Responsibilities of Information Professionals

September 29, 2017 Management


It is widely known that on presents, all of us, we live in the universe of information. Every twenty-four hours, every minute we receive or we are looking for information about every topic. In the Information Society we live, we have to believe about the legal and ethical issues which come into being such as the freedom of printing information stuffs and the protection of the information and the information rights like right of first publication. So the Information Professionals have the duty to make and measure Information Policies in order to protect the free entree in information but in the same they have to protect the rational belongings of the writers. The authorities and all the parties are constitute it, have to deteriorate the spread between them and the development of engineering and publish statute law about who is seeking for information, what sort of information he is seeking for and what is the use and the intent of this action.


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Information professionals have the advantage to run in a broad scope of ethical codifications under their egos willing and opinion. Nowadays there are several of professional associations such as the American Library Association ( ALA ) and the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals ( CILIP ) which have created ethical codifications for their members. But first of all we have to cognize what is a profession. The Sociologist Larsson M.S. illustrated that “The seeable features of the professional phenomenon-professional association, cognitive base, institutionalised preparation, licensing, work liberty, co-worker “control” , codification of ethics-“ have been considered in two ways, foremost as “general construction elements and 2nd as “specific resource elements” ( LARSON, M. S. 1977, p208 ) .

American Library Association ( ALA )

ALA adopted a codification of moralss for its members with the intent to steer them in their work and detect their duties inside the libraries but besides to the other information professionals in their working environment. Besides they emphases their duty “to guarantee the free flow of information and thoughts to show and future generations” . ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . We can see from the above that ALA strongly believe in the free and equitably entree to the information, the users privateness and defying censoring.

Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals ( CILIP )

The codification of CILIP adopted for “library, information and cognition professionals” and gives counsel about the professional behaviour. The most of import thing is that the bulk of the CILIP codification is in the same manner with the ALA codification. But CILIP codification puts imperativeness on his members to reassure ethical patterns non merely for themselves but besides for the behaviour of their co-workers.

Criminal and Civil Law

These two types of jurisprudence, are two different entities which have distinguishable attacks for the jurisprudence codification and the effects of the actions such as fraud and larceny. The condemnable jurisprudence is about misdemeanors normally from human to human and it is prosecuted by the Government. The suspect is pronounced guilty or gain acquittal from the jury beyond a sensible uncertainty. Normally the penalty takes consequence in prisons or exterior of them such as community services or mulcts.

On the other manus, civil jurisprudence trades with two parties, either single or administration which have a confliction between them such as a individual can action an administration for making harm to his repute inquiring for compensation or the opposite thing. Normally the determination about the instance is being made between the two sides in tribunal and the penalty is a fiscal fee for the harm or the victim’s nuisance. It is of import to advert that in civil jurisprudence instances the suspect does non make condemnable record in the terminal of the test.

Pull offing systems in libraries

Librarians, as information professionals, have the duty to service expeditiously the users of libraries sing cardinal rules as we mentioned supra. The part of engineering has great influence in pull offing computing machine and internet entree in a public environment such as a public library. So, the Library Management System ( LMS ) is a really of import tool for libraries as it helps to pull off day-to-day procedures such as telling and book’s obtaining, seriess control, use of statistic information, mulcts and rank records. As the engineering goes on, the demand of electronically library contributed to the digitisation of books with the intent the books to be distributed via cyberspace.

Data protection

The day-to-day modus operandi of information professionals is to treat the users’ personal informations. From user enrollment to the care of records and the direction of library’s statistics. So the demand of making Torahs or regulations was born at early 1960’s when the usage of cyberspace started to develop and many of books, diaries, articles and information informations started to upload to the web. The Data Protection Act 1998 is consisted of eight rules which guide information professionals how to manage personal informations. The information must be 1 ) reasonably and legitimately processed, 2 ) processed for limited intents, 3 ) adequate, relevant and non inordinate, 4 ) accurate, 5 ) non kept for longer than is necessary, 6 ) processed in line with the informations subject’s rights, 7 ) kept secure, 8 ) non transferred to states without equal protection. Besides, really sensitive personal informations are single political sentiment, spiritual belief, his racial, his sexual penchant, condemnable record and his wellness status. Information professionals do non hold the right to portion users’ personal informations with anyone unless there is an of import ground such as national security, public maps and legal proceedings, for public involvement. It is of import to advert that any organisation which retains personal informations must hold the user’s blessing for processing and sharing for every ground the personal inside informations. Furthermore, the function of the Information Commissioner’s Office ( ICO ) is that as a portion of authorities authorization should modulate about any execution upon personal informations by administrations.

As an illustration, we should take the NHS Trust instance on 2010. Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals of NHS Trust, have been fined to pay a Civil Monetary Penalty of 325.000 lbs for a breach of the Data Protection Act. The ICO discovered that excessively sensitive personal informations about 1000s of patients associating with HIV and GUM, on difficult thrusts have sold via Internet. An person had been requested by Trust’s IT service to destruct around 1000 difficult thrusts enclosed in a room accessed by a watchword. The single took approximately 252 difficult thrusts and sold them via Internet. After this the Trust is obliged to hold a secure shop for difficult thrusts and look intoing the dependability of IT providers.

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