Rise of Nazi Germany

December 4, 2017 History

The Nazi Germany Empire is a topic that draws attention to historians from around the world. Doll Hitler formed his empire from Just a couple people and into a world-dominating masterpiece. Nazi Germany is “the 12 year period” in which the people of Germany dealt with Hitler and his extremely uniformed government. The Nazi Germany Empire had great power because of an ingenious leader and loyal followers. It went on to be one of the greatest and most historically important empires up to date. The Treaty of Versailles is what paved the way for the Nazi Empire.

In the treaty it was stated that “the sole liability and responsibility is of the German Empire and its allies for the outbreak of the First World War” and that Germany had to pay for the majority of the war (Pawl, Versailles Average). The treaty basically demanded that the German government pay millions of dollars in reparations for the war that they influenced. This caused the German people more frustration for two major reasons: they did not get their seat at the negotiations for the Treaty of Versailles, along with the Germans’ led to believe that they were not responsible for the war.

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This also led o economic inflation that “brought misery to sections of the middle class and created a general sense of disorder and chaos. Germans then began to believe that at that point they needed “highly radical solutions” (Gregory, The Rise of the Nazi Party), the German people needed Doll Hitler. He sought to get his idea of true German nationalists into power, and succeeded. Originally, Hitler was working for the government on a task to infiltrate the German Worker’s Party, unfortunately that backfired. He ended up agreeing with their views and Joined the group later in 1919.

Hitler began to climb the ranks within the group. His “key weapon” was described as being his speaking skills, motivating everyone that crossed his path. He portrayed himself as an ordinary German man who fought on the front in World War One. Successfully, he persuaded his followers out there with the image of being a man of the people, “as someone who understood ordinary Germans’ desires” (Gregory, The Rise of the Nazi Party). Once Hitler reached the top and gained full control of the party, the name was changed to the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, more commonly known as the Nazi Party.

Along with this change came armed enforcers called Streamlining (AS). AS has been understood above all as an exemplar of the political violence that helped to destabilize Germany’s first parliamentary democracy. ” (T. S. Brown, The AS in the Radical Imagination of the Long Whimper Republic) Below is an example of what the AS would wear. They wore khaki colored uniforms with the Swastika on their upper arm. During this period in Germany’s history, the country’s economy was at an all time low. This public deflation attracted many people to the new party, the party with the most legislative influence. By telling them what they already knew, [Hitler] was able to rate a strong sense of bonding with his listeners” (Gregory, The Rise of the Nazi Party), German’s came from all over came to hear him speak in Beer Halls in Munich. Below is a picture of Hitler speaking in the Bear Hall Putsch. In 1923, Hitler allied himself with the chief of staff to Heidelberg Erich Ultrasound. General Ultrasound was responsible for the victory at the Battle of Teenager in 1914 (The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia), attracting Hitler onto wanting him on his side. Hitler planned to use his enforcers to start a coup and take over his district in Germany.

This plan is what landed him in prison, where he wrote his famous Mien Kampala. Here Hitler devised a plan to take over the government, in a more quiet way. After a year in prison, he was released and began to rebuild his group of followers. When the American stock market crashed in 1929, Hitler took advantage of the situation so he could gain followers. As time went on, more and more people began to vote for the Nazi’s because of Hitter’s convincing words. Soon enough, they were becoming the largest group and began to regain control the government’s decisions.

With political disorientation in Germany, the German government fell apart and Paul von Hindering, the president of Germany at the time, became somewhat of a dictator in that he was the sole voice of the government. Below is an image of von Hindering. “The disunity of the German Right thus constituted a prerequisite for the establishment of the Third Reich that was every bit as essential as the fragmentation of the bourgeois middle or the schism on the socialist Left” Cones, Hindering and the Conservative Dilemma in the 1932 Presidential Elections). In 1932, presidential elections occurred – von Hindering versus Hitler.

In the 1925 elections, every sector of the German Right was behind von Hindering and when he won majority of the people’s votes, they celebrated his victory. By 1932, many who were once on his side turned their backs to him. He betrayed many whom helped him make it to presidency Cones). For Hitler, the elections were going better than expected; he was the second most prominent politician in Germany. Finally in 1933, Hitler was appointed Chancellor by Hindering after many of Hitter’s supporters pressured him into it. A month after Hitler was appointed, a Dutch communist burned down the Reichstag parliament building.

Taking his new position in the government by the reigns, Hitler convinced Hindering to allow emergency powers to combat the apparent communist threat towards the government. Hitler sent out the AS to arrest any communists they could find. With later forms of intimidation, such as having armed guards are parliamentary meetings, showed and proved that Nazis were a prominent force in the parliament. The last piece of the puzzle that Hitler was trying to create was to achieve the highest position possible and there was only one person who was in his way – von Hindering. In August of 1934, Hindering died.

An article that was published on the day of Hindering death read: “barely an hour later, the Government promulgated a Bill uninviting the offices of Reich President and Reich Chancellor in the person of Herr Hitler, as from the moment of President von Hindering death” (Butt Hindering dead Herr Hitler to Succeed, 03 August 1934). “On August 19, 1934, a fortnight after Hindering death, some 38 million German voters approved Hitter’s usurpation of power, with fewer than five million voting against it” (One Document Might Have Prevented WI). Doll Hitler was therefore handed over the power of Fјhere.

Finally, his vision took shape and the Nazis were now in complete power of Germany. Below is an image that gives an idea of how large Hitter’s empire grew.


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