Risk assessment needs to be revised regularly

By March 12, 2019 Health

Risk assessment needs to be revised regularly because individual’s circumstances change from time to time or their condition and either improve or deteriorate therefore the risk to the individual could change. As our environment, day to day lives, rules, necessity and choices changes on a daily basis, we have to look into these changes to find out whether any new risk has arisen and need to be reassessed. We also have to ensure that current risk assessment is up-to-date, according to current legislation, and right for the purpose. If we do not revise risk assessment regularly, then we will remain unaware of current changes, which can cause significant harm to all workers, trainees, apprentices, contract workers, visitors, business partners and others such as clients in a care home.

Therefore, it is very important to revise risk assessment regularly so that we can meet the individual’s current needs and follow the current legislation of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). to all workers, including trainees, apprentices, contract workers, visitors and business partners. Employers must make reasonable adjustments to ensure workers with disabilities, whether it is physical or mental health conditions, aren’t substantially disadvantaged when doing their jobs.This applies not only to employees in the workplace but also to clients in a care home. The following includes:

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employing another member of staff. By law if you have 5 or more member of staff you have to carry out a risk assessment.

employing a disabled person. A risk assessment has to be reviewed/revised to take into account their disability and make adjustments in the workplace to avoid any harm to the individual person or their colleagues. For instance:

doing things another way, such as allowing someone with social anxiety disorder to have their own desk instead of hot-desking
making physical changes to the workplace, like installing a ramp for a wheelchair user or an audio-visual fire alarm for a deaf person
letting a disabled person work somewhere else, such as on the ground floor for a wheelchair user
changing their equipment, for instance providing a special keyboard if they have arthritis

allowing employees who become disabled to make a phased return to work, including flexible hours or part-time working
offering employees training opportunities, recreation and refreshment facilities


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