Report on Keya Cosmetics limited

By July 19, 2018 Marketing

Keya Cosmetics Ltd is one of the leading cosmetics manufacturing company in Bangladesh. Keya is a popular brand name at every corner of Bangladesh for super quality of the products within affordable price. Located at Jarun, Konabari, Gazipur covering an area of 28,800sft, the company began its production in 1997 with a state-of-art manufacturing facility and has a strong workforce of 744 people. Incorporated in the year 1996 as a Private Limited Company Keya Cosmetics Ltd. has been converted as a Public Limited Company in the year 1999. Initial public offering of shares (IPO) was done in 2001 and the company was listed with Dhaka & Chittagong Stock Exchange in the year 2001 Chief product of Keya Cosmetics Ltd is:- Keya Beauty Soap. Many other cosmetics items are in the market and some are in under trial in our Lab and will come into market after being fully satisfied with quality.


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Keya Cosmetics Ltd. is devoted to manufacturing and marketing of quality items of Cosmetics & Toiletries items at affordable price for health care.


Keya Cosmetics Ltd. aspires to become the leading cosmetics and toiletries manufacturing company in Bangladesh with diverse product portfolio and instill long-term brand loyalty towards its product in addition to its commitment to be a part of a Bangladeshi & various other countries male and female in increasing number.

Our Objectives
“No Compromise with quality” is our Key objective. We are committed to serve our best towards the stake holders.

Reasons for selecting mission statements:
According to the mission statement of Keya Cosmetics Ltd. It is clear that they want to reach the customers at a reasonable price because lots of local & international competitors in the market. As a local brand, compete with other established competitors is very difficult that is why they tried to ensure best quality with reasonable price to the customers and they succeeded with their strategy.

1. They use latest sophisticated machinery imported from Europe.

2. Best quality raw materials of Malaysia and Indonesia origin and color imported from Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore etc.

3. Rigorous examination of quality at every stage of production is done. Quality comes first, and no compromise is ever done with quality. Which is ensured through well-equipped microdots laboratory and efficient technicians?

4. Brand development Dept. is making strenuous efforts for increasing the items of beautification of all stakes holding at affordable price.

5. Our field forces are working throughout the country for contacting the retailers, whole sellers for making available our cosmetics and toiletries items available everywhere.

6. We are attending International Fairs arranged by export promotion because and our exports are increasing steadying.

7. With the increase of per capital income our people are becoming health and beauty conscious with affordable cost and Keya through continuous analysis is developing divergent items of cosmetics and toiletries items for them and consequently within a short period of time Keya earned confidence of the most people at home and abroad and this occupied enviable market share with a short period of time.

8. Keya Cosmetics Ltd employed a good number of deaf & dumb persons in various departments and their performance.

Keya Beauty Soap is a renowned Brand in Bangladesh as well as in India and huge exports are being done regularly in India, Bhutan & Middle East. In recognition of exceptional export performance of Cosmetics the Government of Bangladesh has honored Mr. Abdul Khaleque Pathan with export Trophy for consecutive 3 years 2002-2003, 2003-2004 & 2004-2005. Keya Soap is a Brand Ambassador Globally as the Soaps are exported in innumerable countries as a baggage item.


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