Role Of Women In Todays World Condition Sociology Essay

By July 19, 2017 Sociology

Human being divided into two sorts, foremost is Men and 2nd is Women. Men and Women have different rights and duty. In general Men has an duty to take attention of Women, Men has a responsible to the Women in economic and security in peculiarly, because Women are weaker instead than Men. Nowadays the circumstance has been alteration, Women have different duty comparison to in the earlier period, when in the earlier period Women ‘s function is merely focus on family country and they are forbiding to hold a occupation but nowadays the function of the adult females have been altering moreover emerge with the function of work forces and these status become more obvious since the beginning of the globalisation epoch. There are three chief grounds causes the altering function of Women in the universe, first is poverty, 2nd is as a duty for place and household affairs and 3rd is instruction.

Poverty has become one of the most serious jobs happen in the universe, poorness causes many victims. Working hapless adult female in Cambodia cited in Narayan on 2000 about poorness, she said ;

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“ Poverty means working for more than 18 hours a twenty-four hours, but still non gaining plenty to feed myself, my hubby, and my two kids. ” ( 1 )

The being of poorness are ineluctable in today universe, this jobs become one of the grounds of altering function of adult females, there are facts regard to the status of the adult females that “ Seventy per cent ( 70 % ) of today hapless people are adult females ” ( 2 ) , and this state of affairs had been ignites the adult females to travel out from this heartache, they start to work and happen a occupation for their egos. Another study clarify that “ eighty per cent ( 80 % ) of the universes refugees are adult females and misss ” ( 3 ) , this state of affairs could be happen because of some grounds such as they become victims of a catastrophe, they lost their full household and the consequences they becomes the refugees, this status besides become one of the beginning of the poorness in the universe. The following ground is because “ adult females own merely one per cent of the universe ‘s resources and earn tenth part of the universe ‘s income ” ( 4 ) , this circumstance trigger most of the adult females to hold a bigger function in the universe, they start to believe that they besides needs money for their ain life. Poverty has become really serious jobs in today ‘s universe circumstance and most of the victims are adult females, this status bend into the beginning of the function changing of adult females.

Duty for place and household affairs becomes the other ground of the altering function of adult females in today universe. Susan M. Heathfield has been foretelling ;

“ The figure of adult females will go on to increase in the work force. Women will go on to hold primary duty for place and household affairs, therefore impacting work attending negatively ” ( 5 )

Related to the today universe ‘s circumstance, the anticipation from Susan M. Heathfield is true, nowadays most of the adult females deliberately change their function as a duty to their household, most of the adult females start to work or happen a occupation when their hubby can non work any longer, it can be cause of their hubby had been fired from the company or their hubby had been pass off and the adult females itself turn into a widow. Some of the adult females start to hold a occupation as intent to back up the economic status of their household, because of the wage of their hubby can non carry through the demands of their household. Get downing from that point the adult females begin to hold a occupation to last her kids and her household from the poorness. The duty to place and household affairs has become the motivation of the altering function of the adult females in today ‘s state of affairs.

Education is one of the most of import affair in the globalisation epoch in peculiar, it besides turn into the causes of the altering function of adult females in today ‘s universe status. The increasing degree of instruction for adult females in today ‘s universe has been trigger the altering function of the adult females, the statistic from United States Department of Labor declared that, “ individuals aged 25 old ages and older, 29 per centum of adult females and 30 per centum of work forces had attained a unmarried man ‘s grade or higher ; 31 per centum of adult females and work forces had completed merely high school, no college ” ( 6 ) , this state of affairs makes the adult females start to believe that they have a right to hold a occupation like a adult male because they already obtain same degree of instruction, they would wish to advance the equality for the adult females, and the consequences is the emerge of adult females ‘s leader in some state in today ‘s universe political relations such as Hillary Clinton on United States. This state of affairs had proven that the instruction has become one of the causes of the altering function of adult females in today ‘s universe state of affairs.

Although the altering function of adult females has been a new thought in this today ‘s circumstance in order to work outing some of the jobs happen in this universe and besides have some good impacts to the universe, it still get some refusal from certain group of communities, they think that this thought has been collide the nature function of adult females and besides interrupt some of the counsel from certain faith. The altering function of adult females will still go on increasing because of the spread of globalisation.


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