Rhetorical Analysis on Lux Toilet Soap Ad

April 25, 2018 General Studies

The Greer Carson Lug Toilet Soap ad was effective in raising product awareness and profits due to its sage of these appeals. Carson is pictured against a white background with a vine of grapes in hand in the ad. Purple is the color theme here, as Garçon’s eye makeup, necklace and grapes are of this color. This gives the ad a sense of sophistication, warmth, luxury and even a little mystery. This grabs the reader’s attention and makes her want to read the ad. The reader’s attention is then drawn to a sentence below Carson in which the first word, “Luscious,” is of a larger font size than the rest of the text.

The color pink draws the reader to look in the bottom right corner Of the ad, where a Lug Toilet Soap wrapper reveals the AR of soap. This completes the attraction, femininity, and smooth texture of the ad. The image and larger-sized text are present in the advertisement to appeal to the readers emotion of craving for Garçon’s flawless skin. Women of this time were open to ideas on how to look as beautiful as possible. This could have been to succeed in their careers or simply to please a man.

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Looks play a large role in any aspiring actresses success because she is trying to talk people into casting her for roles. In addition, having and taking care of a family was a very important part of women’s lives. They had to look their best n the hopes of getting a husband. This advertisement had their solution and informed the readers to use Lug Toilet Soap to get that desired look. If the picture of Carson wasn’t enough to get the reader to find character appeal in the advertisement, there is also smaller blue text at the bottom of the ad informing them of her credentials.

The ad states, “Besides being beautiful, Greer Carson is intelligent (she’s lectured Shakespeare), talented (probably won more awards than any other film actress)… ” There is also a statement at the top of the ad promoting a movie Carson most recently starred in, “Her Twelve Men. The ad then goes on to state her insistence on the use of Lug Toilet Soap in her home and dressing room, as well as the statistic “Geezer’s used Lug for years now-she believes in it, like 9 out of 10 Hollywood stars do. This information about Garçon’s career leads readers to trust in her belief of the soap’s effectiveness. It suggests that the reader should want to use the Lug soap because successful and beautiful people like Carson do. If it plays some part in Garçon’s success, then the reader might have that same luck with life as well, after using Lug soap. As the reader continues through the text, the final appeal is utilized, logic. The ad states that “Miss Garçon’s luscious complexion is as good a recommendation as we know of for using Lug Toilet Soap.

If you find Lug isn’t everything a good soap can be, we’ll return what you paid for it. Fair enough? ” After being presented this offer, the reader runs out of objections to trying the product. Reasoning tells them to buy it, try it, if it isn’t satisfactory, get a refund, and no loss would be incurred. The offer leaves the reader with a feeling of obligation to buying the product. It is important that the ad achieves this because it ultimately leads to higher sales profit. Lug Toilet Soap as not the only solution to uneven or imperfect complexion.


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