Restricted Love And Marriage In Olden Days English Literature Essay

“ Lamour fait les plus grandes douceurs et lupus erythematosuss plus sensibles infortunes de la vie ” is a Gallic love quotation mark from Choix de pensees de l affair by Madeleine de Scudery which means “ Love makes lifes sweetest pleasances and worst bad lucks ” ( Madeleine ) . This quotation mark is the best description of the love in 17th to 18th centuries as loves between twosomes were strongly restricted due to several grounds. Therefore, this sort of love brought the greatest force per unit area every bit good as the greatest hurting for both parties. True love did non be at that clip. Parents ‘ determination was concluding. Marriage was a tool used to mount the ladder of societal criterion. It was a clip where money intend everything and work forces were in control of the society. As a consequence, matrimony and love became victims. In short, love and matrimonies in the society in 18th to 19th centuries were bounded by societal criterions, money and gender favoritism.

First, societal criterion played an of import function in 17th and eighteenth century. Unlike now, the matrimonies in olden yearss were based on societal criterions. There was no freedom in love and matrimony. Even if a immature twosome was earnestly in love with each other, they might non stop up acquiring married unless they met the demand set out by their household which included societal criterion. The dejecting feeling of the lovers whose love could non be acknowledged by the household was sang out by The Decemberists in the vocal O Valencia “ Our households [ could non ] agreeaˆ¦But I [ would ] cry out my love to the stars ” ( Meloy ) . In Wuthering Highs written by Emile Bronte, Catherine who was in love with Heathcliff decided to get married another adult male after Heathcliff was turned into a retainer by her brother because “ aˆ¦it would degrade [ her ] to get married Heathcliffaˆ¦ ” ( Bronte 43 ) . She could non accept Heathcliff because of his low position in society although he loved him in a heartfelt way. In fact, she had a incorrect idea that she could assist Heathcliff subsequently on with her high criterion in society after get marrieding Edger. The people at that clip valued societal criterion a batch and therefore their love and matrimony were restricted by all these elements. The same phenomenon can besides be seen in Pride and Prejudice where Mr. Darcy as a adult male who was so full of himself “ aˆ¦with household, luck, everything in his favouraˆ¦ ” ( Austen 12 ) . He was person of high position and therefore he had the right to be proud. Due to his pride, he refused to dance with any misss at the ball because he believed that none of the misss could fit him. He had a high outlook in happening his future married woman who could stand every bit besides him excessively. England ‘s society was divided into categories in 17th to 19th centuries with the top of the pyramid controlled by aristocracy, followed by gentlemen who “ aˆ¦ were non rather rich but they were surely good off ” ( Lambert ) . In order to “ … interrupt out of the pot that holds [ them ] in ” ( Steinbeck 38 ) , parents by hook or by criminal tried to get married their girls into rich household of high societal criterion. Marriage due to love was a fillip, non a necessity. Alternatively, a matrimony which would convey benefits to the household was the outlooks and dreams of all the parents. Social position is still something that human look up excessively today but it is non every bit of import as it used to be any longer. In fact, love and matrimony are no longer being bounded by it. Peoples are free to take their spouses without the demand to see the difference between societal criterion. In short, although societal criterion still plays an of import function in society, its construct has decidedly changed with clip, go forthing people more infinite and freedom to love.

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Besides societal criterion, money was another major component that was considered in matrimony. It is true that matrimony will non last long and will merely do more hurting than felicity without money as people need money to last in this universe. However, to get married because of money merely will non convey felicity every bit good. Catherine, one of the major adult female characters in Wuthering Heights chose to get married a cat she was non in love with because she believed that that was the right thing to make. She thought she would and she should be happy since her hereafter hubby “ aˆ¦ would be rich, and [ she ] shall wish to be the greatest adult female of the vicinity, and [ she ] shall be proud of holding such a hubby. ‘ ” ( Bronte 42 ) but she was incorrect. She was non happy after her matrimony, even worse when she eventually met back her ex-lover whom she held in a heartfelt way in her bosom. The society ‘s position of matrimony had affected Catherine ‘s choosing of future hubby. She thought that she should follow the tendency and married a rich cat and yet her incorrect determination ended up bing her life. Pride and Prejudice excessively had clearly shown how of import money was in partner choosing. Mrs. Bennet was so aroused about get marrieding her girls to rich work forces. She cared less about a cat ‘s attitudes but alternatively merely looked for “ ‘ a individual adult male of big lucks ; four or five thousand a twelvemonth ‘ ” ( Austen 2 ) . To her, matrimony was like a concern. All these novels absolutely show how people view matrimony in around 17th – 18th centuries. At that clip, “ having land was the chief signifier of wealth aˆ¦ Political power and influence was in the custodies of rich landholders aˆ¦ ” ( Lambert ) .And since societal criterion was so of import, it was sensible that people thought that money was really of import excessively. This does non merely go on in Europe but besides in Asia. In the manga Steping On Roses ( Hadashi De Bara Wo Fume ) written by Rinko Ueda, the chief character Sumi sold herself to a immature unmarried man for money. Set in Meiji epoch, the pour orphan was forced to convey up tonss of siblings every bit good as to settle dept. In despair, she agrees to get married a immature unmarried man who she knows nil about for money ( Ueda ) . Even now ; money plays an of import function in the society. Money may non be able to purchase everything but one thing for certain ; one can non purchase anything without money. There are instances where people marry each other for money even in today ‘s society but more frequently than non, people tend to get married the one they love presents.

Last but non least, gender function at that clip was strongly dominated by male. Womans were portrayed to be doormats that need work forces ‘s money and power in order to last in society. A adult female was useless and had no value except for reproduction. A miss who could non bear kids would had no value to the society as shown in the verse form The Munich Mannequins by Sylvia Plath “ Perfection [ was ] awful, it [ could non ] have kids. Cold as snow breath, it [ tamped ] the uterus ” ( Plath ) . Even if misss were born in a rich house, their hereafters were non unafraid merely like in Pride and Prejudice, “ Mr. Bennet ‘s belongings aˆ¦which unluckily for his girls, was entailed, in default of inheritors male on a distant relation ” ( Austen 17 ) . Unlike now, adult females were non allowed to inherit belongingss last clip. In England, long before the Born of 1882 Married Property Act, all the belongingss of a adult female would belong entirely by the hubby. This is to guarantee that the “ aˆ¦ upper and in-between category adult females had to remain dependent on a adult male: foremost as a girl and subsequently as a married woman ” ( “ Marriage ” ) . The same issue can be seen in Wuthering Heights when Heathcliff asked Catherine if Isabella was “ ”aˆ¦ her brother ‘s inheritor, [ was ] he non? ‘aˆ¦ ‘I should be regretful to believe so, ‘ returned his comrade ” ( Bronte 57 ) . Girls would hold to happen a rich adult male to get married so that he could back up her financially in the hereafter. Without a successful hubby, she would hold to endure for the remainder of her life and cipher would desire that. Therefore, it was expected to hold a matrimony deficiency of love and feelings last clip due to the different gender function and position in society. Now that adult female are given the same chance as cats to analyze, to work and to inherit belongingss, gender function no longer is an issue to hold a forced matrimony.

In decision, love and matrimony in 17th to 18th centuries England were unlike now. They were weak and bounded. Social criterion, money and gender function in society were all factors that would impact matrimonies at that clip. Due to all those grounds, love and matrimony lost their true value but alternatively were leaden depending on other elements. However, as clip goes by, things seem to alter. Social criterion still exists but no longer carries such a immense impact in matrimony and love. Money remains as something valuable throughout centuries while female have now being given the same chance to trail after what they want including instruction and work. Men no longer are the one in control of everything. Therefore, people are given the freedom to love and marriage nowadays no longer will be bounded. Therefore, several alterations have evidently taken topographic point in society ‘s position on matrimony and love from 17th to 21th centuries.

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