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April 14, 2019 Philosophy

Research philosophy manages the source, nature, and improvement of learning knowledge. I deal with this search for reality, nature and the development of knowledge that collects and analyses data. In simple terms, it is not possible to create a reward and satisfaction system for work in all organisations with the same equality, there must be different differences and advantages (Stout, 2016).
In my study, I preferred to implement the philosophy of the situation, and only periodically to collect all the relevant data and translate them through the target approach. The employee’s reward and satisfaction faced many fluctuations in the 20th century, and it became clear that he had some difficulties in achieving it fully. The philosophy of the state in its definitions, ideas and trends on the factual evidence in the field of study, on which I can rely, after looking at the data and evaluating their validity after reaching a real knowledge of it. And knowledge of data derived from sensory experience and logical and mathematical transactions of data.


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