River Woods Plant Manager

September 14, 2017 Human Rights

1. If you were part of the selection committee for the River Woods plant manager position, based on what you’ve learned about the sources of personal power in this chapter, describe what you’d consider to be the ideal candidate’s qualifications. The selection committee should keep in mind that handling managerial positions can be an overwhelming job and also cause a great deal of stress especially in such a challenging situation as with River Woods Plant. It is in this connection that several criteria must be utilized to be able to employ the right person for the job.

The manager on this position should have what is called as personal power. Those people who have personal power are the ones who take charge and make things happen. These are the people who move when everybody else doesn’t and who succeed when everybody else tells them they will fail. However, personal power also has the connotation that it means getting what one wants no matter what. Some can even imagine personal power as using violence to get others to do what they say.

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People with personal power are also those who can pull up a few strings to get somebody out of trouble and can recommend other positions for deserving subordinates. They can also get fast access to top decision makers and can sometimes have new information even before its distribution. People with power can sometimes be unbearable, unworkable, an unlivable. These are the people who, though they have personal power, should not be promoted to a position, of any sort. The person on this position should not be insensitive, abrasive, intimidating or arrogant.

This kind of person could cause more damage than good. The selection committee should also be wary of the cold and aloof type of personality because you never know what they are thinking and it would be too hard for subordinates to approach this type of boss. The overly ambitious kind is also not to be hired for this position as he might always be playing politics and trying to get his way up the corporal ladder instead of doing his job. This type of people thinks more of personal image than of work itself. The candidate should also be able to build and delegate a team.

If the selection committee hires somebody who is over-dependent on others, like a mentor of some sort, success would be out of the question. The candidate should also be able to circumvent from too much power as he will be prone to abusing it. He should convert his power to influence others but not to exploit them. 2. If you were offered the River Woods plant manager position, based on what you’ve learned about the sources of power, what actions would you take to ensure that as the company’s first general manager you have the necessary clout to accomplish your assigned duties?

If I was offered the River Woods plant manager position, flexibility should be one of my characteristics. I should be able to make decisions on my own. The decisions should be the result of my own discretion and not somebody else’s. The work I do should also have relevance. My subordinates will follow me only if they see that what I do makes a difference. I should also be an expert at my work. I should at least have relevant knowledge about the tasks which will be given to me. Personal attraction is also essential. Personal attraction is having desirable characteristics which are usually related to friendship.

Personal attraction simply means that I can provide acceptance and positive regard. It may also mean that I can promote friendship among my subordinates and be able to sympathize with them. Engaging in social gatherings is also included, if possible, to establish bonds with others. Personal attraction covers almost all aspects from having charisma, to having pleasant behavior and until having likable physical characteristics. I should be able to manage my relationship both with my boss and my subordinates. I must also have legitimacy.

My actions should coincide with the customary belief so that my subordinates and other members will see me as credible and legitimate. I must know and follow the existing organizational values so that it would be easier for me to fit in. I should also be trustworthy. Even if you are a good leader, if you are not trusted, you will not be followed. 3. Using the information on influence strategies as your in the second half of this chapter as your guide, strategize how you would address the challenges you’re likely to encounter if you accepted the position of River Woods plant manager.

In the face of challenges, the plant manager should be armed with the three R’s: Retribution, Reciprocity, and Reason. With these three R’s, handling problems will be easier. Retribution is merely using force on others to follow you. It does not have to be violence but you can put threats. This however may be dangerous as you are also violating the rights of your subordinates. Aside from that, there are also serious ethical considerations involved. The second one is reciprocity or “aiding” thers into doing what you want them to do. You can have a bargain with them or be more indirect like obligating them to comply with your request. This would result to a more mutually dependent relationship as one would gain something from the other. You may even be deemed as somebody trustworthy if you keep your end of the bargain. However, this does ensure manipulation and unfairness. Reasoning is showing others the light in your motive and it gives basis to why what you say should be done.

This is a more ethical approach of making sure your orders are followed however this will need a closer observation. You may also encounter somebody with a different opinion which will almost always result to a decline in your request. However, if you do have common goals, you can have adequate time for discussion and it may be easier for you to convince him into doing what you want without having to violate any of his human rights or other ethical considerations. These three R’s are good and reliable friend.


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