Reviewing The Dickens Novel Hard Times English Literature Essay

October 16, 2017 English Literature

During the class of ‘Hard Times ‘ , Charles Dickens defines Utilitarianism as a manner of life and as a position on anything through the thriving Victorian industrial industry ruling Coketown in the 1850 ‘s. Dickens takes Tom Gradgrind as his chief illustration, get downing as a deeply Utilitarian school instructor and through the class of the novel, takes him full circle until he regrets his Utilitarian position of life and manner of making things. ‘Hard Times ‘ besides highlights the criterion of working conditions in and around the industrial industry.

Right from the start of the novel, Mr Gradgrind is presented as rigorous, as the first words he speaks, so the first twosome of sentences in chapter one are “ Now, what I want is Facts. Teach these male childs and misss nil but Facts ” . Both ‘Facts ‘ are written with a capital ‘F ‘ , stressing the importance of facts. All he wants is facts facts facts and that ‘s all he thinks the instruction system is for. He believes so strongly in Utilitarianism, this all restraining work ethic, he ‘s made it his doctrine for life and hence thinks it is wholly sensible for everyone else to follow his manner of life.

At the start of the 1st book, Mr Gradgrind is presented as ; “ a adult male of facts and computations ” . This shows how his manner of efficiency truly backs Gradgrind ‘s belief that ; everything, no affair what can be ordered, recorded and measured. This changeless belief that everything and anything can be categorized in order of how efficient it is, how utile it is, and how reasonable it is is foundation mentality throughout the bulk of the narrative. On the other manus, while chapter one reasonably much lets the whole universe know that Gradgrind is a crabbed old adult male from the dark ages, there is weak grounds that there is some psyche concealing deep off in Gradgrind buttocks is cold bosom. The quotation mark “ Stick to Facts, sir! ” indicates that Gradgrind knows that there is more to life than facts. Like earlier, the ‘f ‘ in ‘facts ‘ is a capital missive. The sentence is besides really short for impact, consequence and clout.

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Gradgrind schoolroom and his dependence to scientific discipline is shown by the desk agreement being described as the “ male childs and misss sat on the face of the inclined plane ” . He is compared to gray, dark, dull imagination that exactly reflects his character. The schoolroom is flat and so deficient in coloring material that bright-eyed Sissy Jupe clearly stands out “ irradiated ” by a bright beam of visible radiation like an angel among work forces. Bitzer, one of the most intellectually strong students is under Gradgrind ‘s powerful influence as he fast transforms to a Grey shadow, a mere male child possessing no grounds of creativeness or emotion. “ he would shed blood white ” . He has been rapidly moulded to a machine by Gradgrind ‘s character to bring forth accurate definitions and in contrast to Sissy ‘s repetative deep blushing seems mentally drained after replying Gradgrind ‘s inquiry on Equus caballuss which was intellectually a batch harder than she could get by with. Bitzer so right answered the same inquiry and his complicated reply finally satisfied Gradgrind after experiencing to a great extent disappointed that Sissy did n’t run into his outlooks.

In the opening twosome of chapters of the novel, Dickens emphasizes Gradgrind ‘s doctrine of ciphering, rational opportunism and categorizing. He believes that human nature can be governed by wholly rational regulations, and he is “ ready to weigh and mensurate any package of human nature, and state you what it comes to. ” This doctrine has brought Gradgrind success and a strong repute of kinds in Coketown.

Gradgrind takes the intelligence of Louisa ‘s credence of proposal from Bounderby really good as opposed to what the reader might anticipate from Gradgrind at this late phase in the book holding built up a elaborate profile of Gradgrind already. From his address I can state Gradgrind is accepting a more human and individualized manner of life as is proved when he truly but still somewhat skeptically offers Louisa his praises.

While the storyteller ‘s tone toward him is ab initio derisive and dry, Gradgrind undergoes a important alteration in the class of the novel, thereby gaining the storyteller ‘s understanding. When Louisa confesses that she feels something of import is losing in her life and that she is really unhappy with her matrimony, Gradgrind begins to recognize that his system of instruction may non be what he thought it was – perfect. This intuition is confirmed when he learns Tom has robbed Bounderby ‘s bank. Faced with the failures of his system, Gradgrind admits “ The land on which I stand has ceased to be solid under my pess. ” His kids ‘s jobs have since taught Grandgrind to see emotion. Consiquently, Gradgrind changes into a more understanding, digesting adult male. Ultimately altering his useful province of head to peace, good will and happyness.


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