Rene Descartes and Lao Tzu Essay

September 30, 2017 Religion

Rene Descartes remains one of the most important philosophers of the West in the past few centuries. In his life-time. the celebrity and popularity of Descartes is merely like that of a mathematician or a physicist. But today. he is considered as an original philosopher and his thoughts and idea are one of the most studied in doctrine. Descartes made efforts to convey doctrine to a new way. His school of though has rejected the ideas of Aristotle and scholastic traditions that had rule on the whole of philosophical idea during the mediaeval period.

It alternatively made efforts to incorporate to the full his doctrine of with scientific disciplines that were considered at that clip to be new. Descartes altered the relationship between divinity and doctrine. These new waies that Descartes had initiated made him a philosopher that is radical. The most celebrated of his thoughts are those that employ a method of inflated uncertainty. Hi argument consist of the possibility that he may doubt but he can non doubt that he exists. An indispensable facet of this philosophical method is on the first of is thoughts. In seeking for the foundation of doctrine. whatever that has the possibility to be doubted must be rejected.

He resolves the statement by stating that we must merely swear what is clearly and distinctively seen that is free from uncertainty. It is in this manner that Descartes Peels or takes away the beds of beliefs and thoughts that would merely blockade his position of the truth. His following philosophical idea is retracing knowledge small by small and by piece in such a manner that the there will be no case that uncertainty will be back. Descartes has proven th he himself should hold the basic ability of thought. This thought head is separate from the organic structure. the being of God. nature and the outside universe.

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Descartes has shown that cognition is genuinely possible and that a scientific cognition of the material universe is possible that is based on mathematics. Descartes besides speaks about innate thoughts. If exterior objects are known to hold any lucidity and that they truly are. so there must be the being of unconditioned thoughts. These thoughts do non come from imaginativeness or from the senses. These thoughts came from the operation of the head on its ain. Merely unconditioned thoughts have characteristics of necessity or even universality. Ideas that are experienced are merely contingent.

He said that thoughts do non hold any similarity to the objects that they represent. Because of this statement. the head is basically a thought entity and the organic structure is merely a substance that is extended and hence basically different. There is no thought of extension that can be formed in the head utilizing the senses. To hold a idea of an drawn-out substance. the thought of an extension must be unconditioned or should foremost belong to the head. The theory of innate thoughts fundamentally speaks about certain pieces of cognition that are known to be in adult male even before birth and non acquired from sing the outside universe.

Descartes used this in his claim that adult male has unconditioned thought of God’s being and basic nature. These unconditioned thoughts are non instantly made known to adult male but require ground in their find. The cognition of God is unconditioned because it is a merchandise of the module of religion ( Kenny 1997 ) . Lao Tzu. a celebrated Chinese philosopher. treats the acquisition of cognition is dictated because it is based on linguistic communication and socialisation. The composing of cognition is of arbitrary. historically. inadvertent societal systems of making differences. steering desires and moving.

Lao Tzu justifies the abandoning of cognition as a method of retrieving the natural. genuine and self-generated urges of humanity. Society will model the desires through the usage of words and differences. The acquisition of a sophisticated gustatory sensation will determine the desires of adult male and besides actions and picks that adult male will take. Man will non want things of course because they are merely simple and few. Lao Tzu accepts the thought of holding pre-social desires. If adult male will bury or abandon the erudite desires that rose from linguistic communication socialisation. so adult male cam return to nature.

The societal analysis of cognition come with the conceptualisation of the natural or unconditioned cognition ( Henricks 1989 ) . Although the instructions of Lao Tzu can non be considered as portion of dualism. his thoughts will look to back up the primary thought of Descartes as evident in his book. Tao Te Ching. The book negotiations about the manner of Tao that does non vary and compared it to something like a holla that is unlimited but empty. In malice of this unchanging manner that makes the universe to what it is. everything relies on this unchanging manner because it completes everything. There are some similarities to the doctrine of Lao Tzu and Descartes on cognition.

Descartes believed on the innate cognition of things that adult male has before he was of all time born. Lao Tzu besides believed on cognition that is acquired before pre-socialization wherein adult male has knowledge before he is immersed in the context of a societal universe and linguistic communication. They besides have similarities in thoughts of dualism. Tao is non extended and to the world’s order. it has a religious entity as a factor by impacting it by utilizing the head. Te will go the tool that the changeless manner will use to demo the effects in the organic structure or the natural universe. Tao is the one commanding Te and Te follows what Tao says.

Tao is being depicted here as God. The existent Tao can non be defined for when it can specify so it is non the existent Tao. The Tao that can non be named is the 1 who created heaven and earth. It is in mention of something that nil greater can be thought of. Tao already existed before all the other existences. For Descartes. the cognition of God’s being is unconditioned because it is the consequence of the module of religion. In adult male. there is this thought that lies of a perfect being that Descartes is incapable of making this thought on his ain. This sort of thought must hold a cause or a formal world.

This cause cold non hold come from a less than perfect being or world. The properties of God were of being independent. supremely intelligent and powerful and created everything else in this universe. God exists needfully. Note the similarities of Lao Tzu and Descartes of a supreme being. The lone difference is that Lao Tzu did non name it a God. Descartes called it a God. being that it is something that can non be explained or defined and one that existed before the universe was created and the One who created everything else that is found in the universe. Lao Tzu did non place with the being as a personal Godhead.


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