Robert Frost Poems And Biography English Literature Essay

September 10, 2017 English Literature

Noteworthy poets are inspired by their experiences and the things they see around them and the instance of Robert Frost is no exclusion. Robert Frost wrote several verse forms during his life-time and his life and experiences influenced the authorship of these verse forms. Robert Frost was an American poet that was born in San Francisco, California to William Prescott Frost, Jr and Isabelle Moodie in 1874 ( Meyers ) . Robert FrostaˆYs male parent, William Prescott Frost, Jr. hailed from the New England province of New Hampshire and this meant that Robert Frost could put claim to the province ( Meyers ) . His female parent hailed from Scotland.

The inspirations of Robert Frost were drawn from images he saw from his New England beginning. The linguistic communications in Robert FrostaˆYs verse form were besides drawn from the linguistic communication that was spoken in the New England part. Robert Frost lost his male parent to tuberculosis when he was merely 11 old ages of age and this made his household to relocate to Massachusetts ( Meyers ) . The fact that Massachusetts was besides one of the six provinces of New England meant that part would hold decidedly played a portion in modeling his life and act uponing his calling as a poet ( Meyers ) . He attended his high school in Lawrence, Massachusetts and this was the point he started composing poesy. He besides went to Harvard University but did non wait to finish his degree plan there ( Meyers ) . It is hence pertinent to analyze some verse forms of Robert Frost and analyze the extent at which his life and experience in the New England part influenced these verse forms ( Meyers ) .

Though Frost focal points on the common subjects of most poets, but his verse forms go a measure Surname 2 farther by exciting memories from the past. Most of FrostaˆYs works Acts of the Apostless on the emotions of the

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readers as the verse forms shift stunningly from amusing tones to tragic 1s. His verse forms are based on the interaction of people with their immediate environments. Frost is one of the few poets that recognized the beauty of nature, but besides saw the elaboratenesss and dangers that are involved in bing in a home ground such as ours.

Frost was a poet that listened to the address of the people around him and he used this to develop verse forms. One of the verse forms of Frost that was influenced by the address of his state place of Boston was the verse form, The Road Not Taken. Frost heard and recorded the address of the people that lived in this state part of Boston to compose this great verse form. Frost believed that adult male had the passion and inherent aptitude to mind each otheraˆYs concern. Therefore, The Road Not Taken was borne out of FrostaˆYs effort to pay attending to his neighboraˆYs addresss and mind their concern. In this verse form, Frost tries to explicate that no route can be good to go like the art of poesy. It was FrostaˆYs life on the small farm in New Hampshire in New England that influenced this verse form. Frost explains that, “ Somewhere ages and ages therefore: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the 1 less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. ” ( Frost 10 ) . The foregone citation was used by Frost in The Road Not Taken to explicate his pick to lodge to life in the New England part as he believed that the part shaped him to be the poet that he is. From the Surname 3 rubric of this verse form, it can be seen that Frost was seeking to explicate that New England is a part

that people normally would non desire to populate and the fact that he lived at that place contributed to the inspirations he received to compose his verse form. One of the consequences of the inspiration Frost received from doing the determination to be a husbandman in New Hampshire is The Road Not Taken. It should be pertinent to observe that the comparatively calm environment in the part influenced FrostaˆYs calling as a poet and contributed to the great work he did in this verse form.

Another verse form that was mostly influenced by FrostaˆYs life in New England is what could be regarded as his most celebrated verse form, Stoping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. It would be seen that Frost was utilizing this verse form to explicate life at the countryside. The word, aˆzwoodsaˆY appear four times in the verse form and this is a clear indicant that Frost was depicting his life in the countryside of New Hampshire and his work as a husbandman. Frost used this verse form to explicate the difficult working attitude of the people that lived in New England as he laid accent on productiveness. FrostaˆYs doctrine of ageless and hardworking work was mostly influenced by his work as a husbandman in New Hampshire. This doctrine played a portion in the authorship of this verse form as this can be seen from the last four lines of the verse form, when he says that, “ The forests are lovely, dark, and deep, But I have promises to maintain, And stat mis to travel before I sleep, And stat mis to travel before I sleep. ” ( Frost, Melvin & A ; Melvin, T 22 ) . The fact that Frost makes reference of traveling Surname 4 stat mis before he slept is an indicant of the sentiments he attached to work. This verse form was besides

influenced by FrostaˆYs perceptual experience of the dangers that lurk around the beauty of the New England part as he says that, “ The forests are lovely, dark, and deep. ” ( Frost, Melvin & A ; Melvin, T 22 ) . The rubric of the verse form in itself indicates the influence the countryside of New England had on Robert Frost. The snowy eventide that Frost negotiations about in this verse form is the description of how it looks like to be a human in the countryside part of New England.

One point that should be noted in the life of Robert Frost and in his experience as a poet is in the fact that he was a adult male that chose New England as the footing of his plants. Peoples should non do the error that it was New England that produced Robert Frost, but it was Frost himself that made the part as his point of mention. However, the fact remains that it was the experience of Robert Frost in New England that influenced his calling as a poet. The relationship between Robert Frost and New England was non the type that existed between an native and his native land, but the relationship was the sort that existed between person that genuinely loved the land that he spent most of his life in. A critical analysis of the verse forms of Robert Frosts would demo that they reflect life in the rural New England part and the simpleness in the linguistic communication of his verse forms are besides due to the plainness in the address of the people from the New England part.


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