Riordan Manufacturing Financial State Essay

September 24, 2017 Commerce

Riordan Manufacturing ( RM ) is a planetary organisation that specializes in the industry of molded plastic merchandises. With grosss in surplus of $ 1 billion. RM employs 550 people and has projected one-year net incomes of $ 46 million. The organisation operates three separate fabrication installations located in Albany. Georgia. Pontiac. Michigan. and a joint venture in Hangzhou. China. With such a wide base. the company faces some challenges with the current substructure of its accounting system.

Its three distinguishable entities in Georgia. Michigan. and China employ their ain independent finance and accounting systems supplying input for consolidation at the corporate central office in San Jose. As a consequence of mutual exclusivenesss. the information format the place office receives requires clip and attempt for processing ( Apollo Group Inc. . 2011 ) . RM can profit from the integrating of several of its fiscal and accounting subsystems into one ERP system.

This system will supply the company with the capableness to consolidate information from information beginnings in its three runing units and do it accessible in real-time company-wide In today’s concern clime. remaining on the film editing border and at the head of information engineering has become imperative. Integrated endeavor concern systems have become the gilded criterion for successful concerns. Associating each functional perpendicular via endeavor package licenses streamlined and consistent communicating between concern units in practical companies. This paper summarizes Riordan Manufacturing’s fiscal province. and discusses major constituents of its fiscal and accounting system and faculties. List of Accounting Software Modules ( Collins )

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Core Faculties
1. General Ledger
2. Histories Collectible
3. Histories Receivable

4. Order Entry
5. Procurement
6. Gross saless and Buying History
7. Invoicing and Transportation
8. Payroll
9. Fiscal Coverage
10. EDI* ( Electronic Data Interchange )
11. Bar Code Reading*
12. EDSS ( Executive Decision Support System ) ( Apollo Group Inc. . 2011 ) .

E-commerce Modules 1. Web Based Requisitioning ( allows employees to order supplies via the web ) 2. Web Commerce Catalog ( allows company to print a web catalog ) 3. Web Customers ( allows clients to log in to their history history via the web ) 4. Web Employee ( allows employees to keep personal informations & A ; investings via the web ) 5. Web Fiscal Statements ( allows executive to entree fiscal statements via the web ) 6. Web Orders ( allows the company to accept orders via the web ) 7. Web Tools ( allows company to make web sites and incorporate their informations ) 8. Web Portal ( allows user to run accounting system from distant locations via the web )


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