Reviewing The Development Of Information Systems Information Technology Essay

September 6, 2017 Information Technology

When developing an information system it is of import that we understand it is non merely a procedure of supplying solutions for concern issues. It is besides about protecting the concern and adding value to the administration. Hence usage of good ethical, societal and legal inputs in a development is critical.

Ethical motives is an indispensable component of concern because what you do should non harm others involved with you. “ Ethic is something you feel, non something you think ( John Hooker ) ” .If you are a disciplined professional by nature so you pattern moralss better. Some learns to manage moralss from an academy, at work or through doctrines and faiths. “ Ethical motives remains highly of import in regulating behaviour so that society can go on to map, it must be remembered that there is non ever one clear definition of moralss or what is ethical ” ( Christy Rakoczy ) . When mentioning to moralss I would instead urge utilizing ethical rule ‘X ‘ which is about esteeming others, just intervention, maintaining your word and what we by and large refer every bit good concern patterns for the benefit of both parties.

So within the context of planing an application, developers of the application or information system should retrieve to protect the client and their being signifier every possible way when planing the system because as a undertaking director this appraisal is merely another undertaking for you but for the organisation it means more than a service. It ‘s their hereafter that you are planing today. It ‘s there information you have taken attention of. What you do today impact your hereafter the same manner. If you develop a moneymaking information system today so you will be recommended to another tomorrow. This is why it is of import to take a just ethical theory. I would n’t urge utilizing deontological theory which does n’t mention much to the effects of the actions but I do urge consequentiality since the theory looks at a wider range and refers to effects of actions undertaken.

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With mention to the instance survey, the system development squad has done a close perfect undertaking with most demands met with difficult work and committedness. What they have to make now is to do the organisation ‘s information more secure by restricting entree to this information or by holding better control over the users. Not holding this information system is non an option. Organizations develop improved information systems with the purpose recovering efficient, accurate and effectual information to derive competitory advantage over industrial challengers to better the bing market place. If they do n’t undergo this system development they merely will non be unable to better information direction patterns and survive competition. I would instead urge offering users to register and make full information to a database so that two things will go on in one move. First if you are truly interested in accessing information so you will register, utilize a login and receive information but if you are non interested so you will go out without accessing information. Second when you register users you know which user logged at what clip and entree what information. That manner you have better control over the users. After all information systems have its bounds. It can non halt people accessing information because the users are lawfully permitted to entree information. It can merely restrict the entree rates and cut down information being exposed. There is no confidence beyond that. This is why engineering is at times considered as a vulnerable component.

“ Social issues are affairs that can be explained merely by factors outside an person ‘s control and immediate societal environment which affect many persons in a society ( Yahoo ) ” . Since this system is developed for a government-linked company we can anticipate or there could be a possibility of political engagement on supervising the effectivity of the system. Hence this system should non damage or hold a negative impact on societal facets.

With mention to the instance analyze few directors had issues sing the easy entree to information. This highlights another cultural facet of the whole procedure and that is the fright of engineering and opposition of alteration. Modern twenty-four hours ‘s directors are highly knowing and advanced. You will still happen the uneven one feared of engineering. May be there are excessively many in this organisation to hold great concerns over information.

Case Study clearly indicated the legal concern environing this system development. It says if an outside party petitions to entree information they will hold to provide the requested under the Freedom of Information Act. Furthermore, they are concerned about procuring the information every bit much as they could, intend that they feel this information belongs to them and no 1 else. So they claim ownership and they besides have given this undertaking by swearing the development squad. Then there are trust and ownership issues environing this instance survey.

“ Some philosophers have speculated that human existences have a natural impulse to form their environments ( Joe Mackall ) ” The method designed to garner informations consistently and treat into information is best defined as an information system. This includes aid given by physical elements such as hardware, intangible component such as package, webs, databases, informations distribution channels and coverage of information. These systems are normally designed to increase efficiency, truth and effectivity of the full organisation or specified procedures. There are restrictions in what engineering can make. They can increase truth degrees but does non vouch truth because of human engagement. It can better efficiency and effectivity but there is still room for betterment since you can ne’er fulfill human demands and wants. Even within the context of the instance study the development squad should understand this fact and should besides be explained in a professional mode to the client to avoid miscommunication. Else in the following presentation they might hold to make even more alterations and include more characteristics because of of all time turning demands and wants of the users.

So the major facts we can utilize to reason footings is to understand that it is a fresh company who has won the contract to construct a system for a government-linked organisation and they have added a high proportion of difficult work into planing the proposed information system. There occupation is near perfect but there were some concerns over excessively easy entree to information and some of the direction did n’t visualize that thought. So the head development officer was asked to make necessary alterations to suit managerial demands. The development squad will now hold to happen a manner of protecting information better than this system presently offer. Sing the inputs already given to this undertaking, it is non an option to non hold this information system. Having information systems will give the added competitory advantage by offering greater truth, efficiency and effectivity to the organisation functionality.

Now the development squad will hold to utilize good moralss in a practical environment to protect harming the client in any agencies or ways because good usage of moralss are an indispensable component of system development and information direction within today ‘s competitory industries. Besides needs to protect this system set uping societal values and patterns since societal factors are such critical for any administration, particularly this company being a government-link administration. In information systems development, legal factors need to be taken into serious consideration since there are Acts of the Apostless such as ‘Freedom of Information Act ‘ . Besides a critical component to see is the trust and ownership facets of information which has tempted direction to protect information every bit much as they could since information is the power of the administration. Without information and communicating administrations do non last.

Developing a system is non merely taking duty of developing a new component or doing promotions to an bing component. It is besides about protecting the bing concern operations while doing alterations. Due to this fact the developers need to understand that the administration has given them more than a contract and it has practically given its hereafter to system developers. Populating in the information age and with rapid globalisation in topographic point the desire to hold quality information has become a must. Should the developers complete proposed alterations they can successfully finish their inaugural trade and at the same clip they will larn the importance of ethical, societal and legal issues environing at that place nature of work in pattern.

I would wish to urge the development squad to implement the users to register them self before giving entree to information. Because one time registered, the administration will hold relevant inside informations of the individual accessing information with the IP reference recorded to see from where the user has accessed information. Furthermore if the users are earnestly in demand of that information merely, they will take clip to register themselves. This means you are curtailing entree of users who are non interested in registering with your system besides. It is non illegal to do the above alterations to the system either. It besides protects your information to a great extent. It has to be understood that unlike most professionals information systems professionals excessively have restrictions and boundaries. The developers who can explicate these state of affairss to the clients in a professional mode are the successful information systems professional.


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