Review of Hunger Games Movie Essay

October 12, 2017 General Studies

I thought that The Hunger Games film was overall an “ok” movie with merely the right sum of particular affects and action sequences to complement a nice narrative. The manager and manufacturers stuck really near to the book every bit far as the narrative goes. This explains why the film runs for over two hours. Although the events were really accurate. there were certain things that were non explained decently in the film whichmovie. which changed its reading.

One thing that bothered me was deficiency of account behind Katniss’s and Peeta’s relationship. I was fortunate plenty have analyzed the book so I. or class. knew that the relationship started off as sham in the beginning and kindled into actuality. As a individual watching the film. you would believe that Katniss merely fell in love with Peeta as clip passed. Within the film. tThey besides neglected to lucubrate on the dog-creatures at the terminal of the narrative. which were genetically engineered from the dead testimonials.

The deficiency of this item prevented the audience from to the full understanding the corruption of the Capital and their general neglect for the people of the territories. Besides. Rue’s decease was made to look like it was non the mistake of Katniss. but another testimonial. Again. I think this hurt the film because it did non picture the type of forfeits struggles one had to do endure in order to last the Hunger Games. While the film lacked some inside informations. others were added in their topographic point to possibly help in stating the narrative the manner it was meant to be told.

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One thing that was added was the behind the scenes meeting between the Game Keeper and the leader of the Capital. These meeting aid to uncover the Capital’s concealed docket with the Hunger Games. which otherwise would be unknown to a individual watching the film without holding read the book. Besides. they showed the territories rioting at the decease of Rue. This is helps to exemplify the hate and choler that the people of the territories have for the games and I suppose its easier to do that scene than it is to connote it through the houghts of Katniss and duologue between the characters. like in the book. All in all. I think the film stuck really near to the book and I found that to be really reviewing. Compared to most film versions. such as the Harry Potter series. its sticks more closely to the narrative. In the Harry Potter films. the studio took a just sum of artistic licence with the narratives and changed many finite inside informations.

This was likely done because of deficiency of support and screen clip. The Hunger Games did non hold this job likely because the narrative if more realistic than that of the charming conjuration. broom handle winging Harry Potter. There is small demand for computing machine generated imagination ( CGI ) in this film and the book is kept at a sensible length so the film did non hold to compromise excessively much. This to me is the thing that it did best and I look frontward to seeing the following 1.


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