Reward For My Hard Working English Language Essay

Extra recognition enhances student public presentation. It is more likely for pupil to fix category work before school if it is a portion of engagement or excess recognition. Students can larn more from reading book in front of a talk and understand the stuff good compare to pupils who do non read the book earlier go to category. Students who work on excess recognition besides perform good in the test. A survey of IJMECS from neglecting midterm pupils shows that the group of pupils who work on excess recognition addition 18 points from their mean midterm test comparison to 7.5 points from the group who do non work on excess recognition. In add-on, outside beginnings researching is more than school demand, but it is necessary for pupils to happen the interesting relationship of theory and experiment. I was learned computing machine scientific discipline, and one of my undertakings was happening a shortest way between two given locations ( as pilotage system ) . The category merely required for cryptography, but graphed and applied the codification to an application was an option for pupils who wanted to work more for the undertaking. Most of pupils wanted to better their class, and I did excessively. I tried to happen all books and related paperss to work on my undertaking. It took me two hebdomads for the cryptography, and three months for using it to the existent application. Extra recognition was my motive to make all researched and combined theories from lesson to the existent universe. I learned a batch from the undertaking, and it made me more confident to analyze stuffs which were covered subsequently by professor.

Excess credits would diminish the emphasis which make pupil have better class. The rate of mental upset from school is increasing. Most of the instance is from overwhelm acquisition or emphasis from acquiring bad class. If pupils get grade C in the midterm class, they are tend to drop the class. The scared of neglecting category would do of mental upset. My high school is the best school in my town. It is a dream school for all good pupils ; nevertheless, they do non cognize that it is nerve-racking to analyze at that place. One of my friends got mental upset, and left category for mental intervention because the plan of survey was excessively nerve-racking. When I was in Hochiminh University of Technology, two pupils were suicide in my first twelvemonth. They both from a good high school with high academic class, but they fail excessively many categories in the first semester of university. They were shocked, and make up one’s mind to leap from the 3rd floor of the edifice. Five old ages ago, a pupil of Virginia Tech University shot 30 two pupils and self-destruction besides because of mental upset. Stress lone causes more stress if it can non be release. Harmonizing to Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, excess recognition which gives pupil more chance to do up their bad class is one of the solutions for school emphasis. In add-on, excess recognition could give pupil more positive attitude to analyze. Students who get grade C in the midterm tend to drop category. If they decide to drop, it takes more clip for them to complete the school. However, if they try to increase their grade rapidly, it is worse because the quickest manner to better the class is storage all cognition in short clip memory country of encephalon. It would work for a hebdomadal quiz, but they will lose their basic cognition to analyze farther because they store the cognition without understanding it. On the contrary, excess recognition does non merely give pupil a 2nd opportunity for them to repair their class but besides give them more opportunity to understand the capable affair from working on excess recognition.

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It is argue that excess recognition encourage pupil to be irresponsible, give add-on work to student who does non understand the basic stuff and convey negative attitude to analyze. However, the statement does non work because many surveies prove that excess recognition aid pupil execute better in category. An efficiency excess recognition method will convey out the good method of survey as larning from experience alternatively of adding missive to the space cognition because pupil will non be pushed to complete all assignment absolutely. They spend clip on understanding the stuff when they complete the excess recognition work. I got 70 % on the midterm Psychology trial which is count as 20 % of the entire class. However, I was lucky because she gave us the options to complete all hebdomadal nervus charts as a portion of excess recognition. I start to understand how does a neutron work and how it consequence to human behaviour. My concluding test class was 96 % . Although I do non necessitate the excess points for an A, but it does assist me to understand the stuff by larning it with a comfy temper. Besides, making excess recognition is an option for all pupils who want to better their class. Thus it does non consequence to the class of pupils who do non desire to make it.

Overall, I think that all professors should give pupil more motive as excess recognition to honor their difficult working. Excess recognition does non merely cut down emphasis but besides enhance pupil public presentation in category. Efficiency excess recognition method could increase student motive of acquisition, cognition of capable affair and potency of larning. Cipher is perfect, so they got mistaken sometimes. However, it does non intend that they can non hold the 2nd opportunity to repair it. Giving them the 2nd opportunity by working on their error and understand it is a good solution. Therefore, excess recognition is a best manner to honor to hardworking pupil. As Einstein ‘s expression: “ Genius is one per centum of endowment and 90 nine per centum of difficult work. ” Hardworking is ever a key to success.

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