Rob Parsons: A Morgan Stanley Case Analysis Essay

By July 25, 2017 Management

I. Parsons’ Performance Assessment

Overall. Rob Parson’s public presentation at Morgan Stanley has been really strong when Numberss are taken into consideration. In his clip at MS. he has brought on new clients and expanded his division’s market portion dramatically. increasing it over 10 per centum. He has first-class reputation with the clients and systematically creates new relationships with clients while besides bring forthing new chances for the house. When it comes to gross revenues. he creates a demand for MS services even if there are none. Parson has fueled the increased public presentation of the Capital Markets Services division which has led to the division being ranked 3rd in the market.

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Parson appears to possess the trait of extraversion. which adds to his success as a leader but it besides hinders his public presentation in the workplace. In footings of internal interaction with subsidiaries and others. his public presentation has been less than ideal. The civilization at MS encourages teamwork. interaction. group oriented determination devising. and respect toward others. Parson regularly Acts of the Apostless without consensus on determinations in order to set down new clients or trades. This can be attributed to his personality. since people high on the extraversion trait tend to be unprompted. He besides shows a deficiency of regard toward secretaries and other members of the organisation via emotional effusions. Parson on a regular basis goes to his superior. Nasr. when state of affairss arise. He is unfastened to unfavorable judgment and makes earnest efforts at understanding why his behaviour was inappropriate.

Parson besides takes a really energetic attack to his occupation. He shows enthusiasm with colleagues and additions employee motive to procure new concern and to execute. Furthermore. he is highly committed to his work. which once more demonstrates to subsidiaries that he is emotionally connected to his work which can move as a incentive. Parson besides supports employees and aids to inform their determinations and pull off their clients. These traits are of import as a director. It is of import to observe that the senior direction realizes the trouble and complexness of his occupation place. The direction “recognizes that in order to serve this client base efficaciously. it is non ‘business as usual’” . The client moved at a faster gait. sometimes necessitating determinations and replies in proceedingss instead than in hours.

As a consequence. Rob sometimes had to do determinations without conveying everyone on board. which goes against the Morgan Stanley civilization of edifice consensus. With so much force per unit area of a consequence orientated environment and the sum of interaction at different degrees. it is bound to hold an emotional impact on the employee. So. sometimes his impatient. scratchy and volatile behaviour can be attributed to his emotions/moods. work force per unit area. hard clients or something similar. His colleagues/subordinates have besides seen betterment in Parsons’ attitude throughout the twelvemonth in footings of willingness to prosecute his squad with clients. As a director and colleagues/peers. these factors should be considered when measuring person for their behaviours and workplace attitudes.

I a. Promotion of Parsons

Based on the public presentation appraisal. Rob Parson should be put up for publicity to pull offing manager. Parson’s one-year reappraisal and development sum-up. when presented to senior pull offing managers and the promotional commission. will adequately demo that Parson is a top performing artist who can farther better the company’s public presentation. The benefits of advancing Parson outweigh some of the negative feedback stated in his public presentation reappraisal. The determination besides considers if Parson is valuable plenty to justify the investing of guaranting a successful publicity. During his clip with the house. Parson significantly raised Morgan Stanley’s gross and repute. He was able to successfully cover concern with a smattering of new clients and finalize trades which drastically increased gross. His merchandising accomplishments are besides top notch. Parson has worked with clients and developed a merchandise for them even if they ab initio didn’t believe there is concern to be had.

His accessible attitude and avidity to do client debuts offers a batch for Morgan Stanley. Customer relationships are everything in the banking industry in order to better company public presentation and maintain concern sustainable. It is besides of import to observe that Parson accepted this occupation cognizing full good what it would imply. He was cognizant that Morgan Stanley’s Investment Banking and Capital Markets divisions were barely recognized by rivals. The division’s hapless public presentation in the yesteryear besides resulted in a high turnover rate for the place. In order to turn the figures around Parson knew what had to be done and he was really difficult working and committed to seting Morgan Stanley back on the map. even if this meant giving relationships with his colleagues. While this clashed with the firm’s squad oriented construction. senior directors besides recognized what needed to be done and some understood that concern could non be run every bit usual if the house wanted to see alteration. One other status that was acknowledged when Parson accepted the chief function was that if he performed good he would be accelerated towards a pull offing manager publicity.

This promise was assured by Paul Nasr. a long clip co-worker. Both Nasr and Parson had antecedently worked together at a different house. Nasr decided to enroll Parson due to his successful public presentation in fiscal services and his strong entrepreneurial behaviour. At Morgan Stanley there is a steep promotional hierarchy where employees either move up the ladder or frequently leave the house. This publicity non merely guarantees that Parson remains with the company and will go on to increase the firm’s public presentation. but it would besides positively affect Nasr’s repute. who was comparatively new to Morgan Stanley every bit good. There are besides a few unfavorable judgments which Parson needs to better upon in order to win as a pull offing manager while retaining the nucleus vision of Morgan Stanley. Work attitude and behaviour must be farther improved. Impatience. bumptiousness and an authoritarian attitude create a hard work environment for all parties involved. It is besides important that Parson develop better direction and critical analysis accomplishments since a narrow strategic vision will non assist the house in the long tally.

This besides includes leting different company divisions to execute on their ain alternatively of oppugning their determinations. As noted in the public presentation ratings. and even in Parson’s ain self-evaluation. over the last twelvemonth Parson has made betterments in these classs. The willingness to alter and better goes a long manner excessively. Some colleagues even suggest that he has what it takes to carry through a leading place. Parson is a valuable plus to Morgan Stanley and should be put up for publicity. However. farther accommodations need to be made before he can go a good respected director. The end should be to heighten the effectivity of Parson every bit good as aid him to hone his interpersonal accomplishments without haltering his current public presentation. This requires attempts on behalf of the organisation. from senior direction. every bit good as from Parson. He will hold to recognize the importance of Morgan Stanley’s civilization and do a serious attempt to follow a on the job manner that conforms closely to the organization’s ends and aims.

II. Goals of Paul Nasr

As a director. keeping his department’s fiscal public presentation is one of the most of import ends. Expectation criterion of Stockholders and clients about this house is really high and to run into those outlooks each section should demo impressive work consequences. As a consequence. no affair what happens. keeping or increasing market portion. gross. and net income should be his top precedence.

In add-on to fiscal public presentation. sharing and implementing company’s mission statement within his section is besides of import end for him. By making so. employees feel sense of belonging and keep their unity. Furthermore. a portion of each employees ratings should be attributed to their attachment to the mission statement in quantitative agencies instead than subjective qualitative reappraisals.

For a director. it is really of import to transport out impartial and nonsubjective intervention to every employee. If he continues to handle Rob in a different manner than others. they would oppugn is objectiveness and leading accomplishments. This would bring forth animus and negative emotions towards Rob. doing it more hard for Rob to better his interpersonal accomplishments and other bad wonts.

II a. What issues would you raise?

To accomplish his first end. Paul decidedly needs Rob to be promoted and to execute good. To make so. he may raise issue about rating. The current rating is to a great extent focused on the qualitative facets. As a consequence. Rob’s qualitative rating obscured his quantitative public presentation. By equilibrating the two standard of rating. Rob may hold more positive entire rating. It may assist Rob base on balls through publicity procedure with other senior directors.

Paul besides needs to raise issue straight to Rob. He should warn Rob that low grade ratings from coworkers may impede their attempts to accomplish their ends. A good mention is of import non merely for an internal publicity. but besides for a place elsewhere incase Rob resigns at any future phase. With his current repute. he is most likely to acquire negative mentions which harm his opportunities of employment with good companies. Rob should recognize the badness of this issue and Paul should invariably supervise the procedure of his betterment till a positive alteration is seen.

Paul should measure Rob’s work environment because there could be other grounds that make Rob’s rating bad. His relationship with clients is so good that even clients want him to dine together. It is difficult to conceive of person. who has excellent has really good dealingss and interpersonal accomplishment when it comes to clients. is evaluated wholly the antonym when it comes to inter-personal dealingss with coworkers. Inefficient concern procedures in the section. conflict-interest between coworkers. green-eyed monster for his high public presentation from co-workers. favoritism about his educational background. and competition for publicity could be alternate account for this state of affairs. So. Paul should raise issue himself about work environment of Rob.

II B. What issues would you raise and why. and how would you raise them? First of all. Nasr needs to recognize that he should non associate his determination to advance Rob to the fact that he ab initio hired him at Morgan Stanley. This can work both ways ; he might sabotage the objectiveness of his determination keeping a soft bosom for him since he had a old work relation. or. he can be over-objective. owing to his failure of Rob’s initial judgement to accommodate to the new civilization and seeking to do damagess. For Paul. as a senior director. Rob would suit into the class of a ‘hero’ with a few features of a ‘bulldozer’ and a ‘rebel’ .

There is no uncertainty that he is an outstanding performing artist and produces consequences. but his ‘style’ of work that has made him such a good single performing artist struggles with the long term work civilization at MS ; his short term accomplishments obscure the loss that he can impute to the house in the long tally such as low self-pride of his coworkers if their work is invariably undermined. loss of the construct of effectual teamwork in his squad etc. As Nasr summarized ‘He ever thinks he has the right reply. and bulk of the clip he has. but every clip he comes up with the right reply on his ain. a batch of people feel undermined” . He inquiries his colleague’s cognition of markets and their rating of monetary values and is ‘impatient’ and ‘sharp-tonged’ ; a few wonts that link him to the ‘bulldozer’ and a ‘rebel’ class.

From Nasr position. it is highly of import how he handles the state of affairs. Rob’s academic and calling waies have been really ‘erratic’ to state the least. He has non attended some of the best schools unlike most of his co-workers at MS. Therefore. he attributes his success strictly to his ‘style’ of work and his experience. This is where he draws his assurance from and no uncertainty. he has been really successful.

So in order for Nasr to out justly inquiry that. is non the best manner to travel about it. If he goes in excessively difficult. and reprimands him for the negative feedback and his deficiency of conformity to the organization’s civilization. there is a possibility it might impact Rob’s future public presentation ( which might finally motivate Rob to discontinue the occupation ) . On the other manus. if he is non steadfast in his stance ( like he was ab initio ) and does non convey the importance of the firm’s committedness to its mission. Rob might go on to sabotage it and is bound to interrupt more ‘internal eggs’ . which decidedly won’t be acceptable. Therefore. for Nasr to be effectual he has to happen the right balance.

One manner Nasr can travel about it is to get down with the grasp of his first-class public presentation and mean his value to the house and its high outlooks from him. Once Rob has made a positive head displacement ( his positive emotions working in Nasr’s favour ) he will be more unfastened and more receptive to the negative feedback. His short-comings can be put away in a manner which allows Rob to see the large image ; that is. if he makes a dedicated attempt to work on his bad wonts. he and his squad can be even more effectual. bring forthing even better consequences. Nasr would necessitate to clearly ‘describe’ the importance of MS organisational civilization and how dedicated MS is as an organisation to follow it. There should be no misconception in Rob’s head that MS would take any and every measure to guarantee it is followed. This is of import because of two grounds:

Nasr failed to clearly and clearly pass on the ends of Morgan Stanley as an organisation when he ab initio hired Rob. ( Importance of ‘communication’ from top to bottom in an organisation ) . Subsequently on. as Nasr admits himself in the instance. he failed to take ‘firm’ action whenever Rob digressed from the ends and aims and allowed him to interrupt more internal eggs than he should hold.

It was partially because Nasr himself ab initio failed to understand the committedness of the organisation to the ‘One Firm Firm’ mission and hence failed to go through it on to Rob every bit efficaciously as he should hold. He besides underestimated Rob’s ability to accommodate and conform to the new civilization which shows his failure of judgement as a director. There is a possibility. that one time promoted. Rob takes the aims of Morgan Stanley for granted. He will hold more power and his work would necessitate him to interact and cover with a batch more colleagues/subordinates/divisions than his current place demands.

After acquiring a steadfast committedness from Rob. Nasr needs to put up touchable ends and aims for him and a procedure to measure and supervise his advancement from clip to clip. This can include acquiring feedback from his co-workers on a regular basis. step corporate teamwork in this squad and anything that provides him a feedback on his negative wonts.

III. Goals of Rob Parson

The destiny of Rob Parson is. in fact. in his ain custodies for the most portion. The world is that Parson has the ability to act upon the determination of whether he is promoted or non. based on his actions. If Parson decides to go on acting in a similar manner to the manner he has acted in the yesteryear. he may go on to ripple the plumes of those around him. Although he has proven to be a great plus to the company. Parson knows that he needs to alter his attitude and certain behaviours.

Team Management Skills. One of Parson’s major ends should be to concentrate on himself and change how he deals with coworkers. He needs to calculate out how he can be every bit efficient as he has been in the yesteryear. while working better with others. The civilization of Morgan Stanley is highly of import to those who are portion of the company. Therefore. Parson needs to calculate out a manner in which to equilibrate that civilization with the manner he is used to transporting out concern.

Outstanding Job Performance. This leads to another end of doing certain he is executing every bit best he can. Although Parson had proved he could make the occupation. there were some people who were critical of him and hesitant of his work. Promotion. The ultimate end of Parson is to do certain he achieves the occupation publicity he anticipated when he was ab initio hired at Morgan Stanley. In order to acquire into this coveted place. nevertheless. Parson must measure himself from his ain position. every bit good as through the lens of those in the company.

III a. How to Influence those Procedures

Full Comprehension of Evaluations: Parson must work with upper direction to happen out how he needs to change his behaviour in order to suit better into the environment. He should listen to the reviews other people have stated and understand the full significance of them. Parson must accept the unfavorable judgments in their entireness and figure out how he can break himself through the appraisal.

Meetings and Communication: In order to derive the backup and assurance of the other workers at that place. Parson should openly acknowledge his mistakes and acknowledge that he is willing to work on himself. He should moreover be better at pass oning with his equals about what he has accomplished with clients. how he has done that. and what he plans to make in the hereafter. This manner. more people within the company will be better informed and more involved with what Parson does.

Work on Downfalls. Parson gives off the feeling that he would score high on the personality trait of openness to see. since it had been stated that he was originative in the ways in which he interacted with clients in order to do a sale. With this in head. he could utilize his openness to his advantage. He is disposed to be able to modify his behaviours in order to accommodate to the alterations looked at through the ratings.

Promotion Recommendations: The alterations based on those reviews will convey Parson closer to the publicity. Parson should urge that publicities within the company ( non merely his ain ) should be based on a combination of their new rating system. how satisfied clients were with their service. and overall parts to the company. That manner. a person’s publicity is non entirely based on how others perceive him or her. but alternatively on their overall public presentation.


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