Report on Industrial Experience of Business Management

I have started my Industry Placement with Suntel ( Pvt ) Ltd. on the 15th November 2009. It is the first measure of my future calling and therefore go one of the most cherished experiences in my pupil life.

Partial List of Industry Experience

Aerospace & A ; Defence

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Business Servicess


General Contractors

Consumer Merchandises Manufacturers

Consumer Servicess

Customer Relationship Management


Energy & A ; Utilities

Financial Services

Government Contracting




Selling, Public Relations, Graphic Design

Metallic elements

Real Estate

Redress Servicess

Renewable Energy


Staffing Servicess


Transportation system

Travel & A ; Hospitality

Information Technology

Job Tasks for: “ Telephone Operator ”

Interrupt busy lines if an exigency warrants.

Keep records of calls placed and received, and of related toll charges.

Listen to client petitions, mentioning to alphabetical or geographical directories to reply inquiries and supply telephone information.

Monitor automated systems for puting cod calls and intervene for a companies necessitating aid.

Observe signal visible radiations on patchboards, and dial or imperativeness buttons to do connexions.

Offer particular aid to individuals such as those who are unable to dial or who are in exigency state of affairss.

Operate telephone patchboards and systems to progress and complete connexions, including those for local, long distance, pay telephone, nomadic, person-to-person, and exigency calls.

Provide relay service for hard-of-hearing users.

Set up conference calls in different locations and clip zones.

Suggest and look into alternate spellings, locations, and/or naming formats to clients missing inside informations or complete information.

Calculate and quotation mark charges for services such as long-distance connexions.

Consult charts to find charges for pay-telephone calls, bespeaking coin sedimentations for calls as necessary.

Operate paging systems or other systems of bells or doorbells to advise receivers of incoming calls.

Promote company merchandises, services, and nest eggs programs when appropriate.

Provide aid for clients with particular charge petitions.

Record messages to be used on telephone systems.

Update directory information.

Insert tickets in calculagraphs ( time-stamping devices ) to enter times of toll calls.

Perform clerical responsibilities such as typewriting, proofreading, and screening mail.

1.2 How the industrial experience would lend to the direction study

Industrial experience describes the results ( positive or negative ) of measuring different engineerings, thoughts or methods in an industrial scene, every bit good as the lessons learned. The chief accent of this should be a scene, challenges, events and lessons learned. The purpose of direction study will be to specify how the selling services are incorporated thorough the internal and external environment. In most of the selling houses the basic construct is associated with the experience and success of the organisation. An analysis of the internal environment every bit good as an apprehension of how the houses are constructing relationships to clients through the service sector will lend to the overall study. Suntel Octane Additives concern is the universe ‘s lone manufacturer of tetra ethyl lead ( TEL ) which is one of the three distinct concern countries of the Suntel. Suntel offered this arrangement for the intent of seeking aid and support from pupils to accomplish environmental and production public presentation betterment. The major plants and surveies of the arrangement were carried out as portion of Octane Additive squad. This arrangement provides benefits for both suntel Octane Additives and me and both parties achieved satisfaction. All my public presentations have brought benefits to Octane Additives. My attempts and parts were ever recognized and appreciated. Meanwhile, through this arrangement I have gained priceless work experiences. The arrangement has provided me an chance to show the ability to be after in front and maintain to deadlines. The cognition, accomplishments and experiences that I have acquired enabled me to be one measure closer to run into the demands of the preparation and see criterion, which would finally take me to obtain a hired position and Corporate Membership of IChemE.

Therefore Industrial arrangement is valuable manner to derive experience and enhance employability. The arrangement has brought a great chance for me to develop my proficient accomplishments in assorted facets that I can utilize within my surveies. Such as computing machine literacy cognition and accomplishments including Microsoft office 2007, Visual Basic and Java and communicating accomplishments. It besides additions a better apprehension of the theory what I have been taught and an chance to use the cognition I have gained. It improved my squad spirit and my attitudes. Even now they are really utile in my daily life.

Section 2

2.1 Aims, aims and marks of the direction study

The purposes of direction study are to specify how the selling services are incorporated through the houses.

The aims of direction study are,

To form the internal environment to help with alteration direction.

The ability of internal environment to supply consistence in services.

To interact clients and better the relationships with the selling industry.

The mark of the direction study is to specify a deeper apprehension of how the organisation is able to make a deeper association in the internal and external environment. Reponses from the clients are really utile to put the marks. Obviously lasting in industry is n’t all about deriving good proficient cognition, as I indicated the uninterrupted development of personal accomplishments have besides appeared to be critical for me to come on in the competitory work environment. Such as squad spirit, communicating accomplishments and attitudes.

aˆ? Communication accomplishments

Communication accomplishments do non mention merely for the manner in which people communicate with each other, it includes many other things. Working in industry has provided a great chance for bettering my communicating accomplishments with different people who work in different sections including Engineering, Environment, Accounts, and Planning. The arrangement work and undertakings have involved a figure degree Fahrenheit concern sectors which have enabled me to construct an penetration into how the company operates every bit good as bettering communicating accomplishments. The communicating accomplishments gained throughout the arrangement at Suntel Octane Additives will be utile for my future calling because good communicating accomplishments help to develop relationship along good lines and dissensions are kept to a lower limit.

A more regular contact was maintained between me and the Suntel Octane Additives Engineering Department where forces include the functions listed as following, Process Engineers, Plant Engineers, Process Technician, Operators, Day Co-operators, Shift Team Leader, Logistics Co-operator and Instrument Specialists. It was great chance for me to pass on with staff from different academic backgrounds, the ability to accommodate to their on the job environment and to place the functions that were being communicated. Most of the clip it helps to happen instant solutions for jobs. For illustration an operator will non understand the technology side of a job but may be able to give the ground why a job is happening without any computations but with their common sense and many old ages of experience. This non merely made work more efficient but was besides really of import in understanding the full image of the company operations and it is required in each and every facet of my life.

2.2 Benefits of the purposes, aims and marks to the organisation and for me as a scholar.

The purposes, aims and marks of the direction study for an organisation helps me to acquire a good apprehension of how the different organisations are constructing their success because purposes define how the selling services are incorporated through the top houses ; the aims specify how the internal environment organized and back land of the clients which will impact to the selling industry and the mark specify how the organisation is able to make good association in the internal and external environment. An effectual communicating gives a immense advantage in today ‘s universe. Through experience I learnt the effectual and efficient ways to pass on with people. Such as keeping meetings, Short message system, e-mail, facsimile, picture conference and telephone treatment.

In an organisation clip is really of import therefore there should be a communicating procedure which dose non wastes clip. The bosom of the organisation is determination doing for that meetings are really effectual communicating tool. Trying to work out jobs face to confront allows more opportunity of the job being discussed deeply and a solution found. The following best method of communicating is telephone calls. Fax besides enables to pass on much faster but it is non effectual tool in communicating but it is utile when communicate externally. It saves money and clip. Electronic mails would be the least dependable manner of communicating as they are non ever replied duly and are sometimes forgotten after reading. However Electronic mails can be really effectual at sharing information as it can be straight saved to the company drives for farther usage.

Video conferencing is really effectual communicating because it allows conveying images every bit good as voices. When discoursing major jobs and patterned advance a meeting is considered to be the best signifier of communicating. This allows all the people who are involved in the job work outing procedure to hold an organized treatment and make up one’s mind on a patterned advance way. Meetings are good for sharing information that needs input from other people.

Section 3

3.1 Monitoring and measuring advancement in accomplishing purposes, aims and marks

To supervise and measure advancement in accomplishing purposes, aims and marks a patterned advance of consequences from different beginnings will be needed. First of all it has to place the concern theoretical account which is used in the internal environment and the manner it affect to the organisation. The theoretical account of the organisation is associated with the construction and the civilization of the organisation. Then by looking at the history and the patterned advance of the organisation the positive elements can be defined and some other activities can be taken to measure and supervise the development of the organisation. The internal environment can be monitored by measuring the external environment, consumers and responses.

To supervise and measure the advancement of the concern, a technique such as SWOT analysis can be used. This technique can utilize to place the strengths, failings, chances and menaces of the organisation and it helps to analyse both internal and external environment. Evaluation of the patterned advance besides can be done by supervising the overall growing of the company through annual net income and loss, gross and the demand of the consumer.

aˆ? Organization

Working in industry has given me an first-class chance to go more organized and punctual. It makes my life easier. Before working in industry, undertakings were ever tended to be left until the last minute because there was no good agenda. In the industry I have trained how to work consistently which enables me to convey peculiar undertaking accomplishments into drama at the appropriate clip in the procedure.

In order to last in an industry foremost it has learn to form myself to different undertakings and precedences. It is an indispensable ability. If the undertaking which has been working on comes to a arrest it would be instantly noticed and ways of work outing it would be sought by all agencies. Keeping a work journal on Microsoft Outlook of all the undertakings and occupations that needed to be completed has become a wont throughout the placement twelvemonth. For illustration I would compose down which people I would necessitate to see for information and what information needed to be collected. This helped me to go more adept in my occupation. I besides kept a word papers of mini undertakings that I had been working on and this helped me to schedule future occupations and to cognize what had been done. A little undertaking done a piece ago is easy lost in a booklet and bury approximately so a note of the findings is really of import for speedy mention.

Equally good as forming my ain work I learnt to form other people. During my arrangement I organized legion meetings runing from with co-workers to the meetings with my academic coach. Careful readying was given to these meetings to do certain all the ends had been met.

aˆ? Team Work

Normally in working as a squad is really hard undertaking but Suntel Octane Additives trained me to develop my squad spirit. Team members react to given undertaking on different degrees but to accomplish one end. Everybody has his or her ain thoughts of where to travel because people differ widely in the clip scales they operate with. Therefore it is helpful to hold a systematic attack because one undertaking is being done by more than one single with different accomplishments. My work within the squad needed active and direct engagement with other people. In Suntel Octane Additives I worked with a staff from different specialised Fieldss. Whenever jobs arose, the squad acted quickly as a whole to trouble-shoot the jobs. Through effectual and harmonic squad work is ever good for organisation because it increases flexibleness and velocity of the work.

Time Management

Time direction refers to a scope of accomplishments, tools and techniques used to pull off clip when carry throughing specific undertaking and goal.Time direction was a cardinal accomplishment that underwent major development throughout the whole continuance of the internship. I had to pull off works work every bit good as office work. The distance acquisition faculty that I had to take has interacted with my working clip to a great extent. The improved clip direction accomplishments ensured that I invariably met the criterions set by the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science. The twelvemonth was chiefly focused on equilibrating the university work and prioritisation of the Octane Additives work.

3.2 Evaluating advancement against original purposes, aims and marks

The advancement with the original purposes and objectives has to be achieved throughout different theoretical accounts. This arrangement offered by Suntel Octane Additives served as an effectual application of the cognition and accomplishments I studied and I gained a huge cognition of my occupation undertaking and related countries. The arrangement was a trial and challenge of my ability to last in the competitory industry houses and it helps me to see calling chances and countries of involvement.


During my arrangement I gained a good cognition on how to pull off my twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities. As a portion of twenty-four hours today life I learnt how to do right determinations at right clip because it can alter our life. The success or failure of any event depends on that.

The rating activity is concerned with transforming the information gathered during the monitoring activity from natural information into a set of appraisals of the extent to which the programme has met its aims. This activity is undertaken non merely to see if the undertaking has worked after it has finished, but besides to supply ongoing feedback throughout the execution procedure in order to better the quality of the programmed as it proceeds.A

Evaluation may be a extremely proficient procedure for which expert aid may be needed, but in its simplest signifier it involves comparing information that has been collected about the public presentation of the programme against the original purposes, aims and marks of the programme.

For a simple rating, you will necessitate the purposes and aims for each of the activities that have been undertaken as portion of the MHP programme. These should hold been expressed as in footings that can be measured. You will besides necessitate to take history of any specific marks that have been set as portion of the programme. These should so be compared to the monitoring informations that has been collected. Some limited informations analysis may be required ( e.g. the computations of frequences and per centums ) , but no particular accomplishments are required for this degree of analysis. This signifier of rating by and large answers inquiries about the Numberss taking portion in the programme, their degree of satisfaction with it and how the programme might be improved.

For a more complex rating, adept aid may be needed, particularly if it is intended to print the rating as a scientific survey. By and large, such ratings aim to reply inquiries refering the causing of effects or the efficiency of the intercessions made. Complex statistical analysis is needed to adequately turn to these questions.A


Manchester Latin American pupils, Industrial development and labor, ( 1981 ) , Manchester university imperativeness.

K.V.Joseph, civilization and industrial development, ( 2004 ) , Anmol publications PVT.LTD

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