Research Paper on Myspace

December 16, 2017 General Studies

Even though MySpace was created to keep friends in touch with each other there has been many situations where it has been used in other ways. There are privacy settings for profiles but many people do not use them, which allows anyone to view the users personal information. The user is not supposed to upload nude pictures onto their profile but it can happen. The only way that anyone can get nude picture off a profile is to report it but if it is not reported then they can stay on there.

Stalkers can get on MySpace and just by looking at a profile they can find out where the person lives, where they go to school, what they like or dislike, and they can also read comments sent to friends, which can tell what they are going to do and where they will be. Many users of MySpace add people they do not even know just because they want to have more friends or because the picture on the profile was of a hot guy or girl. People can also make fake profiles. They can use fake information and pictures to get back at someone or to stalk someone. So users never really know if the person they are talking to is real or fake.

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The three main types of cyber bullying is sexual, stalking, and suicide. Sexual Crimes have gone through the roof due to MySpace. In Fontana, California a group of boys created a profile posing as a 15-year-old girl for a prank. This prank helped police arrest a 48-year-old man who tried to get this girl to meet him for sex. The boys were just trying to cheer up their friend who had just broke up with his girlfriend. The man began to send messages to the girl, which ended up turning very sexual. He even started sending pictures of himself to the girl and arranged to meet her at a local park.

The boys decided to go to the park and when the man arrived they called police. The man was later held at the West Valley Detention Center on $105,000 bail (www. msnbc. msn. com/id/11708746). Two men were arrested for sexually assaulting two teenage girls they had met on MySpace. This arrest has lead to debate on weather or not MySpace does enough to protect their users. The two girls meet with them at a location where the boys later took them to a friends house where the allegedly sexually assaulted the two girls. It got so bad that one the girls were even held at knifepoint.

Neither girl was hospitalized. Since this, MySpace has done many things to protect their users but is still a threat to children (www. yaledailynews. com/articles/view/22577). Stalking is defined as: the act of approaching a person in a hostile way. A twenty-two year-old male was arrested for stalking a girl and then demanding nude photos and “phone sex. ” He is being held without bail, because he had just started a three-year term of federal supervised release, following a 10-month prison sentence (www. wired. com/threatlevel/2008/01/more-changes-in).

A 17-year-old girl meat a boy on MySpace. He always said he just wanted to be just friends but he did not get that the girl wanted him to completely leave her alone. The girl told her dad about him so he decided to find out what MySpace was all about. She showed her dad his profile that had about fifty different pictures of her on it that they do not know how he got. The profile also had captions like “I like Decapitating bodies,” and “ I’m going to cut her head off. ” A couple weeks later their neighbors saw a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood, so they called the police.

When the police got there they found him and a machete in the vehicle (www. wowt. com/home/headlines/35168984. html). Suicide notes are usually written before the person actually committees suicide. A young man wrote a suicide note on MySpace. It was titled “You Broke My Life” in the body of the letter it said call the police and it gave his address. About fifteen minutes later he shot himself in the head with a gun. He killed himself over a girl, and another guy said that his death was completely preventable but his friend did nothing to help (http://news. ewamericamedia. org/news/view_article. html? article_id=6d8134fbbe964d76f64b3b9682dcb19). The most talked about suicide case due to MySpace right now is about a Woman from Missouri accused of harassing a 13-year-old girl. This woman made a fake profile of this young boy. She got on and sent messages to make the young girl think the boy liked her. She thought she was sending messages with a new boy in town. She soon became very depressed after she got on her profile and had a message from this boy saying “The world would be a better place without you. The depression soon lead to her hanging herself. She died the next day. The woman faces up to three years in prison and $300,000 in fines (http://voices. washingtonpost. com/washingtonpostinvestigations/2008/11/myspace_suicide_ruling_a_water. html). The Indiana laws to cyber bullying are: a person who communicates a threat to another person and that person be placed in fear of retaliation for a prior lawful act is a class A misdemeanor. The threat is to commit a forcible felony or the person whom the threat is


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