RIZALCHAPTER 20Two weeks after the publication of

December 28, 2018 Medical

the El Filibusterismo, Rizal left Ghent for Paris where he stayed for a few days to bid good bye to his friends.From Paris, he rode a train to Marseilles where he boarded the steamer Melbourne, bound for Hong Kong.He brought with him a recommendation letter given by Juan Luna addressed to Manuel Camus, a compatriot living in Singapore plus 600 copies of the El Filibusterismo.FAREWELL TO EUROPEAfter the publication of El Filibusterismo, Rizal left Europe for Hong Kong and stayed there for 7 months.He decided to leave Europe because of the following reasons:Political differences with M.H. del Pilar and other compatriots in Spain.To be near the Philippines and his familyThere were 80 passengers, mostly Europeans and Rizal was the only Asian.There was an incident involving Rizal and the German ladies but eventually, the latter end up treating the former with admiration and respect.MELBOURNENovember 20, 1891Rizal was welcomed by Filipino residents headed by his friend Jose Maria Basa.He stayed in No. 5 D’ Aguilar Street, No. 2 Rednaxola Terrace where he opened his clinic.RIZAL ARRIVED IN HKDecember 1, 1891Sent a letter to Rizal informing him about the sad news of the “deportation of 25 persons from Calamba, including his father, Neneng, Sisa, Lucia, Paciano and the rest of us”.He also told Rizal that he wrote a letter addressed to the Queen Regent of Spain explaining their situation and if the Queen will not listen, then, he will ask Queen Victoria of England for help.MANUEL HIDALGO Before Christmas of 1891, Don Francisco, Paciano and Silvestre Ubaldo arrived in Hong Kong. Days after Dona Teodora, Lucia and Josefa and Trinidad also arrived.Dona Teodora – then 65 years old and almost blind.She suffered so much from the hands of the SpaniardsIn 1890, she was arrested on the flimsy charge of not using her surname Realonda, despite of her age and blindness she was forced by the officers to walk from Calamba to Santa Cruz.RIZAL FAMILY REUNITED IN HONG KONGThe Christmas of 1891 is the happiest celebration in Rizal’s lifeAsing – Rizal’s cook in Hong KongJanuary 31, 1892 “Here we are all together, my parents, sisters and brother, in peace and far from the persecutionsbthey suffered in the Philippines. They are very much please with the english government” -RizalIn order to earn a living for himself, Rizal practiced medicine.Dr. Lorenzo Marques – a Portuguese physician who became his friend and admirer, helped him to build up a wide clientele.In due time Rizal became a successful and well-known medical practitioner in the British Colony.RIZAL OPTO SURGEON IN HKHe successfully operated his mother’s eyes so that she was able to read and write again.Aside from being an eye specialist, Rizal was also a general practitioner, because there was an epidemic Because of the hardship of the Calamba folks under Gov. Gen. Valeriano Weyler, Rizal conceived the establishment of a Filipino colony in North Borneo (Sabah).He planned to move the landless Filipino families to that rich British owned island.On March 7, 1892, Rizal went to Sandakan on board the ship Menon to negotiate with the British authorities.BORNEO COLONIZATION PROJECTThe British authorities of Borneo were willing to give the Filipino colonists 100,000 acres of land, a beautiful Offered a fine program of governmentRizal offered his cooperation to him but he did not even acknowledged. harbor and a good government for 999 years, free of all charges.Manuel Hidalgo – objected to the projectOffered a fine program of governmentRizal offered his cooperation to him but he did not even acknowledged.La Liga Filipina – The Philippine LeagueRizal drafted its constitution while he was in Hong Kong with the help of Jose Maria Basa.Motto: One Like All (Unus Instar Omnium)Membership is based on endorsements and passing certain tests.Three levels of organizational councils:Popular ProvincialSupreme BASIS OF LA LIGAUnification of the whole archipelago into a vigorous, compact bodyMutual protection in every part and necessityDefense against all forms of violence and injusticeStimulation of instruction, agriculture and commerceUndertaking of study and application of reformsAIMS OF LA LIGATo confer with Governor Despujol regarding his Borneo colonization projectTo establish the La Liga Filipina in ManilaTo prove that Eduardo de Lete was wrong in attacking him in Madrid that he, being comfortable and safe


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