Road to a Discipline Society

December 20, 2017 Religion

Faculty explains throughout the book how the government punishes the criminals’ wrought a rough system called the Pontific. Faculty is trying to show us how the government and the people in emergencies dealt with actions that were occurring. The author uses the plague as a metaphor throughout the reading to show us how deadly of a disease can hurt everyone and how the pontific can cure it by making everyone separate in their own cells. The government has no choice but to treat the felons very harshly to prevent further crimes.

The pontific is a really harsh but great way to get the point across to the people in society. This later leads on to more than Just to surpass the disease but to be making this the new style of living and to spread this style of living all over the world. The point of the pontific is having a disciplinary society; many argue this isn’t the way to establish discipline. I don’t think there is anyone in this world that would be satisfied in finding out that they have been diagnosed to a disease. It is never a good time dealing with diseases.

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The government tries to prevent the spread of the plague in harsh way. In a quick terrifying orderly assign the government demands everyone to do as told and no one is to rebel or else there will be consequences. “If he leaves the street, he will be condemned to death”(181). There are very strict rules that the people have to follow and there will be very unfair consequences for those who become rebels. Don’t forget this is the end of the 17th century where it was the start of new ideas of government so they tried this way first.

It’s not fair to the people to be wiped out of their own homes to also not have any say on anything and then be threatened if they don’t cooperate. This is not a good way trying to get individuals to follow social order. When there is a start of something new in most cases you want it to last and not be changed so therefore you make it strict at first so nothing can mess with your idea. The same way is with this government having these people listen to them no matter what the situation is. It is the great review of the living and the dead” (182). This short little piece I quoted from a sentence is one of the best lines in the reading that summarizes Pantomimic. People of course are living in these cells but have no right to do anything. The food is brought to hem and they are not allowed to communicate with anyone around them, including the guards. The government has complete control over these men and women. One of the positives of this new movement is that the plague wont be transmitted to anyone if they are in their own cell.

The government is also in control of the medicine of who ever needs to be treated, so no one suffers. The really sick people are put elsewhere away from the Pontiac areas where their own doctors specially treat them. There are two main reasons for the cause of this besides the spread of the plagues; it’s to have a disciplined society and have a pure immunity. What is a disciplined society? A society where everyone is behaving the right way and no one is doing any illegal activities. What is a pure community?

A community where everyone is sick free and has a healthy diet. “The tactics of individualizing disciplines are imposed”(184). It is a very strict way of coming about these reforms but the government is very convinced it will work. This is supposed to be looked upon as a “Utopia”, which means a perfect place. It’s believed to make these men eventually come out of the pontific as perfect people. Beneath is the mastermind behind this pontific; he wants to perfect the regulations and renovations. As the men became more disciplined, the less strict the pontific was.

He wanted to limit the chains, locks and bars as long as the men had the discipline to stay separated from one another. Whoever doesn’t follow the rules and is seen next to each other will pay the price that they deserve. This leads the men to become more disciplined and more on their own instead of being locked in; but of course there was surveillance. “To prevent the men from laziness and stubbornness they put them to work as a naturalist”(190). At first it seemed like the pontific was hell, but as time went along the men were let “loose” a little bit.

It is suppose to help them come out of the pontific as better individuals to society. It was a brutal start but it will eventually pay off in the end. In the beginning I didn’t agree with the pontific because of how harsh they treated the people but it truly helps the people grow as a person. Like I said before this new reform is a good way for these men to change and understand discipline but also a very vicious way that couldn’t be stopped. It was to make the economy grow, and have the important public services that the society needs like schools and production.

Beneath wanted the pontific to extend all over, which would make the economy more efficient. Many wanted this to spread all over society, “discipline increases the skill of each individual,” and the pontific stresses about a great way for people to become more disciplined (195). The military helps their men focus on becoming better teammates and become more intense on the battlefield. Of course the men have to respect the regulations and authorities but they would be more effective individuals after experiencing the pontific.

Religion is all about discipline. I am catholic and when I go to church it teaches me how to respect people and not do illegal things to get myself in trouble. Therefore of course religious groups and churches would be up for making people in their society more discipline. This is one way that religion can get their point across even though people don’t believe in religion. As long as people keep peace and respect each other, it’s kind of like a “form” of religion spreading throughout the society.

Although the government had a public execution and scared the men in a very vicious way in the beginning introducing the pontific, it paid off and made them better men. So now everyone knows who ever doesn’t follow rules or decides to act up in any way shape or form, they are going straight into the pontific. The government did a very good Job spreading it all over to society and having different groups and affiliations accept it as a beneficial method. This is a great way of making people all over be more discipline. Work cited Faculty, Michel. Pantomimic. Harmonistic: Penguin, 1979. Print.


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