Revealing The Utopian World Of Wonderland English Literature Essay

August 29, 2017 English Literature

When one is surrounded with an oppressive Victorian life style, an imaginativeness can run rampantly. This is precisely what happened for Charles Lutwidge Dodgson in 1865. Under the anonym Lewis Carroll, Dodgson wrote Alice ‘s Adventures in Wonderland ( Byatt VI ) . The narrative is based on a miss ‘s journey as she falls down a coney hole into a fantasy universe. She is faced with intrinsic state of affairss, and anthropomorphous animals. Much of Carroll ‘s personal positions of life, friends, and political relations are displayed throughout the book. In this well renowned fresh, Alice ‘s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll uses symbolism to portray the hovering society of the Victorian epoch through the curious characters and the prevailing subjects.

There are abounding characters that make up the citizens of Wonderland. Many of them represent a certain subdivision of the political hierarchy which was purely abided by in Britain during the 1800s ( McMorrow-Hernandez 1 ) . Carroll lived and wrote the book during the clip of Queen Victoria. The first nexus to this is in the fact that Wonderland is non a democracy, but a monarchy. Therefore, at the top of the societal pyramid, is the elect category including the Queen of Hearts. This character is undoubting based on Queen Victoria as she is portrayed as an angry, unreasonable individual, “ ..The Queen turned red with rage, and, after glowering for a minute like a wild animal, screamed “ Off with her caput! ” ” ( Carroll 68 ) . When Alice realizes she could easy foment the Queen, she fears for her life. “ ..what would go of me? They ‘re awfully fond of decapitating people here: the great admiration is that there ‘s any one left alive! ” ( Carroll, 72 ) .

Coming in second is the common mans, or the on the job category. Among these characters is the Hatter, an unsuccessful man of affairs in Wonderland ( McMorrow-Hernandez 1 ) . He is characterized by doing short personal comments, inquiring unanswerable conundrums, and utilizing absurd linguistic communication. He is frequently referred to as the “ Mad Hatter ” for obvious grounds. Many people believe Carroll added the Hatter to the book because of the popular business in his town: devising chapeaus. In the 1800s, quicksilver was used in hat-making. Those who worked in the field frequently suffered from neurological harm such as deformed vision and baffled address ( Mercury Poisoning 1 ) . The character may hold been inspired from this working category business. The Hatter ‘s compulsion with tea parties besides seemed to mock the British tradition of tea clip. This portrays the act to be irrelevant to society as it is assorted in with other absurd state of affairss.

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Last, the servant population stands at the underside of the pyramid ( McMorrow-Hernandez ) . These characters are of small importance to the society and slightly intermix together. The Queen ‘s confederates lie face down and she can non acknowledge them, “ ..As they were lying on their faces, and the form on their dorsums was the same as the remainder of the battalion, she could non state whether they were nurserymans, or soldiers, or courtiers, or three of her ain kids. ” ( Carroll, 68 ) . The Queen ‘s confederates are a deck of cards carefully and meticulously created. They represent each and every card in a deck except the non-heart tribunal cards demoing the Queen is “ non playing with a full deck. ”

When Alice enters the Queen ‘s garden, she sees the deck of card fretting to be killed. If the Queen sees the ruddy rosebush they accidently planted, the will be killed. They violently paint the roses white to avoid being decapitated. This scene can be compared to War of the Roses ( War of the Roses 1 ) . The ruddy rosebush represents the House of Lancaster while the white rosebush represents the House of York. The Houses entered a series of civil wars to conflict for the throne of England in the 1400s ( War of the Roses 1 ) .

Lewis Carroll ‘s crude plot line for the Alice books came to his head while on a seafaring trip with three immature misss, one of which was named Alice ( Dodgson 1 ) . However, many people believe that Carroll ‘s original thought for the novel was influenced by his extended opium ( and other hallucinogenic drug ) usage, though no cogent evidence of this theory has of all time been revealed. During the Victorian epoch, opium was used as a analgesic and wholly accepted by society ( Casey 1 ) . But even moderate usage of the drug could take one to truly believe in a figment of their imaginativeness. Throughout the narrative, there are many implicit in subjects portrayed, though the most prevailing is the uninterrupted mention to drugs.

In fact, Alice ‘s whole journey begins with a slow autumn down a coney hole, demoing that she is come ining a new dimension. At the underside, she is faced with one room access and two different drugs. First, an unmarked bottle labeled ‘drink me ‘ causes her to turn really large. Then, a pill labeled ‘eat me ‘ shrinks her down so little she ca n’t even make the door. Once she eventually gets through the door she officially enters the ‘Wonderland ‘ . This scene shows that possibly the drugs required to take upon entry really make the ‘Wonderland ‘ itself.

Subsequently, when Alice finds herself at a tea party, she is greeted by an highly “ sleepy ” dormouse. Besides in attending are the Hatter ( besides referred to as Mad Hatter ) and the March Hare. The two are “ imbibing mass measures ” as portion of an “ unbirthday ” party. “ I want a clean cup… Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s all move one topographic point on. ” At several points in this scene, the Hatter and the Hare effort to “ acquire clean ” by exchanging seats but finally travel right back to their old wonts despite the alteration in location. When the white Rabbit intervenes on the tea party kicking about the clip, the Hatter and Hare effort to repair it. The pocket ticker represents the last trace of mechanistic truth and objectiveness in Wonderland. When the Hatter returns to throng and nail the pocket ticker, the concluding concatenation of world has been broken and Alice can now go one with Wonderland ( McMorrow-Hernandez 2 ) .

Indeed, Alice ‘s Adventures in Wonderland is non merely a work of bunk and phantasy. All of the characters and state of affairss speak volumes about the larger strategy of Victorian England every bit good as certain facets of assorted hierarchal societies to this really twenty-four hours ( McMorrow-Hernandez ) . Lewis Carroll carefully constructed each section of the book to work together, while maintaining the topic affair absurd. It is unmistakable that this work serves non merely to prosecute the imaginativenesss of its readers, but to besides keep up a upseting mirror to the faces of those who enter this unbelievable topographic point known as “ Wonderland ” ( McMorrow-Hernandez ) .


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