Rizal in Paris

October 17, 2018 General Studies
Rizal in Paris, France
June 15,1883
-Rizal left Madrid for Paris to spend his summer and to observe the big French City.

June 17,1883
-Rizal arrived at Paris. The prices of food, drinks, theatre, tickets, laundry, hotel accommodations, and transportation were too high for Rizal’s slender purse so that he commented in a letter to his family: “Paris is the costliest capital in Europe.”

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June 17 to August 20, 1883 – Rizal sojourn in Paris.
Hotel de Paris
-Located on 37 Rue de Maubange wherein Rizal billeted but later, he moved to a cheaper hotel on 124 Rue de Rennes in the Latin Quarter.

Laennec Hospital
-where Rizal observed Dr. Nicaise treating his patients and showed him the technique of operation.

Lariboisiere Hospital
-where Rizal observed the examination of different diseases of women.

-Rizal went to Paris and Germany to specialize in ophthalmology.

From November 1885 to February 1886
-Rizal worked as an assistant to Dr. Louis de Weckert- he is the leading French Opthalmologist.

March 19, 1889
Rizal founded and organized his paisanos into a society called Kidlat Club. Kidlat Club – purely a social society of a temporary nature-founded by Rizal simply to bring together young Filipinos in the French capital so that they could enjoy their sojourn in the city. The kidlat club was then replaced by

Indios Bravos-another secret society formed by Rizal

To seek solace for his disappointments in Madrid, Rizal took a vacation in the resort city of Biarritz on the fabulous French Riviera. He was a guest of the rich Boustead family at its winter residence—Villa Eliada.

February 1891- Rizal arrived in Biarritz
Frustrated in romance, Rizal found consolation in writing. Evidently, while wooing Nelly and enjoying so many magnificent moonlight nights with her, he kept working on his second novel which he began to write in Calamba.

March 29, 1891- he finished writing his second novel, El Filibusterismo in France.


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