Reviewing The Film The Land Of Eyes English Literature Essay

July 29, 2017 English Literature

The Land Has Eyes is a movie by a Rotuman film maker who is besides an anthropologist at the University of Hawaii. The movie begins with a scene that describes the initiation of the island where a group of people comprised of seven brothers and one sister is shown geting at the island of Rotuma. One of the brothers has raped the sister and she is abandoned on the island with really small in the manner of commissariats although she does hold a twosome of Artocarpus communis trees and a Suckling hog. The brothers so leave the island and province that they are heading for Fiji. The narrative continues and this sister who we now know as a Warrior Woman, swayer of the land and the sea, is pregnant with the kid ensuing from the earlier colza between her and her brother. The movie notes that future coevalss of adult females on Rotuma will transport her mana and spirit.

After this first scene, the movie shifts the focal point back to the present twenty-four hours lives of a household that lives on the island. The chief character is a immature miss named Viki and the movie intensely reveals the mundane lives of Viki and her household. The household seems to be working chiefly as pay labourers roll uping coconuts and so utilizing the copra meat inside to sell for financess upon which to populate. It besides seemed evident that there was besides an facet where the male parent besides may hold been a renter husbandman because the neighbour made reference of ‘how do you acquire rid of a neighbour you do n’t wish? You take him to tribunal for pilfering coconuts! ‘ This really happens in the film and the male parent is found guilty of taking the coconuts by the colonial decision maker due to the erroneous interlingual rendition provided by the friend or cousin of the neighbour who accused Viki ‘s male parent. This so consequences in the male parent and the household being disgraced in the eyes of the community with a strong belief stoping up with a instead heavy mulct of 10 lbs. The balance of the film shows what happens to Viki after her male parent dies and she wins a scholarship to travel to school in Fiji as a consequence of her difficult work in analyzing at the local school.

This movie has a reasonably significant figure of cases where the cultural traditions of the island of Rotuma are the focal point of the movie. In one scene, I believe the male parent states that our ascendant says ‘The land has eyes and dentitions, and knows the truth. ‘ By this statement, it appears that the male parent is mentioning to the fact that even if the remainder of the community believes that he is guilty of the evildoing of stealing the coconuts, the land knows what truly happened and will in a manner protect him and his household from this uncorroborated accusal. In the terminal, the land will take action to avenge the illicit actions of his neighbour who is trying to acquire him off his land by doing him unable to pay the mulct which will ensue in the loss of the land.

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The character of Viki reasonably frequently seems to impart or speak to the Warrior Woman as a manner in which to cover with the assorted tests and trials of day-to-day life that she has to cover with both within and without her household runing from her relationships with the instructor at school, her friends around the vicinity, her siblings and household, every bit good as the jobs of a immature miss who is maturating and going a adult female. This kind of Communion or prayerful communicating with the Warrior Woman spirit is a manner of reacting to the problems that Viki finds both herself and her household in as the consequence of other ‘s actions in the movie.

Another illustration of cultural traditions as shown in the movie arises when the miss Viki tries to speak to her male parent about appealing the tribunal ‘s or instead, the Administrator ‘s order of a mulct of 10 lbs because she knows that the transcriber, Poto, has lied and feels that the male parent needs to take action to recover his good name in the community. The male parent responds that ‘I ‘ve been shamed adequate! ! We ‘ll cover with this the Rotuman manner! ‘ By this, it seems to intend that the male parent will trust on the cultural traditions or the liquors of the ascendants to decide this state of affairs of his unfair accusal of holding stolen the coconuts.

One more case of cultural traditions being shown in the movie seemed to be the importance of the relationship between the brother and Viki. They seemed to hold a particular relationship where the brother-sister bond was really particular as has been demonstrated in category when discoursing these types of relationships in the civilizations of the Pacific. The brother ever seemed to be looking out for Viki and when he got in a battle over the false accusal where he was supporting his male parent, Viki was right at that place to assist him both by seeking to draw the other cat off the brother but besides by comforting him after the battle was concluded.

Merely prior to the nuptials scene and during it, there were besides several occasions where you could detect cultural traditions at work. One of these involved the old adult female coming to the male parent to borrow money and the staff for the nuptials. She needed money for a costume and the male parent readily gave her rather a amount which the married woman objected to slightly strenuously. The old adult female besides made note of the importance of the staff by stating ‘The staff is the last 1 on the island ‘ and you could state its importance to the old adult female and the high degree of desire she had to hold its usage at the nuptials. The male parent, more or less, tells the married woman that it is his duty to assist his comparative by allowing her borrow the money and staff and he does non look disturbed, as the married woman is, that he will be giving a little amount to the church. At the marrying itself, there are some cultural traditions that are shown including the scene where both the bride and groom are being bound in the readyings for the nuptials. Besides, there is an juncture at the nuptials where the old adult female makes the main kneel down in forepart of her which is supposed to be a mention to remind the Chief to the nexus to the Warrior Woman who is the establishing spirit of the island.

One concluding usage of cultural traditions in the movie was shown where the female parent was developing one of the girls to make the traditional responsibilities of a adult female in the domestic country while the other girl, Viki, who was good at school was being prepared to travel off to Fiji so that possibly she could one twenty-four hours be a high pay earner and aid to back up the parents after they reached old age. However, the early decease of the male parent apparently negated this facet of the planning. Although it must be said, the female parent herself would still necessitate to be supported one time she became an old adult female and Viki ‘s schooling would surely assist with this necessity.

Overall, there are many cases in this movie that unwrap the cultural traditions of the island of Rotuma. These scope from the nuptials ceremonial jokes, the brother-sister relationship, the naming upon the Warrior Woman in times of demand, and the ceremonials that were used during the scene at the gravesite when the male parent was buried.

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