Reviewing All Quiet On The Western Front English Literature Essay

September 4, 2017 English Literature

Erich Maria Remarque ‘s All Quiet on the Western Front is a novel that takes topographic point during World War I. The chief character and storyteller, Paul Baumer, is a immature German soldier who fights for Germany during World War I. The narrative begins with Paul stating us about his best friends in the ground forces. Paul and his friends, whom he has known since school, enlisted in the German ground forces after completing school. While in school, Paul and his classmates had ever been pressured and encouraged by their school instructor, Kantorek, to fall in the ground forces and battle for the glorification of Germany. Paul and his classmates are members of Second Company. He and his friends are all 19 old ages old, except for Katczinsky, who is 40 and has a household back place. Katczinsky, nicknamed Kat, is the leader-figure of the group comprised of Paul and his school-friends. At the beginning of the narrative, Second Company had fought invariably for approximately 2 hebdomads and was originally 150 work forces strong. Now merely 80 work forces strong, Second Company ‘s cook was hesitating about giving the 80 work forces nutrient originally meant for 150 work forces. Katczinsky eventually persuades the cook to give them the nutrient. After that, Paul and his friends visit Franz Kemmerich, a school-friend who had his leg amputated due to a leg lesion, at the infirmary and recognize that he does n’t hold much longer to populate. Muller, another school-friend, asks Kemmerich for his valuable boots, since “ they are no usage to him ” any longer. Then, they give an orderly cigars as a payoff to give their deceasing friend, Kemmerich, hurting stand-ins so that he does n’t endure. Later, new recruits are sent to fall in Second Company to reenforce it and replace the casualties. The group later receives word that Corporal Himmelstoss, a preparation officer that tormented the group during their preparation, would fall in them to contend in the forepart lines. The group is tasked with puting up biting wire along the forepart lines, and is pounded by indirect fire ( heavy weapon ) while making so. After enduring some losingss due to the heavy weapon barrage, the group returns to bivouac and speak about the hereafter. They talk about what their programs are when they return place after the war. Some of the work forces said that they did n’t cognize what they would make after the war ended, and most were dubious that the war would stop shortly. Shortly after Himmelstoss arrives at cantonment, one of Paul ‘s friends, Tjaden, encounters Himmelstoss and is really ill-mannered and disrespectful towards him. Himmelstoss subsequently reports Tjaden to his higher-ups for his ill-mannered behaviour. A superior so gives Tjaden a indulgent penalty. At dark, Kat and Paul gimmick and cook a goose which made an exceeding repast, something that is really difficult to come by. Second Company is sent to support the forepart, as the enemy is mounting an assault. The conflict is helter-skelter and the company suffers major losingss. At the terminal of the conflict, merely 32 of the 150 military personnels had survived. The company returns to bivouac, where the group takes clip off for some remainder and relaxation. The group goes for a swim in the canal, and see a group of Gallic misss over a hill. They meet the misss and subsequently mouse off to hold fun with them. Soon, Paul is given a sum of 17 yearss leave, “ 14 yearss leave and three yearss for going ” . After his period of leave, he must describe to developing. Paul decides to utilize this clip to travel back place and see his household. After geting at his hometown, Paul finds out that his female parent is deceasing of malignant neoplastic disease. In his hometown, Paul feels awkward and unusual among the people of his town. During conversation, he tries to avoid the subject of war and his experiences in war. Paul found it hard to speak to his male parent about his war experiences, and thought that his male parent could n’t understand him. Ironically, he besides learns that his former instructor, Kantorek, who was the one to coerce Paul and his school-friends to fall in the ground forces, was drafted into the ground forces himself. Paul subsequently visits Franz Kemmerich ‘s female parent and tells her that he had died painlessly and immediately, after he is questioned by her about his decease. Before go forthing for preparation, he spends the remainder of his leave with his deceasing female parent. After his leave, Paul reports for a 4 hebdomad class of preparation at a cantonment. Adjacent to the preparation cantonment is a prison cantonment for captured Russian captives of war. Paul realizes that the Russian captives are merely like him – soldiers. Paul shows some compassion for the captives and portions his coffin nails with them, unlike many of the German soldiers, who frequently ignore them, and even ptyalize on and kick them. Subsequently, Paul ‘s sister and father visit him to state him that his female parent had been sent to the infirmary to undergo a surgical operation for her malignant neoplastic disease. Paul and his male parent were still rather staccato and could n’t happen anything to speak about besides his female parent and her malignant neoplastic disease. Paul so rejoins his old group of friends at the frontlines. At the frontlines, Paul is forced into a shelled-out crater while hedging heavy weapon fire. While Paul is concealing in the shell-hole, an enemy soldier jumps into the crater and joins Paul. Paul instantly and instinctively knife the enemy soldier to decease. Paul watches as the adult male easy and distressingly dies, observing that the adult male was rippling, shouting, and panting for air. Paul is contrite, devastated, and upset about killing the adult male ; who he subsequently finds out was Gerard Duval, a hubby and male parent, after looking through his personal effects. Paul subsequently tells his friends about his first putting to death. After this ordeal, Paul and his company are ordered to support and guard an abandoned small town far off from front lines. Following, they are tasked with evacuating a small town, and while making so, Paul and one of his school-friends, Albert Kropp, are wounded. The two are sent to a Catholic infirmary via train. Kropp contemplates suicide because he was shot in the upper thigh and his leg was amputated as a consequence. After retrieving, Paul returns to active responsibility and is reunited with his old group and Second Company ; though many of his friends have died while he was off and go on to decease one by one as clip goes on. Finally, Kat is killed by a piece of shrapnel from a frag grenade lodged in his caput. By now, Paul is the lone lasting soldier amongst his 7 school friends and his former group. The rumour spreading among the soldiers is that Germany will give up and the war will shortly stop. Paul is frightened that when there is peace and he returns place, he will hold non purposes or ends. He fears that he knows merely of war, and that his life is hopeless. He says, “ if we go back [ place ] we will be weary, broken, fire out, rootless, and without hope. ” Paul dies in October 1918, on a quiet twenty-four hours with really small activity. The writer says that if you had flipped him over, his face would uncover a unagitated look, “ as though about glad the terminal had come. ”

The narrative of All Quiet on the Western Front is told realistically through the point of view of a soldier in the field. Throughout the narrative, the writer describes the conditions that soldiers must digest throughout war. He does n’t speak about ideals such as glorification, award or gallantry ; but instead, he focuses on the inexorable inside informations of war, such as decease, hurting and agony, and the psychological effects on soldiers. Remarque shows us the battles that soldiers face twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours ; the battle to happen nutrient, the changeless fright of onslaught, the uncertainness of when or if decease will come. We see how the soldiers are broken and their lived destroyed, both physically and psychologically.

The book was originally written in German, but was translated by – and so the diction is a spot uneven

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Erich Maria Remarque was a veteran himself so the inside informations are rather accurate and all soldiers in WWI can associate.

Kantorek, Paul and his school-friend ‘s old instructor, invariably pressured them into fall ining the German Army.

Paul feels that “ non belong here any longer, it is a foreign universe. ”

transport out their “ loyal responsibility ” .

Narrative is told merely

Their ideas


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