Representations of Race

1. Representations of race Poem 1: There is a clear representation of race in the poem “We are going” by Oodgeroo Noonuccal. Aboriginals are seen as inferiors to white people as they are being kicked out of their own home and land by the white people who think by them being superior to the Aboriginals can just come to their land and take anything they want. The poem talks about the aboriginals being invaded “they came into the little town” (line 1) and took anything they wanted. There is a double meaning to the phrase “We are going”.

The title represents the Aboriginals going back to their home, but in the last line the phrase states that they are going that they are leaving their homes. In the poem Oodgeroo expresses the fears of the aboriginals as they were being invaded and their sacred places destroyed and used for rubbish tips. The poem represents the white settlement, when the English invaded the lands of the indigenous people and didn’t care about what it was doing to the Indigenous people that lived there and were being kicked out of their own homes.

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Poem 2: In the poem “Your perception, my reality” by Kohl Fallin, African Americans are treated as worthless people, the people that might be special in their own kind but are worth nothing to different people. In the poem Kohl has presented her side to how different races act to each other when all in one place, how they think and respond to actions done by others.

The title of the poem “Your perception, my reality” gives a meaning that different races don’t care if you are kind and considerate; you are different so they won’t want to have anything to do with you. In the poem the white people are seen as the superior people and will do anything not to be associated with the inferiors or the people with different races. The poem represents modern day racism. Even over the years races still don’t treat each other with equality they deserve even though we are all equal and live together as one in the world.



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