Response to Colleen Wenke’s “Too much pressure” about cheating in school Essay Sample

August 9, 2017 General Studies

In Colleen Wenke’s essay. “Too Much Pressure. ” Wenke argues that rip offing is a lifting job in college and particularly high school that must be solved. She cites statistics bespeaking that the frequence of cheating has increased over the past few coevalss and attributes the job to high degrees of force per unit area on pupils to win. be accepted to competitory colleges. and gain a high income when they are grownups. Overall. her statements are weak. While she is clear in converting the reader that the chief cause of cheating is “Too Much Pressure. ” she does non efficaciously carry him or her that it is an at hand concern and is obscure in her proposed solutions to the job.

In the first paragraph. Wenke puts the reader in the position of a pupil that is under force per unit area during a trial and resorts to rip offing in order to make good. By making this. she evokes understanding for the deceiver. weakening her statement. Alternatively of seeing rip offing as a job. the reader is already placing with it as a solution. In the beginning of the paragraph the pupil is in danger of neglecting. After the pupil darnel. there is a sense of alleviation and declaration of the state of affairs. Besides. she subsequently describes cases in which she herself copied prep from other pupils. doing the job to look benign. If Wenke is seeking to convert the reader that cheating is bad and needs to be corrected. she has failed miserably in her debut.

Another mistake in Wenke’s statement is that she is non specific as to the negative effects of rip offing. In the last paragraph she says that finally the people who are rip offing will stop up in high places of power. but fails to give a specific illustration of why this would be a job. Had she provided a scenario in which a deceiver that obtained a high place ended up being a threat or holding a bad consequence. so one would be more likely to hold with the statement that rip offing can hold serious effects. While there is a obscure thought that it is bad for people to be rewarded and regarded extremely for rip offing. it is non plenty to convert person. particularly a pupil who can readily acknowledge the benefits of rip offing for their ain success. that rip offing is something deserving changing.

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Wenke is besides obscure in her proposed solution to the job. She alludes to altering establishments to learn pupils ethical motives and “replenish the thirst for cognition. ” but does non stipulate precisely how these alterations are to happen. If they are forced into the course of study. what will halt the instructors from “cheating” their manner around them? She besides fails to show a solution to the job that regardless of whatever changes are made in schools. politicians and jocks that have swindled and deceived to acquire where they are will still be looming in the background with the strong deduction that cheating is the best agencies for accomplishing success. Practically. no existent solutions are offered for the job.

Although Wenke wrote an interesting essay about the topic of pupils rip offing in school and was able to convert the reader that the chief cause of this was the high force per unit area to make good and thrive in life. her statements were otherwise weak. She was unsuccessful in portraying cheating as a true menace to society. In fact. judging from many of her descriptions of mundane fortunes in which it took topographic point. it about seemed that to chase away cheating would be to cut through the very fibre of modern American society. Wenke plaints that in the “old yearss. ” no 1 cheated. and mourns the diminution in children’s’ ethical motives in an idealistic mode. but that is all. The consequence is merely the raging feeling that cheating is a job that must be accepted. as it can non be solved and surely seems to be acquiring worse.


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