?Rhetorical Analysis of Obama’s Victory Speech Essay

August 14, 2017 General Studies

On November 6th, 2012, Barack Obama was re-elected as president of the U.S. The undermentioned twenty-four hours, Barack Obama held his triumph address. This paper will analyse and notice on an extract of that peculiar triumph address and the cardinal focal point of the analysis will be on the rhetorical effects of the address. By utilizing many signifiers of rhetorical tools like Anaphora or Tautology, President Barack Obama manages to give a address that is full of American thoughts of life, like the American Promise, the American Dream and the hereafter. The address is really similar to the 1 he did in 2008 at the Democratic Convention, and contains many signifier of repeat and “between the lines” political positions. In the first twosome of paragraphs, Barack Obama intentionally begins his sentences with the same twosome of words, e.g. “You’ll hear…” , “We want…” or “That’s…” followed by positive thoughts about the USA, Americans or what the hereafter will convey. This is when the first rhetorical tool is used, and Barack Obama uses Anaphora by get downing his sentences with the same lines over and over once more. This is a great manner to do his statements stand out both greater than they are and easier to retrieve.

Traveling on from here, Barack Obama negotiations about the American Spirit, and gives several illustrations on how the U.S. will hold ended the economic crisis and war in a really close hereafter. The hereafter itself is a immense subject in the address and when speaking about it, Barack Obama gently uses as many rhetorical tools as possible to guarantee that the message goes through. One of these rhetorical tools is the Apostrophe, for illustration when he says: “It’s non ever a consecutive line. It’s non ever a smooth path.” But besides when he is speaking about the brotherhood directly from the beginning: “It moves frontward because of you. It moves frontward because…” He talks about the brotherhood and the hereafter like they were capable of understanding what was said about them, or if they were alive, and one time once more, Anaphora is used so wholly these optimistic thoughts will lodge. All in all, this full address is made up, utilizing Tautology at its best: When reading the address, you get the sense that Barack Obama is merely reiterating himself of how good he and his state have been making recently and how bright the hereafter is for everything and everyone. As old mentioned this address is really similar to the 1 he gave in 2008 at the Democratic Convention. One of the paragraphs from the 2008 address is about indistinguishable to the triumph address four old ages subsequently.

In both of the addresss, Barack Obama negotiations about how great, affluent and powerful the U.S. is, but says that it is because of the American Spirit and non the armed forces or the universities. Overall the addresss are really likewise. Both of the addresss mention the American Dream and how every American should follow up to their promise and how the U.S. has made it to a point of no return where traveling frontward is the lone option. If one was to look at the address and juncture, they’d likely think, that given it is a triumph address to the full state, the address would automatically go impersonal. I say this chiefly because he, in the address, addresses everyone: “And whether I earned your ballot or non, I have listened to you…” He is speaking to every American, Democratic, Republican – even 3rd parties. Even after sing that, Barack Obama still doesn’t maintain the address impersonal as I for one thinks that he should. He manages to set some of his political work into it.

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This quotation mark is taken straight from the address, when Barack Obama is speaking about a miss, who was about to decease from leukaemia: “ [ … ] had it non been for wellness attention reform passing merely a few months before the insurance company was about to halt paying for her care.” This is a really sensitive country for everybody, and Barack Obama uses that to his advantage by utilizing poignancy which makes most of the hearers feel commiseration for the small hapless miss, and at the same clip felicity because of what Barack Obama has done for the U.S. This really leads the Americans to inquire themselves a rhetorical inquiry: If it wasn’t for Barack Obama’s wellness attention, would this small miss have died so? Unfortunately, the reply would with most certainty be yes. There are similar points in the address, non as obvious though, as when he addresses every American, including the homosexual, or homosexual as they are referred to, which is really much against most of the Republican Americans.

The address itself is merely what you’d expect from any sensible leader in the U.S It is a address where the American Dream is the biggest subject, when being optimistic about the hereafter and so work a small harder is all there is to salvage the state. It is a address that will assure a greater state, and contains a batch of empty promises, merely like in the runs. Personally, I believe that if Mitt Romney had won the election, the address he would hold given would hold been about indistinguishable to this. Of class, there’re some parts where their political positions would be different, but all in all I think the kernel and rhetorical layout of a triumph address would be reasonably much
the same. Just wish it were back in 1776 when all of this began.


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