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By July 10, 2017 Economics

Botswana a state of peaceable diamonds, which was called The Bechuanaland Protectorate before its independency in 1966 is a landlocked state situated in Southern Africa, with a population of about two million people. It ‘s so fortunate for Botswana to merchandise good with the foreign developed states since it does n’t hold a better manner since its landlocked and relies on the neighbouring states like Namibia and South Africa for the importation and exportation of their goods, it has lower rainfalls and a semi desert clime which is prone to drouth, agricultural plagues and animate being diseases since it ‘s a state of Agricultural practises for a life, therefore trusting on beef and diamonds for its economic stableness. Botswana ‘s authorities grosss is from Botswana ‘s beef exports to Europe and the excavation of diamonds which has started cutting in the late 2000 since they realized they produce diamonds and besides spend a batch in jewelries after they have been cut and polished. Botswana produces 22 % of the universe ‘s diamonds, doing it the top manufacturer and accounting for half of authorities gross. It besides depends on touristry for its economic stableness.

The state prides itself as a theoretical account of a successful African democracy. But in 2009, Botswana halved end product and suspended much of its diamond activities as the planetary economic crisis hit its mines. Tourism, fiscal services, subsistence agriculture, and cowss rise uping are other cardinal sectors which were affected during the recession. During this recession the authorities besides has to cover with high rates of unemployment, poorness, HIV/AIDS infection rates are the 2nd highest in the universe and endanger Botswana ‘s impressive economic additions.

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Extent of economic recession in Botswana

Botswana as an open-economy and besides integrated into the planetary commercialism, has had a portion of these negative impacts. Whilst the magnitude of the diminution of the state ‘s Gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) due to planetary economic recession is non yet to the full quantified and made populace, economic growing is expected to drop significantly due to a autumn, in peculiar, of mineral export gross. The Botswana Central Statistics Office ( CSO ) is presently transporting out a quarterly study on employment and employees and the consequences are expected later this twelvemonth.

The excavation sector, particularly the diamond subsector, constitutes the anchor of the Botswana ‘s macro-economy as public gross from the industry is used to supply critical societal services ( wellness, instruction, H2O, substructure, societal safety cyberspaces, etc ) and investing capital for variegation. The on-going planetary recession, in peculiar, is traveling to impact the state.



GDP – existent growing rate ( % )



















*Source – IMF web site.

As shown by the graph above Botswana has maintained a steady economic growing rate, even though there was a ruin in 2000 to 2001 boulder clay it reached the lowest of 3.4 % Botswana still was stable plenty to lift up once more until it reached the sudden highest growing rate of 8.9 in 2002 which subsequently on fell once more to the lowest it has of all time had in 2005 by 1.6 rate. After the planetary recession that have hit the US and affected the whole universe in 2008, Botswana was n’t affected severely since it had a growing decrease of 1.7 from the old twelvemonth 2007 which recorded 4.8 growing rate. Through financial subject and direction, Botswana has transformed itself from one of the poorest states in the universe to a middle-income state, ranking Botswana as the best recognition hazard in Africa, proved by the graph above as it was n’t affected instantly by the planetary recession.

The information below is a brief sum-up of the economic sectors about the impact of the crisis on Botswana during the recession.

Mining Sector

A diminution in export demand for and monetary values of her minerals ( diamonds, Cu, nickel, ) will take to reduced public gross and company gross revenues, loss of occupations, lower family outgo and nest eggs, reduced inter-sectoral income and outgo linkages, etc. Mineral gross histories for about 40 per centum of Botswana ‘s Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) and over 40 per centum of Government entire gross.

Unlike in old old ages, mineral gross which usually is the chief beginning of the public gross and accounting for about 40 per centum of entire authorities gross, during 2009/10 financial twelvemonth, this beginning will alternatively lend about 28 per centum of entire public gross whilst imposts and exercising gross will be the largest beginning of authorities entire gross accounting for about 29 per centum. The diminution in the part of the mineral sector is chiefly due to the autumn in diamond external monetary values caused by planetary recession or a decrease in external demand.

During 2008/2009, diamond export gross revenues are expected to worsen by 50 per centum. Diamond gross revenues history for the majority of mineral gross to authorities. Similarly, other minerals are besides confronting a diminution in gross revenues. The diminution in mineral export net incomes demonstrates the nexus between Botswana ‘s economic system and planetary commercialism. A recovery in the planetary economic system to resuscitate the external demand for minerals is hence really critical for the state ‘s economic system.

Currently output/production cuts, staff retrenchment and drawn-out works closures characterize the excavation sector. Several families are straight dependent on factor income from mining sector via their members who are employed in the industry. Loss of occupations in the excavation sector means loss of household income or buying power and limited economic activity in the excavation countries and environing small towns.

Construction Sector

Whilst authorities has provided financess for capital formation ( roads, schools, wellness installations, dikes, etc ) during 2009/10 to profit, among others, the building sector, the recess of some development undertakings due to budgetary restraints, will adversely impact the growing of this sector and cut down employment chances in it. A budget shortage prognosis for 2009/2010 is chiefly responsible for the recess of some development undertakings.

It is, nevertheless, satisfying, at least in the short term, that authorities has been able to procure external loans which will assist to finance public outgo and perchance enable the building to profit besides.

Limited entree to finance domestically from Bankss will farther cut down the potency for the building sector to lend towards capital formation and extra employment creative activity. In general, entree to finance in Botswana is one of the major challenges confronting the private sector.

Like in the excavation sector, decreased demand for building services due to take down per capita income, etc, has besides led to loss of occupations in the industry. The building industry is one of the largest beginnings of employment in the state particularly for less skilled people.

Fabrication Sector

The go oning diminution in consumers ‘ buying power is cut downing the demand for manufactured goods like vesture, nutrient, family points and edifice stuffs. The nutrient and cement packaging industries are besides sing a down bend. Exports of manufactured goods fabrics, vesture and floor tiles to other parts of the universe have besides declined due to take down consumer demand. Fabrication of lumber merchandises, light steel trusses and school furniture is confronting a diminution due to lower demand. A diminution in the fabrication sector has besides led to occupation losingss and a decrease in extra occupation chances.


Unlike in other states, the fiscal sector/banking industry in Botswana has non been affected by sub-prime and bad loaning as is the instance in some industrialised states. The state ‘s fiscal regulative system is still strong and crystalline, thanks to the oversight function of the Bank of Botswana.

However, with falling demand due to low buying power and occupation losingss, we expect Bankss to exert more cautiousness in their loaning to the private sector in order to avoid/minimize losingss or plus damage. Similarly, the lag in external trade will besides take to a possible diminution in supplying trade finance to concerns.

The growing rate in the banking sector in 2009 will be lower than that of 2008 due the economic and fiscal crisis.


The touristry sector is one of the major subscribers to the state ‘s economic system or Gross Domestic Product. Like other industries, this sector was besides adversely affected by the current planetary economic crisis.

Hotel reserves have dropped with tenancy rate expected to worsen by 35-40 per centum. Similarly, travel and circuit operators expect their business/turnover to drop by 35 per centum.

Given the bing income/expenditure linkages between the touristry sector and other industries including families, a diminution in touristry gross besides adversely affects nutrient security, buying power and potency for enlargement.

High-end touristry, Botswana ‘s other economic pillar, besides took a hit as reachings fell aggressively during the recession. The Botswana touristry industry witnessed damaging impacts during the recent planetary economic recession with a lessening in tourers ‘ reachings. The recession impacted negatively on Botswana touristry market. Much as the touristry Numberss increased, it was a much lesser per centum in comparing to the old old ages. Harmonizing from the statistics from the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism of Botswana stated that tourers ‘ visits to Botswana during the planetary recession were still far below the estimated tendencies. The state witnessed a 3.1 per centum one-year rise in tourer reachings in 2008 and 3.5 per centum in twelvemonth 2009 which was still below the estimation of 8.4.


Foreign direct investing ( FDI ) , an of import constituent for diversifying the state ‘s economic system is besides likely to be negatively affected by planetary recession. Harmonizing to Bank of Botswana, the excavation and finance sectors account for the largest portion in FDI influxs which in bend are dominated by Europe ( Annual Report 2007, BOB ) . Indications are that FDI flows to developing states such as Botswana will worsen.

As FDI influxs are critical for sustainable economic variegation, the current planetary fiscal crisis coupled with worsening trade good monetary values and low profitableness will negatively impact on Botswana ‘s economic system. With worsening trade good monetary values and the perceptual experience of low net incomes in the skyline, it might take clip for Botswana to pull more FDI flows.

Interestingly, nevertheless, the recent FDI in the energy sector by China together with domestic investing from a local bank is encouraging and a positive development for Botswana.


It is fifty promoting that, on the import side, planetary nutrient and energy monetary values have declined and perchance stabilized to the benefit of, inter alia, Botswana. Whilst the latest addition in fuel monetary values is a major concern, hopefully the monetary values will stabilise to an low-cost degree for states like Botswana. Paradoxically, the addition in fuel monetary values could besides be a mark of economic recovery Food and fuel imports are major disbursals for most low-income states.

Monetary and Fiscal Policy Taken

Monetary Policy

Due to the economic downswing, one of the Restoration steps which Botswana took to sooth out the impact of the recession was to implement an expansionary pecuniary policy through the addition of the money supply in the economic system. The addition in the money supply was a consequence of the lessening in the federal bank ‘s price reduction rate.

Decrease in the Federal Bank ‘s price reduction rate

Nominal Sm1 Sm2






M1 M2 Quantity of Money

Because of the lessening in the Federal Bank ‘s price reduction rate, the supply of money curve shifted to the right from Sm1 to Sm2 as illustrated on the graph supra. As a consequence of the displacement, the nominal involvement rate decreased from i* to i1 while the measure of money increased from M1 to M2. The lessening in the nominal involvement rate meant that the funding of capital undertakings became comparatively cheaper hence investing increased. In add-on, the addition in the money supply besides meant that consumer disbursement on goods and services increased due to the fact that the increased money in circulation made the consumers feel wealthier therefore it increased their impulse to pass more.

Furthermore, the lessening in the involvement rate will besides ensue in a lessening in the exchange rate significance that the domestic currency ( PULA ) will deprecate comparative to other foreign currencies. The lessening in the exchange rate will ensue in an addition in entire net exports ; goods produced domestically will be comparatively inexpensive as compared to foreign goods hence exports will increase whereas imports will diminish.









Monetary value


Addition in Consumption,

Investing and Net Exports

As an wake of the addition in the supply of money which finally lead to an addition in ingestion, investing and net exports, all of which are determiners of the Aggregate Demand curve ( AD ) , their addition caused the AD curve to switch to the right from AD to AD1. The displacement resulted in an addition in GDP from Q* to Q1 and an addition in the general monetary value degrees as good from P* to P1 significance that there was addition in rising prices.

Extent of economic recovery boulder clay now

As the drastic impacts of the recession have started to ease up on certain states, Botswana has besides started to demo marks of recovery. The Minister of Finance has late announced that they projected an economic growing of 5 % between 2010 and 2011. This was chiefly due to the fact that there the mineral sector has shown some recovery, particularly concentrating on the diamond sector which is the major subscriber to the economic system of Botswana. Furthermore, the federal bank has issued out bonds and increased the value added revenue enhancement from 10 to 12 per centum as a manner of gaining gross in order to relieve its budget shortage to guarantee that the state gets back to normal. In add-on, the authorities besides took a loan from the African Development Bank of $ 1.5 billion besides in an effort to relieve its budget shortage.

In instance of unemployment the state placed some plans to help in the relief of poorness and diminish the unemployment degree aiming those who have no income or limited beginnings of income. The poverty relief plan so far hired near to 234 462 people harmonizing the 2010 authorities budget address.


GDP – existent growing rate ( % )








In decision, it is understood that existent economic recovery demands disbursement by the consumers. That would be the faster manner of deriving revenue enhancement gross by the province, through revived disbursement and adoption from Bankss with assurance to pay back by the mainstream. To assist that when they could non increase wages, so the authorities should non hold increased VAT that will merely function to forbid disbursement and decelerate variegation. However, the soothing thing in Botswana is that at the minute the economic system is still mostly driven by diamond concern so when they recover that will let authorities to so increase wages. The pecuniary policy is recommended as used by the authorities to do certain that the economic system recovers from the economic crisis as pecuniary policies controls money in circulation.

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