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December 1, 2018 Nursing

INTRODUCTIONSexual harassment is most bothering issue in the society mainly for employers.Sexual harrsement is unwelcomed rewards in exchange of sexual is also termed as sexual exploitation beacause a person is favouring some rewards by swapping with sexual favours.this paper discuss the sexual harrsement in workplace.workplace is a social place where men and women deleiver a continuous communication wher human longing,beleifs,prefernecs and feelings are involved in professional relations.Mostly the womens were more vulnerable to sexually harrsed at workplace.reseach on 21 nursing schools indicated that 73% of females were sexually harassed by the patients and from another 27%,71% were harrsed by male facility of that school.sexual harrsement can be classified into three categories:first is physical which involves touching assault,etc.another one is verbal which involves the conversation like passing comments, making jokes,etc and the last one is Non-verbal which involves making different gestures and facial expressions etc.BACKGROUNDSexual harassment is a unwanted physical verbal or non-verbal sexual conduct which is violating the self esteem of a victim.womens are more likely to suffer through sexual harassment due to various factors which are explained below such as power inequality, gender discrimination which can cause a negative eefect on the victim like depression, lowering the self esteem,etc. The free workshops were also provided by the government of Canada regarding harassment and sexual violence. Based on the quantitave analysis,the research paper summarises the the causes of fear to speak out against the offender and the why the womens are more vulernable to sexual assaults.EXPLANATION NO. 1Labelling theory(which proposes that deviance is socially constructed through reaction instead of action) plays a significant role in sexual harrsement. It is of two types primary deviance(an initial violation of social norm about which no interference is made regarding a person’s character) and secondary deviance(a person which repeatedly violates a social norm,which leads others to make an assumptions about that person and assign a label to him or her).according to a research he found that black women are vulnerable to sexual harrasement and they did not raise their voice against offender of same race because they are afraid to complain because they are accusing a person of same race throught which they get a label of traitor by secondary deviance through a labelling theory and that label cannot be removed easily.EXPLANATION NO.2Power inequality means the power is not distributed equally..At the workplace supervisor, co-worker are working at different staus n terms of power.there were five bases of power were defined: legitimate(defines one’s postion),coerceive(defines one’s abilitity to punish), reward(defines one’s ability to give reward) , expert (defines one’s special knowledge or experience)and referent(defines one’s likeability).supervisior have the power to control employess by giving them punishment and rewards according to his the case when the supervisor is the offender of the sexual harassement then the employyes are less likely to raise their voice because they know that they would be punished because they are at lower status in power and they may be fired out from their job so the job insecurity is also an reason for not raising their voice against a crime.PREVENTIONS1.employe’s are aware of employer’s sexual harrasament policy which provide the informationthat when they feel that they are sexually harassed then they should firstly contact their manager and report the violation and then if further steps are needed then go to police and file the complaint which include some legal steps can be taken to resist sexual harassment such as application in the legislature titled the policy as a Title V11 of civil rights acts of 1964 and the guidelines by equal employment opportunity commission in 1980,in united states, workplace BC is also an policy which help to resist sexual coerciveness.2.organizational have been encouraged to embrace sexual harrasement policies and to maintain a proper structure and rules and regulations for the employes to prevent sexual harrasement.Governmnet should make some policies which develops the equality among workers such as equal number of men and women are recruited.orientation seesions should be provided to the new employees so that they are aware of sexua; harrasemnt policies.By the time workshops are provided to all the workers in which the main idea is about the sexual harrasement ,employees should be taught that they donot have to remain silent if they feel sexually harrsed .if they remain silent then it will result in doubht or acuuse or may deteriote the environment in which sexual harrsement behaviours are accepted and free to continue and the victim then suufers from feeling of low morale, helplessness and fear from the situation.CONCLUSIONConsidering the above researches,it is vivid that women suffers more from sexual coerceiveness as compared to men due to gender ineqauility, fear of being accused by society and the power ineqauility.Most of victims did not speak up beacause they are afraid of society as they think that if the offender is of their same race then society will provide them a label of traitor which is very difficult to remove and if the offender is of another race then society would accuse the victim as the people will think that victims are playing race games but they have to speak if they did not speak then this will convey a wrong message to society and more people get involved in this activity as they are not afraid of being punished.Therefore, government should conduct various workshops to make people aware of the policies and it should make a strict policies to workplaces so that people can speak up against such violences so that such crime rates should be decreased.


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