Research Report English Marketing Research

July 13, 2018 Marketing

There were 1 05 students has taken Marketing Research (GC30503) subject and they were clustered into 25 groups and successfully presented heir research findings. The Colloquium enable students to examine the current issues of marketing related to the attitude and buying behavior of community in Federal Territory of Labial, the presence of relationship marketing in order to increase consumer loyalty for products purchases and at the end could help them to develop effective communication while conducting the field work. These could also contribute to the socio-economic development of the community.

Some of the topics related to the current issues of marketing in Federal Territory of Labial presented at the Marketing Research Colloquium 201 2 includes: “Environmental values and lifestyles as determining factors of ecological consumer behaved’, “The effect of perceived services quality dimension on customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty in e-commerce setting among NUMSKULL students: A cross cultural analysis”, “Superstitious beliefs in consumers evaluation of brand logos”, ‘The effect of commitment and trust toward micro-blobs on consumer behavioral intention: A relationship marketing perspective”, and “Trust indivisibleness to adopt e-banking among NUMSKULL students and staff’. Proof. Dry. Inharmonious was the person who is responsible as the advisor or this course and has helped her students a lot in order to finish all the research study. She has offered guidance to each of the group in terms of the basic marketing research concept and the process of research and how to develop and apply the knowledge and analytical skills in order to make marketing decisions.

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Indeed, students were also exposed on ways to use computer software for data entry, data cleaning, data analysis, data interpretation such as Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPAS) version abased on the developed questionnaire and collectedly. The main objective of the Marketing Research course is to furnish students with knowledge to understand the concept and technique needed in order to implement the research marketing, thereafter could apply the knowledge to solved marketing or business real problem through research and educate all the students about the understanding about practicality to analyzed and interpret the SPAS output. The learning outcomes of the course have enable students to determine and identify the characteristics and the scope of research, explore the research design and measuring scale, understand the data collection including the preparation and analysis.


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