Risk Assessment

November 14, 2017 General Studies

MERCER PAINTS RISK ASSESSMENT VULNERABLITES Mercer paints computer system has a few vulnerabilities. The first vulnerability is threat by hackers, which data can be stolen, corrupted, or destroyed by these individuals. User errors are next highest exposure that deal with operation of automated systems requires specializes to do update to programs, which in turn makes it easy to make errors within the programs. If the program is not properly protected, it can be easy for someone to make unauthorized changes to these programs. Virus attacks are next on the list.

Virus attacks can slow down your computer almost to a stop, delete important files, or even corrupt operation files, so the computer does not function correctly and will make ever more errors within file or database. Data loss can be lost if the file system is not organization data correctly too. Data are store electronically where they are not instantly easily to find, and if you have power outage or system, failure occurs while work you could have loss data. The last highest treat on list is power failure that can occur, and you could probably lose all you recordkeepering system. Recommendations

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Mercer paints should impliment software controls, hardware controls, computer operations controls, data security controls, system implementation controls, administrative controls and antivirus software with a firewall. Software controls will monitor the use of software, prevent unauthorized into the programs. Hardware control ensures computer physical security from fires or individuals from stealing them. Computer operations controls will ensure the programmed procedures are consistently and correctly applied to the storage and processing of processing jobs back- up files and recovery procedures.

Data security controls will stop unauthorized changes, destruction and access to files. System implementation controls makes sure it’s properly managed, and administrative controls will implement formalized standards, rules, procedures and control chastisement. Antivirus with a firewall will check the computer information system and drives for viruses and if the antivirus finds a virus, it will move it from the system. The firewall will prevent unauthorized user from accessing internal controls or networks. Firewalls will restrict types of messages that get through the e-mail account on to the infomation system.


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