Report On Rise In Electricity Pricings Economics Essay

Singapore buys natural resources from other states as it is a little state missing in natural resources. Due to the limited sum of resources and increasing demands, scarceness occurs. Therefore resources such as electricity, oil, H2O, etc comes with a monetary value. The rise and autumn of the monetary value depends on a few factors.

In this study, we would be speaking about the rise of electricity pricing in Singapore which is controlled by Singapore Power Services ( SP ) .

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2. A A A A A A A A Findings

2.1 A A A Monopoly Characteristics

The SP is a monopolist house as it is the lone marketer of a merchandise with no close replacements available in Singapore to supply each family with electricity supplies. It ‘s shown from its monopoly feature.

Barriers to Entry

SP is a legalised house by Singapore ‘s authorities. SP is a accredited company and have the authorization to provide electricity given by the authorities. “ Harmonizing to SP Services, a subordinate of the Singapore Power Group “ ( Teo, 2010 ) This shows that SP is a house subsidised by the authorities. This support from the authorities caused new houses to be unable to come in the market easy as the subsidies allows them to supply a cheaper services and goods to the consumers. This factor allowed SP to rule the market in providing electricity throughout Singapore in the long tally.

Monetary value Maker

The most of import feature of a monopolist house is barriers to entry therefore the house becomes a monetary value shaper. SP is a monopolist house with strong barriers of entry to forestall new houses from come ining the market. This gives SP a significant market power. With the market power, SP is a monetary value shaper as it has the ability to alter the pricing of electricity. “ From July 1 to Sept 30, electricity will be 2.42 per cent more, electricity retail merchant SP Services announced yesterday. “ ( Teo, 2010 ) . This shows that SP Services have the ability to alter the pricing of electricity by denoting it to the populace. In add-on, although SP is a monetary value shaper, the stableness of the monetary values is still being monitored and controlled by Energy Market Authority ( EMA ) .

Short Run and Long Run

In the short tally, a monopolist house may see an economic loss. It could be due to the lifting costs of production or the falling of measure demanded. Therefore the house is needed to raise its monetary values every bit good as its degree of end product in order to accomplish a normal net income or maximal net income in the long tally. As in this instance, SP is sing an economic loss due to the lifting costs of production. If this loss suffered by SP continue, SP may hold to close down its concern.

2.2A A A Changes in Market Equilibrium

The alteration in of both monetary value and measure equilibrium of electricity are due to the increasing demand and diminishing supply of electricity. This consequences in an addition in monetary value equilibrium while measure equilibrium remain the same

The lessening and addition of demand and supply curve is due to the few determiners of demand and supply which caused the curve to switch.

Demand of Electricity

This shows that the addition in demand is due to the improved economic activity hence there is a rightward displacement in the graph.

The improved economic activities allowed the consumers to hold an addition in money income which leads to a higher buying power. Therefore the demand of electricity additions, doing the demand curve to switch to the right. As mentioned in the article, ‘Clearly, electricity demand has been picking up because of improved economic activity ‘ ( Lim, 2010 )

This addition in demand is besides due to the consumer ‘s outlook of the approaching addition in monetary value, ensuing consumer to devour more electricity before the monetary value additions. Switching the demand curve to the right. It ‘s shown in “ ELECTRICITY monetary values will lift by an norm of 2.42 per cent this one-fourth “ ( Sim, 2010 )

Supply of Electricity

The monetary value of electricity normally increases along with the monetary value of fuel oil. Singapore used this fuel to bring forth electricity, therefore diminishing the supply of electricity. As the provider would prefer to sell fuel alternatively of electricity, this factor which caused the supply curve to switch is called replacements in production. A

Since the manufacturer is more willing in bring forthing oil, there will be a autumn in electricity production, doing the supply curve to switch to the left.

The measure supplied of oil additions, as the SP is more willing to sell it. The addition is represented by the upward motion along the supply curve.

However, the current addition in monetary value of electricity is due to the higher costs of production. Causing the provider to bear down a higher monetary value for every end product degree and a leftward displacement in supply curve. It is all shown from “ While old hikings were due to the rise in fuel oil monetary values, this unit of ammunition of additions is due to the ‘higher capital and operating costs of power generation’. “ ( Sim, 2010 )

The higher costs of production and the manufacturer ‘s outlook has resulted a left displacement in supply curve of electricity.

The lessening of supply is besides caused due to the outlook of the manufacturer. As the manufacturers is anticipating an addition in electricity, they will sell less goods, maintaining it until the monetary value addition. Which finally caused a left displacement in the supply curve.

2.3 Elasticity of Electricity

The addition in monetary value of electricity have affected everyone ‘s ‘ day-to-day life. Even with the rise in monetary value, consumers are unable to cut off the use of electricity as it has become a necessity to them. Hence it is monetary value inelastic every bit good as income elastic towards a higher income households, this is shown in the article, “ Their higher wages will likely countervail the higher electricity monetary values “ ( Teo, 2010 )

However for those lower income households, electricity is both monetary value rubber band and income inelastic as they have to cut down the use of electricity to minimum as the income spend on it is greater comparison to those who earned more.

It is shown in “ the duty hiking is expected to hold the greatest impact on lower-income households “ ( Teo, 2010 )

“ Her household turns on two air-conditioners at dark, and sometimes in the afternoon every bit good, due to the unpredictable conditions “ ( Sim, 2010 ) From this illustration, we can reason that even with the rise of monetary value, Mrs Lui is unable to halt utilizing the air-conditioners due to the unpredictable conditions. This imply that electricity is a monetary value inelastic.A

2.4A A A Effectss of the Increase in Price of Electricity

A A A The addition in monetary value of electricity has affected the lower, in-between and higher income people in many ways every bit good as the provider. This causes the lower income households to cut down their electrical use in order to minimise and guarantee that they have adequate hard currency to pass on other necessity such as nutrients and vesture.

Increase in Revenue

As electricity is monetary value inelastic ; an addition in monetary value will ensue in a little lessening in per centum of measure demand for electricity. It besides produces gross for the house. By increasing the monetary value of electricity per kWh, SP could gain more gross to cover up the high operational cost of power coevals. Thus this would let the house to accomplish a normal net income or even an economic net income for it to go on bring forthing electricity.

“ higher capital and operating costs of power coevals – which cover manpower and care costs of runing power Stationss “ ( Teo, 2010 ) This shows that the addition in gross is needed for the house to cover its entire variable and fixed costs to go on its concern. It besides shows that the entire costs came from the cost of utilizing resources such as labor, land, capital every bit good as enterpriser to run the power Stationss and this cost is called expressed costs.

2.5A A A Reducing Cost

The increasing electricity pricings has caused the authorities to step in, assisting its people, and guaranting that everyone in the state is able to bask and utilize electricity. It besides has created consciousness among the person to happen certain ways in cut downing their electrical measures. However the house besides can assist to cut down the electrical measures by understating the cost of production.


The authorities have imposed monetary value ceiling to forestall the monetary value of electricity to be excessively charged. Therefore the authorities have subsidised the house, doing the house to be able to give a lower monetary value for the citizen. This is shown as Singapore Power Services ( SP ) is a subsidized Singapore power group.


In order to suit with the rise in electricity measures, people could utilize utility trade names such as energy salvaging electronic contraptions such as light bulb.

“ Some energy salvaging tips on the EMA website include exchanging off contraptions at the brinies, puting the temperature of the air-conditioner to 25 deg C or higher, and purchasing energy-efficient electronic. “ ( Sim, 2010 ) This shows that consumers have to exchange to options such as utilizing energy-saving trade names or other salvaging energy agencies in order to cut down their electricity measures.


The house could assist cut down the cost of electrical measures by cut downing its cost of production. In the manner that it is merely needed to increase the monetary value at its lower limit. It can be done by forestalling the congestion and overcrowding in the power Stationss as it decreases the productiveness degree and besides by holding specialization and division of labor. Specialisation will assist increase the productiveness degree as the specializer is good experient, therefore it makes the work to be done manner faster. While division of labor will assist increase the productiveness, as the workers are divided into different undertaking, doing them to make work manner faster.

By making all this, productiveness degree will increase, take downing the cost of production. The house besides can cut down the cost of production by engaging a certain sum of worker, giving the house benefits. As engaging inordinate sum of worker will do the company to pass excess money with a lower production rate. This is due to the jurisprudence of decreasing returns.

SP could guarantee that they have hired the right sum of workers by comparing the fringy gross merchandise ( MRP ) with the pay rate. If the MRP is bigger than the pay rate, SP should engage more workers until the MRP is equal to pay rate or nearest. These will state SP how much variable inputs to be employed.

2.6 Monopolistic Competition

The use of options energy-saving contraptions to cut down the electricity measures has created a monopolistic competition ( MC ) among electrical contraption houses as the merchandises they produce are non indistinguishable every bit good as non homogenous but they are close replacements to each other. However, merchandise distinction of each houses defines the clients determination in taking which type of contraption to be bought from. This differences consist of the location where the goods are available in the market, the difference in its physical visual aspect, the services provided every bit good as the trade name popularity.

It will finally do the demand for energy-saving electronic contraptions to be more monetary value elastic as there are a greater figure of replacements available to consumers.

Due to these addition of pricing, the demand of electronic contraptions will increase. Switching the demand curve to the right for electronic contraptions. Example of the electrical contraptions houses are Philips, Sharp, and other more houses. These houses are similar to SP as they are besides a monetary value shaper. However it is differ every bit good, as MC houses have to take down down its monetary value to pull more purchasers via merchandise differentiation.MC houses besides have a gentler and a more monetary value elastic demand curve than monopoly houses, SP.

3.A A A Decision

On the whole, the microeconomics subjects covered in these three articles are Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition, Elasticity and Demand. As there is merely a smattering sum of electricity providers and electricity is a necessity towards the consumers, these electricity providers are known as monopolizer.



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