has non been a job, because of the common vision concentrating to reconstruct Nissan ‘s company.

Harmonizing to Hall ( 1990 ) hunt he point out in his theoretical account the difference between high and low context societies. In the high context societies are frequently stress the importance of establishes good societal dealingss based on trust and regard, this is an utile nexus with the point already reference before about the negation period coped with the two associates. Further, Hall place three distinguishable classs: High- context, Medium- context and Low- context. Nipponese civilization reflect for the writer more a high-context theoretical account, as opposed to France civilization which result more on the medium-context classs ; some of the points reference of this theoretical account could make inside the Renault-Nissan confederation some job, because of the different manner to believe and pull off the state of affairs.

Harmonizing to Hughes and Weiss ( Harvard Business Review, 2007 ) – ” The figure of corporate confederations rises 25 % a twelvemonth. And those partnerships account for about 33 % of many companies ‘ gross and value. Yet the failure rate for confederations corsets near at 60 % -70 % , that is because excessively many houses trust excessively much on conventional advice for pull offing confederations ” – -such as “ Focus on specifying a concern program ” or “ Minimize struggle. ”

The thought in pattern from my point of position is that companies need to concentrate non merely on the concern program but besides on the partnership ‘s working relationship and, instead than stamp downing dissensions, researching struggles to happen beginnings of value in spouse companies ‘ differences.

Therefore, the writers recommend five different patterns in order to pull offing confederations:

Develop the right working relationship

Peg prosodies to come on

Leverage differences

Encourage coaction

Manage internal stakeholders.

The suggestion for the first 1 is to specify precisely how the companies will work together. For illustration, clear up what “ common trust and regard ” mean to each of the corporations. Joint how they will do determinations, allocate resources, and portion information.

The 2nd point is to Nail down prosodies to come on, A confederations require clip to pay off financially and confederation does non make important consequence in the first period, ( month or even in the first twelvemonth ) . Third points that the writers underline are the Leverage differences, A companies ‘ can portion advantage from spouses ‘ different, for case: “ know-how, markets, clients, and providers ” . Yet other types of differences ( such as contrasting civilizations ) can direct to uncomfortable struggle. Alternatively of concealing struggle, surface it and happen ways to utilize your differences to make value. Another of import practical point is to Promote coaction in fact if a job come up, instead than prejudge person or something, it is ever better seek to analyze of how both parties contributed to it and what each can make to better it. The last 1 is to Manage internal stakeholders, in a practical manner most of the external confederations depend on cooperation from internal units in each company. The intent is to be certain that all internal participants are involved in back uping the confederation and committed for the success. From my point of position, the two writers express some of import usher for doing a good confederation, such as encourage coaction, uses the differences for create value or make inside the company common trust and regard, all the points reference before are good express besides inside the Renault-Nissan confederation, as some of the nucleus value of the confederation.

In add-on, Carlos Ghosn decidedly represents a strong figure for the confederation, likely a portion of the bosom of the company. He begun Nissan COO in 1999 and with the Nissan Revival Plan ( NRP ) gave to the confederation instantly clear qualitative and quantitative marks, with the purpose to accomplish all of them in no more than 3-4 twelvemonth. He imposed a common restructuring, with touchable but ambitious mission and a portion vision “ The return to gain ” . Nevertheless, the NRP as reference before Ghosn gave a batch of importance about cross-cultural squad, link both of companies with the same regulations, since the first minute he ever tried to avoid cultural stereotype and created work squads with both nationalities together. Carlos is a magnetic concern adult male, but is besides a clever CEO, who knows that he could non get the better of or transcended cultural differences, merely with is personal quality. Therefore, he mixed both leading quality and cultural synergisms with the purpose to make the perfect confederation.

J. Collin and W. lazier ( Beyond 1992 ) wonderful explain the function of a Leader, all the first chapter of the book Entrepreneurship ( turning your concern into an digesting company ) is dedicate in leading manner. The two writers identified a usher for an effectual leading map and manner ; for the former they specified that the intent is “ catalyse a clear and compelling vision that is shared by the group and is acted upon ” . For the latter, they recognized seven common elements for consider an effectual leader manner, plus the single personality features:




Personal Touch,

Hard/soft people accomplishments,


Ever frontward

All the points ‘ references above are decisiveness for construct a strong leading ; as a affair of fact most of them are easy connected with Renault-Nissan confederation. The first portion facet is that Carlos Ghosn gave instantly an reliable vision for the new confederation and he carries this genuineness out to the major strategic determination made by the company. Furthermore, he is a function theoretical account of the value and beliefs through his daily actions, in this manner all the company should be a function theoretical account of its doctrine as exemplified by its major determinations. The 2nd point is perfectly the decision, in fact Carlos showed instantly the ability to make up one’s mind what it was better for the confederation and what non ( an illustration could be the historical provider Keiretzu that he cut off, without any uncertainty, because non any longer indispensable for the company ) . Other of import point already richly discuss before are be focus, Personal Touch and hard/soft people accomplishments for case, He creates a wholly new publicity regulations, based purely on public presentation and new cross- cultural squads, with the intent to used the common synergisms and learn from the future struggle.

Communication is a important point for this confederation, because Carlos Ghosn has wholly changed the manner of how to pass on inside Nissan, in fact he set up an perfectly transparent, unfastened, precise and functional communicating inside the company but besides outside such as the media. The CEO believes that “ if people do non cognize the precedence, do non understand the scheme, where the company is traveling, which one are the critical aims. ” For his point of position confusion is the first mark of problem ; with big sum of different civilizations and states, it is of import to be precise and factual, in order that people can see and mensurate.

To sum up, more or less ten old ages ago Renault-Nissan was considered an impossible confederation, there were seemingly excessively many economical jobs, cultural and organisational differences. However, during these eleven old ages the two companies have become the figure four and five profitable largest auto maker companies on the universe. Therefore, I would wish to stress the last component of effectual leading manner: “ of all time frontward ” outlook. Since the beginning, Carlos Ghosn has ever traveling frontward – progressing- before as an person and subsequently conveying this new values to the confederation. This new open-mind manner of how to believe, collaborate, cooperate between squads and portion thoughts, combine two civilizations and languages together, interrupt any sort of stereotypes and avoid cultural daze. With the purpose to accomplish an alone common end “ be profitable once more and make a length of service confederation ” .

Renault-Nissan from my point of position is the perfect illustration of the effectual power of a strong and good set up cross-cultural confederation.

Doriana Carlucci




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