Role Of Technology In Globalisation Marketing Essay

The purpose of this paper is will be critically measuring the statement of Theodore Levitt that transnational companies should standardize their selling around the universe. I will be measuring the statement both for standardization and version, showing statements for and against each side. I will besides be discoursing the extent to which standardization of elements of the selling mix is possible, and version is required. Finally I aim to explicate how variable degrees of standardization are implemented for each component of the selling mix, mentioning exemplifying illustrations.


Professor Theodore Levitt of Harvard who wrote “ The Globalisation of Markets “ is a strong truster of the doctrine of ‘global ‘ merchandises and trade names. Although a landmark paper there have been many skeptics of his theories and in the undermentioned subdivision of this essay I will be measuring Levitt ‘s statement for “ standardization ” against the statement of “ version ” bring forthing other writers ‘ sentiment both for and against each theory.

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In his this paper Levitt supplied principle for planetary standardization, reasoning that due to monolithic developments in engineering the universe is going a common market topographic point and that this technologyA A ” has proletarinized communicating, conveyance, and travel. It has made stray topographic points and destitute peoples eager for modernness ‘s allurements. ” In more basic footings Levitt believes that new transit, communicating and travel engineerings have created a more homogeneous universe market. Levitt is non the lone 1 who believes in a more homogeneous universe market, Doyle, 1994 provinces that “ turning internationalization of gustatory sensations and purchasing forms has made the development of planetary and regional trade names more executable. ” However this position is non that of Douglas and Wind who whilst agree that “ while planetary sections with similar involvements and response forms may be identified in some merchandise markets, it is by no agencies clear that this is a cosmopolitan tendency. ” Douglas and Wind farther indicate out that there is in fact a batch of grounds to propose an “ increasing diverseness of behavior within states “ , mentioning illustrations such as tickers: Rolex, Omega and aroma: Dior, Yves St. Laurent. Douglas and Wind besides argue that by concentrating on the similarities between states instead than differences they may be losing out on net incomes which could hold been tapped from other sections.

A Another statement of Levitt ‘s is that people around the universe are willing to give penchants in merchandise characteristics, maps and designs for lower monetary values, or as he states it “ if the monetary value is low plenty, they will take extremely standardised universe merchandises even if these are n’t precisely what female parent said was suited. ” There seems to be no grounds to propose this, infact today ‘s clients regard merchandise quality and service of utmost importance and are willing to pay excess for it. Further grounds of this can be seen from findings by PIMS undertaking which “ overpoweringly suggest that merchandise quality is the driving force behind successful selling schemes, non merely in the US, but in other developing states. ” Douglas and Craig, 1983. Low monetary value positioning offers no long-run competitory advantage as it can frequently be regarded as a extremely vulnerable scheme. This is due to the possibility of the monetary value being affected by several different factors. New technological development may convey monetary value lessenings, hence making greater competition from rivals with lower operating expenses. Douglas and Wind argue that “ authorities subsidies to local rivals may besides underscore the effectivity of a price-positioning scheme. ” Porter, 1985 points out that “ cost advantages may besides be negated by transit and distribution costs every bit good as duty barriers and/or monetary value ordinance. ”

Another statement for standardization by Levitt is that “ significant economic systems of graduated table in production and selling can be achieved through providing planetary markets. ” Douglas and Wind nevertheless suggest that three critical and inter-related points have been neglected, these beingA A

a ) Technological developments in flexible mill mechanization enable economic systems of graduated table to be achieved at lower degrees of end product and do non necessitate production of a individual standardized merchandise

B ) Cost of production is merely one and frequently non the critical constituent in finding the entire cost of the merchandise

degree Celsius ) Strategy should non be entirely merchandise driven but should take into history other constituents of the selling scheme, such as placement, packaging, trade name name, publicizing e.t.c.


Levitt besides argues that merchandise standardization makes commercial sense in that it offers significant costs benefits from economic systems of production, distribution, selling and direction. Sorenson and Weichman, 1975 besides believe that “ the standardization doctrine offers attractive cost nest eggs, owing to economic systems of graduated table in R+D, production and selling. ” On the other manus Douglas and Wind argue that “ version doctrine offers more client orientation since it consistently evaluates purchaser behavior and market features in each foreign state ” which harmonizing to Terpstra and Sarathy,1994, “ consequences in net income maximization because grosss accrued from marketing mix alterations may raise by more than version costs. ”

A So far there has been small to endorse up Levitt ‘s theory on standardization nevertheless one advocate of Levitt ‘s theory, Ohmae, 1985 provinces that “ big companies must go more planetary if they hope to vie. They must alter from companies that treat their foreign operations as secondary, to companies that view the full universe as a individual borderless market. ” Even Douglas and Wind conclude that “ under certain conditions is it likely to turn out a ‘winning ‘ scheme in international markets. ”

The conditions which they refer to are

1 ) The being of a planetary market section, about which Ohmae, 1995 explains, “ for some sorts of merchandises, such as battery-powered merchandises like cameras, tickers, pocket reckoner the sort of globalization Ted Levitt negotiations about makes first-class sense. ”

2 ) Potential synergism from standardization

3 ) The handiness of a communicating and distribution substructure to present the house ‘s offering to aim clients worldwide.

A A A A A A A A A A A I will now be discoursing the extent to which standardization of each component of the selling mix is possible and version is required.

A The first component of the mix which we will concentrate on is ‘product ‘ . This component of the mix can be standardised to a great extent merely version of the merchandises packaging or labelling may be required in some cases. Examples of this can easy be seen in electrical goods such as DVD participants or VCR ‘s where the merchandise sold in Japan for case is precisely the same as one bought in the local high street in the U.K. The lone differences that will be evident is the labelling on the box and of class the instructions manuals which these yearss usually come in the signifier of a little novel incorporating the instructions in many different linguistic communications. The great extent to which a merchandise can be standardised is shown in the instance of Coca-Cola where merely little fluctuations in packaging and sugariness are made all across the universe. Adaptations of merchandises are by and large merely required to be made due to authorities Torahs and local imposts other than this version to merchandises are made to fulfill consumer wants and demands. Standardization of the company ‘s trade name name is commonplace these yearss with more late the UK family detergent ‘Jif ‘changing its name to ‘Cif ‘ in order to aline with the company ‘s trade name name in other states.


Many companies implement different degrees of standardization with mention to their merchandise, as mentioned these versions were ineluctable and obligatory chiefly due to demographic and political-legal factors. A good illustration of this can be seen through the fast nutrient giant McDonald ‘s. One of the chief purposes of McDonald ‘s is to make a standardized set of points that taste the same whether in Singapore, Spain or South Africa. However the company learned that although there are great cost nest eggs through standardization being able to accommodate to n environment ensures success. With this in head the company ‘s flagship Burger ( the Big Mac ) undergoes changing degrees of standardization throughout the universe. For case due to spiritual Torahs and imposts in Israel, the Big Mac are served without cheese, thereby allowing the separation of meat and dairy merchandises required of kosher eating houses. Other McDonald ‘s merchandises undergo changing degrees of standardization from state to state but on the whole a Burger purchased in the UK will savor the same, right down to the sauce used, all around the universe.


A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A The following component to be discussed is ‘price ‘ . The grade to which the monetary value of a merchandise can be standardised is really low ; this is due to the fact that it is really hard to find the perceptual experience of the monetary value by consumers all over the universe. What may be seen as a normal mundane merchandise in one state may be seen as luxury in another. Monetary value is besides hard to standardize to any extent due to the fact that monetary value is dependent on other factors such as distribution, duties, mark market and the merchandise itself. Strategic picks about merchandises and distribution frequently set of import guidelines for both monetary value and publicity. A current argument on monetary value is presently on traveling between US pharmaceutical companies and Africa over the cost of H.I.V/Aid ‘s drugs which are set at the same monetary value to an African patient as they are to a US patient. This is evidently doing jobs due to the fact that there is a really large difference in income degrees between African citizens and American citizens. Even if pricing could go wholly standardized it would non be advantageous to many companies who can bear down excess for their merchandise it different markets. A great illustration of this is seen in the auto market in Europe, where as it happens little scale type of globalization called ‘Europeanisation ‘ by companies does occur, where the monetary values of autos between different European states varies intensely. As can be seen entire standardization is likely ne’er traveling to be likely possibly chiefly due to pricing and the fact that the sensed value of a merchandise of say a individual in Africa is likely to differ dramatically from that of a individual in the UK every bit good as the discrepancy in other factors in different states that affect pricing schemes.

A A A A A A A A A A As antecedently mentioned the extent to which monetary value can be standardised is highly low and hence there is really small degree of monetary value standardization implemented by any companies. This is due to the fact that companies may hold to increase or diminish their merchandises ‘ monetary value with mention to duties, distribution schemes and other relevant factors in states where they wish to merchandise. The may besides change their monetary value to increase net incomes by positioning their merchandise otherwise in other states. Good illustrations of this can be seen in Volvo autos and beers such as Kronenberg.These merchandises in their place states are non perceived as premium merchandises as they are in the UK and hence the company charges premium monetary values compared to much lower monetary values than in France and Sweden respectively.A

The extent to which distribution can be standardised is much the same as the old mix component, monetary value. The channel systems vary widely from state to state in that each state has its ain distribution system that has evolved over clip and alterations really easy. Besides the comparative significance of different members or elements of a channel system e.g. the function of jobbers vs. retail merchants or tradesmans can change significantly across states. For case in nutrient and imbibe retailing distributers play a far more of import function in the bringing of goods from manufacturer to retailer in the UK than in other EU states such as France and Germany. In some markets such as the Japanese one the distribution system is complex and difficult to perforate, dwelling of many beds and big Numberss of mediators. Due to the changing systems in topographic point in different states it is really hard to standardize and most planetary sellers must normally accommodate their channel schemes to the bing constructions within each state.


Implementing changing degrees of standardization with mention to distribution is an on traveling job for many concerns the universe over. Implementing a standardized distribution scheme in for illustration China is highly hard for companies, the jobs they may confront includeA include China ‘s bowed down, developing physical substructure ; inexpert, under funded state-owned distribution companies ; imbalanced economic system development ; tremendous, disconnected distribution and logistics sector ; and regional protectionism. Beyond these, foreign houses besides face bureaucratic limitations that prohibit them from lawfully importing, merchandising, and serving merchandises in a straightforward mode.

Although an highly hard state in footings of distribution a few so called ‘prestige ‘ multi national corporations have received permission from local authoritiess to set up distribution Centres that in consequence act as jobbers for their production supplies.A In the retail sector, the universe ‘s largest retail merchant Wal-Mart and the 2nd largest one Intersection have established their distribution webs in several of import cities around China. This has virtually allowed them to standardize their distribution scheme in the Chinese market and non merely enabling them to really transport goods but besides to cut down costs by implementing the same scheme they apply in their place country.A ‘Promotion ‘ or the selling communications mix was seen by Kotler 1994 as dwelling of five major tools they are.


Direct Selling

Gross saless Promotion

Public dealingss

Promotion and Personal Selling.

For the intent of this essay I will merely be analyzing advertisement and the extent to which it can be standardised.A A As with monetary value, advertisement besides faces many barriers to the extent to which it can be standardised. Firstly its has to be seen that the handiness of the media differs greatly from state to state, set this along with the differences in media incursion and circulation of newspapers and telecasting use are all of import factors in the degree of standardization which can be obtained.


Regulations impacting media in different states are frequently really diverse, particularly telecasting which being a primary medium is extremely regulated i.e. in Sweden there is no commercials allowed on telecasting at all. Cultural differences such as faith, political relations, matrimony, decease, sex, intoxicant, baccy e.t.c. are of paramount importance to the advertizer because these lead to different values, tabu, etiquette and traditions which if an advert struggles with so there could be negative feelings towards the merchandise. For illustration tabu about colorss must be considered as many have important associations such as in Japan the color white represents bereavement and in Latin America violet represents decease. Overall it is executable to state that at that place will ne’er be a wholly standardized advertisement run that can be used universally, certain alterations will ever hold to be made to guarantee the prosperity and effectivity of the run in local markets.

A A A A A A A A A A In footings of advertisement varying degrees of standardization are frequently implemented by companies, this is chiefly due to the fact that if complete standardization were to happen in all media so the merchandise would hold to appeal on a basic degree and hence the merchandise itself would hold to be a reasonably basic trade good. The illustration of the Marlboro cigarettes advertizements devised in 1955 by Leo Burnett in Chicago is likely one of the most successful international advertisement runs of all time. The run transformed Marlboro from being a little market portion trade name into one of the universe ‘s best selling trade names – utilizing the Marlboro cowpuncher. The scheme for every run is the same in every state as is the advertisement thought, but the executing is different. For illustration in Nigeria the cowpuncher is black, in Australia he is an Australian cowpuncher in the outback.


A A A A A A A A A A Overall the bulk of support in the statement between standardization and version prevarications with version. This is non to state that standardization is of no usage, in fact from the literature I have been analyzing most writers believe that there is feasible options between complete version and entire standardization. These include state of affairs specific approaches that see product-market tantrum along with single house strengths and failings or look intoing standards act uponing version for a merchandise to a peculiar market. In these documents research workers have highlighted factors such as consumer and cultural features, distribution establishments, local authorities ordinance and degree of local market urbanization that will act upon the grade of version. In most foreparts it is a general consensus that “ the ideal globalization scheme should include at least minimum local accommodations. ” Douglas and Wind 1985



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