Review of Family Types Essay

Single-Parent Families

A single-parent household is a household where the parents are divorced or one of the parents died.

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Child from individual parent households tend to hold more jobs than kids from households with two parents.

Research has shown that kids from single-parent households get lower classs in school. As a consequence. fewer kids from individual parent households go to university.

They besides get in problem with the constabulary more. When kids from single-parent households grow up. they are more likely to perpetrate a offense or travel to gaol.

However. non all kids from single-parent households have jobs. Single parents can besides be really loving and lovingness.

Nuclear Families

Nuclear households are households where merely parents and their kids live together. Traditionally. most people lived in drawn-out households but progressively people are taking to populate in atomic households.

Research has shown that urbanisation is the chief ground why people have changed from life in drawn-out households to populating in atomic households. ( Urbanization is when people leave the countryside to populate in the metropolis ) .

In Japan. for illustration. most people lived in drawn-out households before WWII. But now most people live in atomic households. And before WWII merely 38 % of people lived in metropoliss. but now 80 % of the people live in metropoliss.

Drawn-out Families

Drawn-out households are households where three or more coevalss are populating in the same house. Normally. that means that the grandparents are populating with their kids and grandchildren.

Research has shown that there are several advantages to populating in drawn-out households. Drawn-out households are really of import in states where there is no societal security cyberspace. Extended households help forestall aged people from going hapless.

Another advantage is that the grandparents can look after the kids. During the twenty-four hours. the grandparents watch the kids to do certain that they are ok. And they besides talk to the kids when the parents are busy. This helps the kids learn their linguistic communication. And since the kids are good taken attention of. both of the parents are free to work on the farm or gain money in occupations.

Bicultural Families

Bicultural households are households where the parents come from different nationalities or different faiths or different races.

One advantage to coming from a bicultural household is that the kids have more experiences. And so they tend to be more open-minded.

Language is another country where bicultural kids have an advantage. Research has shown that kids can easy larn two linguistic communications when they are immature. But it is of import for the parents to non blend the linguistic communications. The male parent should merely utilize the father’s linguistic communication when talking to the kid and the female parent should merely utilize the mother’s linguistic communication.

However. one disadvantage of life in a bicultural household is that kids have an individuality job. They don’t know who they are.

Quiz – Four Families

What are single-parent households?

Do kids from individual parents tend to hold more or fewer jobs?

What two jobs does the article talk about?
( 1 )

( 2 )

Make all kids from single-parent households have jobs?

What is an drawn-out household?

Where are drawn-out households really of import?

How make grandparents assist kids?

What is a atomic household?

What is the chief ground why more and more people live in atomic households?

How did Japan alteration after WWII?

What is a bicultural household?

How are kids from bicultural households different from other kids?

If bicultural parents want to learn their kids how to talk two linguistic communications what should they make?

What jobs do bicultural kids have?



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