Role of Mental Health Nurse in a Forensic Unit Essay

August 6, 2017 Health

The function of the mental wellness nurse MHN ) while ever holding the same basic accomplishments set will hold a different accent within the assorted service scenes such as Community. Acute or Forensic which is the subject of this essay

The forensic MHN specialises in the appraisal and intervention of people who may be mentally sick and are usually in the condemnable justness system with the service provided in a secure environment. They may besides work with victims and others on the border of the system such as those where other services are unable to get by with them due to their behaviors interrupting others ( rethink 2011 ) .

Forensic means associating to the jurisprudence ( Kettles et al. 2008 ) but for mental wellness nursing it has come to mention to the scene in which the service is provided.

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Such scenes include: * A Community forensic mental wellness squad * Prisons. * Secure infirmaries – with a scope of degrees from low to high

Within prisons there is the primary degree of wellness attention run by the nurse and other general practicians who are the first point of call in most prisons. The 2nd degree is the equivalent of the community mental wellness squads and is the mental wellness In Reach squad. usually merely a MHN. Very few have a full multi-disciplinary squad ( McMurran. 2009. p. 72 ) .

Within the forensic puting the nurse faces a figure of challenges.

There are ethical issues for the MHN in offering an tantamount service. Justifying entree to the wellness attention they may necessitate and non being judgemental no affair what the ethical motives or beliefs of the nurse can be really difficult with some types of wrongdoers who may hold committed hideous offenses. The Code of Conduct by which all nurses have to stay by provinces we must: Care for our patients and handle each individual as an person every bit good as being an advocator to patients we care for. ( NMC 2008 )

Another issue is that the MHN won’t have ready entree to the wrongdoers and frailty versa as the scene is likely to be a controlled environment and the nurse or wrongdoer would hold to inquire the prison officer to escort them. “Prisoners can bespeak to see a healthcare professional by seting in a general application” . ( Rethink 2011 )

In some of the higher security settings the wrongdoers might be afraid to see the MHN as they may experience vulnerable or loath to acquire aid for fright of being attacked back on the wing. They may besides experience that there is a stigma that is still in some topographic points attached to Mental Illness. The forensic MHN needs to back up the client and assist them to be able to entree the attention they need in line with the Codes of Conduct we have to stay by: Treating people as a whole ( NMC 2008 )

The Therapeutic relationship is cardinal for the mental wellness nurse. It about being able to organize the sort of conditions that will assist to relieve hurt. to assist with the procedure of recovery and acquisition and about being able to care for the service user. In the forensic scene. the natures of the work topographic point could do this really hard.


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