Researching The Project Of Help Desk Systems Information Technology Essay

The followers is the assignment that trades with a big local company, which has begun a undertaking to develop a aid desk system. So that the aid desk staff can maintain accurate records of proficient experienced by users and the solutions to jobs that arise. The concern instance has already been made and accepted by senior direction and a development budget has been allocated. A development squad has been formed and the design stage begun. But the undertaking director has all of a sudden fallen ailment and he will be off work for the foreseeable hereafter.

So I will be working as a free-lance IT Consultant and undertaking director. I have been hired to take the undertaking director ‘s topographic point temporarily. Meeting the deadline for completion of the system is critical, so it is of import that the undertaking director keeps its impulse, though I have ne’er work with this company earlier, and have a small thought how good its internal staff manage IT undertaking.

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Write a reappraisal of what you will necessitate to cognize about this undertaking in order to pull off it successfully. Your aim should be to go familiar with cardinal facets of the undertaking as possible. This reappraisal should function as a reminder to you to happen out and look into what is already in topographic point within this undertaking, and it should be based on what you have to learned is good undertaking direction pattern.

You should, as a lower limit, focal point on the: –

Undertaking methodological analysiss and tools ( including package tools for planning and development )

Documentation available, including programs

Risk appraisal carried out

Procedures begun

Forces involved

Manners and lines of communications

State what you need to cognize and besides province why it is of import to cognize it.

A aid desk system can be defined as an information and aid or back up resource that troubleshoots jobs with computing machines. This system is really utile to clients and employees that it assist to maintain accurate informations to the peculiar company. Help desk system in a company can assist.

As a company wants to develop the aid desk system, there are some things I required to cognize as a undertaking director and their grounds. Those things are as follows ;





History of the company.

So as to be familiar with the company civilization.


To run into the undertaking proprietors.

So as to hold a image of which undertaking director will I be describing to.


Other information system in the company.

There might be some relationship with the system being developed.


Project Methodology used and tools ( for the planning and development ) .

So as to be familiar with the methodological analysiss they use, so that to be able to rede.


Time agenda or graduated table.

So as to compare the clip allocated for undertakings and the available resources.


Budget allocated.

To look into the balance between the resources and allocated fund.


Project squad members.

So as to be familiar with the members and acquire first manus information about the undertaking.


Undertaking certification.

In order to asses physically what has been done so far.


Merchandise developed.

To be able to mensurate the extent of the staying burden.


Other undertakings that are besides being done

There may be some struggle of resources.


Risk appraisal carried.

So as to be assured that the system will be swimmingly delivered.


Manners and lines of communicating.

To smoothen the proper transition of the information.


History of past undertakings.

So as to be up to day of the month with the manner other undertakings are being done.


Undertaking appraisal.

To hold a good land of comparing of what have been estimated against existent, so that in entire to hold a good records for the following undertakings.

Undertaking 2

Concept a realistic program to cover the first 5 yearss you will be in station. The program should dwell of a ocular activity web and a written description of activities. You plan should apportion clip to: –

What you will necessitate to read and look into.

Whom you will necessitate to talk to and run into

Break down the activities into undertakings to demo that you have considered all the actions you need to set about.

You should be after for a 7hour working twenty-four hours and your activities must be logical in footings of sequences and results. Task 1 should supply counsel for the activities you choose to set about in the first hebdomad.

The followers is an designation of activities that should be done for the first 5 yearss ;

To run into and talk to team members.

To run into and talk to direction.

To run into and talk to users ( the aid desk staff ) .

To read undertaking certification.

Appraisal of hazards.

Check the available merchandises produced.

Bellow is the Dependency list ;




Depend On



Meet and talk to team members.





( DAYS )



Meet and talk to direction.






To run into and talk to users.






Reappraisal of the methodological analysis adapted.






Read undertaking certification






Check the available merchandises produced.






Appraisal of hazards.





The followers is the tabular array of activities and undertakings to demo how I considered all the actions I need to take.





Meet and talk to team members.

-To know the division of activities.

-Investigation of position of each activity.

-Knowing the jobs confronting the members.


Meet and talk to direction.

-Get to cognize what their outlook from the undertaking is.

-Get to cognize more about Term Of Reference ( TOR ) .

-To know tolerance degree in footings of the budget.


To run into and talk to users.

– Get to cognize what their outlook from the undertaking is.

-To know about their cognition of the system being developed.

-to know the degree of their instruction.


Reappraisal of the methodological analysis adapted.

-To be familiarized with the methodological analysis itself.


Read undertaking certification

-To be familiar with the undertaking.

-Compare of information obtained with what is written.

-Knowing the certification criterion of the undertaking.


Check the available merchandises produced.

-To be able to measure the merchandises against the estimated timing for entering.

-To predict the resources to the staying activities.


Appraisal of hazards.

-To be able to cognize the type of hazards listed and steps counter move them.

Network Activity Plan.

4 2 6


4 0 6



0 4 4


0 0 4

4 2 6


4 0 6

4 6 10


4 0 10

14 3 17


14 0 17

10 4 14


10 0 14



14 4 18


14 0 18

Undertaking 3

As portion of the Design Phase.

Plan for an event in Week 2 of your clip as a undertaking director, when the users will run into the developers to work on the demands for the new aid system. You plan should cover ;

Engagement of the meeting topographic point, doing certain it is fit for intent

Inviting cardinal forces

Stipulating clip and length of proceedings

Stipulating what equipment is needed

Think through what you will necessitate to do the session a success. Give grounds for your pick, to demo you have a good appreciation of the state of affairs.

Write briefing non for participants.

Puting out the aims and docket for the session.

Stating any techniques to be used for capturing users ‘ cognition and demand.

Stipulating types of feedback to guarantee developers have understood right users ‘ demands.

Making a program for hebdomad two about the design stage.

As a Undertaking director should understand to the full about all things needed in design stage. So the followers are all about the design stage ;

A elaborate proficient definition of the concluding system.

A full papers that produced in footings of narrative descriptions and diagrams that have all the processing and information elements in the system and their relationships.

A papers of flow diagram system of the undertaking.

A papers of system trial program.

A database expected to change over informations from older system to new system.

The followers is a program for the 2nd hebdomad.


Activities done



1st twenty-four hours

Requirement readying before carry oning a meeting.

To informing developer and users on the meeting so that they can fix them self. Example ; Users should fix their demands and inquiries, and developer should fix a papers detailed the design reached and a paradigm the presentation.

Invite direction squad for observation.

From 10:00am-12:30pm

2nd twenty-four hours

Designation of a meeting topographic point ( do a engagement of a topographic point and clip ) .

From 9:15am-11:00am


-Multi media





3rd twenty-four hours

Presentation twenty-four hours

Invite user representation to state about their demands.

Invite the developer representation to explicate and show a paradigm.

Allow the treatments.

Invite other advisers ‘ expertness.

I as a chief adviser to give my remark on the whole treatment.

From 9:00am-12 ; 30pm

Break 12:30pm-2:00pm

From 2:10pm-4:10pm.






4th twenty-four hours

Gathering of the meeting ‘s information and do a sum-up.

Make a adviser ‘s position of the design.

Document a design.

From 9:00am-2:30pm




5th twenty-four hours

To portion the adviser ‘s design papers with the users and developers before concluding declaring it as an in agreement design papers.

From 9:00am-11:00am


-Multi media

6th twenty-four hours

Taking a papers to a constellation library.

Prepare for following phase of the undertaking.

From 10:00-11:00am


From the planning tabular array above, the followers is the sum-up ;

The meeting infinite will be in the conference room available.

Invited cardinal forces are ;




Management squad

Timess of meetings will be taking between two hours that will be covering from forenoon hours ( 9:00am ) up to flushing hours ( 4:00pm ) .

Requirement needed are like computing machines, pressman, photocopy machine, documents, pens, multimedia, chairs, tabular arraies, and files for maintaining some printed paperss.

Thingss I need to do the session to be successful with their grounds:

A full readying should be made to ;

Users ; – so as to do certain they collect all their demand effectual and present what they existent want to the system, so as it can assist them to make their work efficaciously.

Developers ; – so as to do certain the paperss made are right, and the paradigm are demonstrated and explained good so as the users to understand how the system will look likewise.

Consultant ; – so as to do certain the meeting is traveling good as it planned harmonizing to the processs of the undertaking.

Room ; -the room should be prepare, in footings of cleaning it and set up all the things required such as chairs and tabular arraies.

Equipments ; -To make certain all equipments planned to be used are at that place and are working decently.

Documents ; -To be assured all the paperss needed for the meeting are printed or scanned as they are required.

Time direction ; -as clip being arranged should be followed besides, so as to complete all the activities in clip and present the undertaking on clip, because if one thing temporalty to be covered, it will take to a following process to be temporalty. So we have to take attention on that.

Classify cardinal success factors to participants ; -to make a list of things that if done with the participants the system will be successful, but if non done good the undertaking of doing the system will neglect. This should be done so as the participants to see how serious the undertaking is, so that they should non be lazy.

Incentives and refreshments ; -provision of inducements and refreshment I will do the users and developer to work efficaciously, and that can assist the session to be successful.

From all things mentioned and explained their grounds above, if will be followed as planed the session will be successful.

Brief note for participants.

As a adviser my participant will be ;



Management squad

A note for the Users and Developers of aid desk system.

The invitation is extended to take part in a Design Briefing Session, which will be held on 1st November 2010 in conference room, 2nd floor. It will take 6 yearss from Monday 9:00am – Saturday.


Preparation and presentation of user ‘s demands concluding papers.

Presentation of the developer paperss and the presentation of the paradigm.

The readying of a start-up design papers.


To cognize more on user ‘s demand.

To come to a decision on a design papers as agreed.

From the presentation of a paradigm, will be used as a means to set on more user ‘s demands.

I hope the developers and users of the system will be prepared with inquiries, and besides sometime we will necessitate to make some trials so as to do a right feedback for the design to finish successful.

Please come full prepared with all the paperss needfully needed.

You are most welcome, and retrieve to be on clip.

Undertaking 4

Write a short sum-up of the hazards faced by a undertaking director taking over an bing undertaking, which has a critical deadline.

Hazard can be defined as one, as simple hereafter issues that can be avoided, more than present jobs that must be instantly addressed.

Harmonizing to pull offing concern undertaking, I can specify hazard as a something that could impede the undertaking and do the undertaking non to be delivered on clip.

The followers is the sum-up of the hazards that can confront the New undertaking Manager taking over an bing undertaking, which has a critical deadline ;

To hold a incorrect appraisal on agendas ; As in existent sense everyone has his/her ain perceptual experience and thoughts on imagine things, so it ‘s non good for another individual to do appraisal on your undertaking, as in how much will the undertaking cost, what clip will it take. That will be difficult to the new undertaking director to do certain he/she is run intoing the points as estimated. Sometimes due to failure of run intoing the appraisal you can happen the undertaking director can seek to take some cutoffs, or cut down some of import things, where that lead the undertaking to be non effectual

To hold a incorrect pick on development lifecycle ; in taking a development life rhythm does n’t merely swear your feelings that I like this, but you have to follow the basic factors on taking it, like inquiring yourself how stable are the demand, who are the terminal users of the system, and what is the size of the undertaking. Then inquire which life rhythm will make the best in my undertaking, can be either H2O autumn, or v-model, or others. If that did non done by the past undertaking director by non cognizing, that will do the new undertaking director to neglect in his undertaking.

To acquire the incorrect feasibleness survey ; feasibleness survey normally tells the description of the job so as to be studied and give the solution as a new system in the undertaking. If the past undertaking director did non go to good this portion and garner the incorrect information to the users, which will take the new undertaking director to bring forth the incorrect consequences to the terminal of the undertaking.

Bing new to the undertaking environing ; As explained in the debut portion that the new undertaking director has ne’er work with this company, this lead to the new undertaking director non to be comfy for the first yearss, until he/she has been at least used with the environment. So that state of affairs can cut down the assurance and public presentation of the undertaking director, which lead to impede the undertaking.

To hold a incorrect undertaking package ; A undertaking package is the accomplishment of planning and pull off the undertaking to be done effectual. So for the new undertaking director to take over a incorrect undertaking package as suggested by the past undertaking director, that can take the undertaking to travel incorrect on the custodies of the new undertaking director.

With all things mentioned supra are the things that can impede the undertaking non being delivered on clip or failed. As a undertaking director, should take attention on these things.

Undertaking 5

Unite your findings and analysis into one individual written study that is decently structured, with

Table of contents,

Appendixs if necessary





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