Reviewing The Stranger By Albert Camus English Literature Essay

In The Stranger, by Albert Camus, Meursaults character is revealed as the novel progresses. In the first portion of the book he shows his feelings towards others and what he thinks of them. Subsequently on in the 2nd portion of the book, he starts to recognize other people ‘s feelings towards him which finally leads to showing his personality. He does non grief over his female parent ‘s decease and he does non experience compunction for slaying an Arab and these show that he is cold hearted and careless whilst unemotional towards tragic events. The chief character is besides convicted of killing the Arab and still feels no compunction towards the event and when his attorney asks him why he does non shout, he states “ it did n’t intend anything ” . His slaying of the Arab shows he does non hold any ethical beliefs and does non do any ethical determinations. He does n’t hold any cognition or concluding behind his actions and he murders the Arab due to the Sun being excessively “ hot ” . He besides mentioned he did non believe in God and god gives people regulations to follow in order to forestall atrocious actions such as slaying. Since Meursault does non hold theological beliefs, he starts to go more of a menace to the society. Meursault becomes a menace to society through his theological beliefs, epistemic logical thinking behind his actions, and his unethical determinations.

Meursaults theological beliefs are revealed in the first chapter of the 2nd portion of the book when an officer asks him if he believes in God. “ But he cut me off and urged me one last clip, pulling himself up to his full tallness and inquiring me if I believed in God. I said no. ” ( pg.66, paragraph 2, line 2-5 ) This shows that he says he does non believe in God. Theology is the survey of God and spiritualty and for Meursault non to hold any theological beliefs means he does non hold any cognition of God which besides means he does non hold any boundaries for his actions. In this instance his theological belief is that there is no God. God gives everyone guidelines in the signifier of faith. Without these guidelines, actions will be committed without compunction, like the actions of Meursault. For him non to believe in God means he does non hold guidelines to follow and is free to make whatever he wants to. Some may believe faith is incarcerating us of freedom but it really helps us remain in the boundaries of rights and incorrect so we do non step into the circle of wrongs which besides relates to our ethical beliefs. The chaplain says, “ Then god can assist you. Every adult male I have known in your place had turned to him. ” ( pg.111, paragraph 2, line 4-6 ) Meursault says, “ I went up to him and made one last effort to explicate to him that I had merely a small clip left and I did n’t desire to blow it on God… .. I started shouting at the top of my lungs, and I insulted him… ..I grabbed him by the neckband of his cassock. ” ( pg.114, paragraph 1 ( line 12-14 ) , paragraph 3 ( line 2-4 ) ) This shows that the chaplain offers Meursault to travel to god for comfort and Meursault says he does n’t desire to blow his clip on God and so diss the chaplain and grabs him by the neckband. This shows he lacks theological beliefs because if a Christian adult male was speaking to the chaplain alternatively, he would take the advice and thank the chaplain and the individual would surely non catch the chaplain by the neckband because a chaplain is from church which means he is with God and his boundaries would forestall the Christian adult male from catching the chaplain. Since Meursault did n’t hold theological beliefs, he did n’t hold any boundaries, and hence, acted impolitely towards the chaplain. These show that Meursault will be able to make anything without caring because he does n’t hold any boundaries due to his neglect of theological beliefs. This ultimately consequences in Meursault going a menace to society because he will perpetrate the same actions without compunction due to his deficiency of belief in God.

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Monsieur Meursault ‘s actions had really small epistemic concluding behind them. Epistemology is the survey or theory of cognition and brings up inquiries such as: are Meursaults actions knowing or are they based on urge. His actions were decidedly non knowing and were based on pure urge. “ Then she wanted to cognize if I loved her. I answered the same manner I had the last clip, that it did n’t intend anything… ” ( pg. 40, paragraph 2, line 4-6 ) . This quotation mark demonstrates that Meursault replies on urge and says he does n’t care and he says it does n’t intend anything. This is non knowing because love means a batch and it ‘s a great factor in maintaining a twosome together and he does n’t care which, once more, shows he is careless about everything. He does non believe before he acts because he does n’t care about other people ‘s feelings and merely speaks of things that reflect merely upon him demoing he is a selfish homo being. His deficiency of epistemic concluding behind his determination can happen in other events and it can ensue in many other deceases or interrupt ups of a household. When he attacks the chaplain and catch his neckband, it portrayed his unprompted reaction and he did n’t care what other people thought and this showed more of his sloppiness which can ensue in tragic events. Besides his actions show a deficiency of epistemology due to the fact that none of the things he did were logical. When he writes an violative missive on Raymond ‘s behalf, he does n’t believe it over and says he ‘ll compensate it. Logic is the survey of right logical thinking and that was non right logical thinking because he does non ground at all whilst stating he would compose it on urge. The fact that he put his female parent in a place shows his deficiency of logical thinking and that it was non logical at all. Any sane individual would seek to happen money or another occupation to do money in order to maintain his/her female parent near to them so that their female parent does non experience unloved, but Meursault did non even seek to maintain his female parent at his house and sends her consecutive to a place. He has the money to take a train drive to his female parent ‘s funeral but non to maintain his female parent with him. A train ticket costs about 90 Euros but a loaf of staff of life costs about one and a half Euros and for him to state he does non hold money to maintain his female parent with him is insane because his female parent would assist him clean, do nutrient, and comfort Meursault when he needs it. He still decides to direct her away which shows it was non logical. All these finally lead to the fact that Meursault is a menace to society because he lacks epistemology and logic which show his sloppiness to others around him.

In the first chapter of the book Meursaults female parent passes off. He does non sorrow over her decease which demonstrated it was an unethical determination. When a household member dies, the other household members show a batch of heartache over his/her decease which would demo the household made an ethical determination of sorrowing over the dead household member. Ethical motives is the survey of right and incorrect and it is clear his action of non sorrowing over his female parent ‘s decease is incorrect. “ He wanted to compose her a missive, one with a clout and besides some things in it to do her sorry for what she ‘s done. Then, when she would come back, he ‘d travel to bed with her and right at the last minute he ‘d ptyalize in her face and throw her out. Yes, that would penalize her, I thought. But Raymond told me he did n’t believe he could compose the sort of missive it would take and that he ‘d thought of inquiring me to compose it for him. Since I did n’t state anything, he ‘d inquire me if I would mind making it right so and I said no. “ ( Pg.30-31, line 28-38 ) . This quotation mark shows that Meursault writes a missive that will stop up aching a adult female and this is an highly unethical determination because it ‘s non right to do the adult female sorry so that Raymond could subsequently ptyalize in her face and throw her out. He does n’t see moralss and writes it because he did n’t care. Near the terminal of chapter six when Meursault shoots the Arab, he does non experience any compunction afterwards. He does n’t care and does non believe of the Arabs household and how they would experience to happen the Arab dead. His actions were unethical and were non right. He states, “ … I ne’er intended to kill the Arab… .i blurted out that it was because of the Sun. ” ( pg.98, paragraph 2, line 6-7, 13-14 ) . This shows that he kills the Arab due to the fact that it was hot and it is non ethical at all because a household member was lost due to his unethical action whilst non demoing any compunction to the incident. When 1 does non do ethical determinations while non experiencing any compunction to the wrongs he has done, it can be endangering for the society because he could slay once more without caring and he could get down to kill guiltless lives. These show that Meursault is a menace to society due to his many unethical determinations he makes.

In decision, Meursault became a menace to society thorough the unethical determinations he makes, his incredulity of theology-god, and his epistemic and unlogical logical thinking behind his behaviors. He does non sorrow over his female parent ‘s decease nor have any compunction after killing the Arab and this demonstrates his unethical determinations which show he does non take in consideration whether if it was right or incorrect. He besides mentions he does non believe in God which means that he does non hold any boundaries. He is free to make whatever he wants to and will non hold compunction to the incorrect determinations because he does non believe in God which means he does n’t hold any guidelines to follow. He attacks the chaplain which shows he does n’t care about the people that were with God and he mentioned he did non desire to blow any clip on God. This shows how careless of everything he is and he starts to go more of menace to the society and the people around him. He besides does non hold concluding behind his actions and they are non logical and entirely based on his selfish sentiments and none of the actions are knowing. All these prove that Meursault became a menace to society due to his incredulity and neglect in the facets of divinity, epistemology, and moralss which are elements used in mundane life so that people do non kill or ache each other. Meursault did non see any of those therefore going a menace.



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