Review literature of android apps

November 23, 2017 General Studies

Now a days most of student has their own android phones they commonly use it for internet in order them to search some projects and homework. Right now technologies have enhanced its mechanism not only for searching but also for learning and updating some activities that was already program in schools. Searching and updating some of those activities outside the school is a little bit hard or let say it is so hassle to bring laptop outdoor when you’re in hurry.

It is also hard for those who don’t have some PC or laptop at home. Today, student can’t afford to have laptops at home there an easy way to update the schools activities through android phones. As a student we’ve already encounter different problems in our own schedule for example,threes an event today but we don’t know or let say that no one else update us. We as the student of College De la Purism Conception we must find way to resolve these problem before its too late.

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One of the system that we are pursuing that can help students like us, is the Android APS for Students Affair School Calendar this application includes the following schedule of the particular day. This android application you don’t need to go to school Just to know what’s happening,you Just turn on your mobile phones and Just read the following details. Statement of the problem: . Why they would choose this kind of application? 2. How they could know if they were updated to the events in school? 3. When they well know if there’s an event in school?

Specific Objectives: -To be updated in everyday schedule -To know the activities of that day -To know the formation of the school -To know what is the goal of the school -To make easy to know the school events -To know the mission, vision of the school -To know the information of the school Significance of the Study: The findings of this study will be great significance to the staff, parents and most specially the students of College De la Purism Conception that regards in there time and schedule that becomes easier from the gathered information.

Scope and Limitation of Study: This Study covers the school calendar of College De la Purism Conception Specifically in the school activities and events in this institution. This Study concern only to the student of this institution to know the easier and most reliable event [activities in school and also it can help them to know what’s going on every month in school.

The review of the related literature focuses on Android Application Development which is making its place as a competitor in the mobile application technology. The review will explore how Android develops and deepens its open source applications and related functions. It also aims to gain background knowledge for the study. Similarities and differences of the literature are also provided for critique of the research.

Foreign Literature Android Application Development R. Rogers, J. Lombard, Z. Medicines and B. Mike (2009) This in-depth book provides the concepts and code that is needed to start building smartened applications with Android programming environment. Android Application Development introduces the environment including the operating system and SAD, and provides working examples with thorough explanations to demonstrate Android’s architectural features and Apish.

Whether developers want a commercial application for smartness or a mobile mishap for personal use, Android Application Development shows how to design, build and test applications that are innovative portable and profitable. Developers will learn the tools that write programs using Eclipse, run application on the Android emulator, and carry out debugging, tracing, and profiling. Android Application Development, like the represents’ study, includes Debugging Android Applications, Signing and Publishing Application and Silliest Databases.

Also, it includes Drawing AD graphics to make learning easy and fun but unlike this book, the proponents will not deal on AD graphics. Since this material was produced on the year 2009, the problems stated like for smartness was surely solved because of rapid development of technology. Today, there are millions of Android mobile phone users in the world. Almost all of the problems stated were unlocked. The study explores the facts presented that let the future developers unfold and learn to create…


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