Romantic & Transcendental Synthesis Essay Essay

August 25, 2017 Philosophy

During the nineteenth century a literary revolution occurred affecting new ne’er before seen manners and thoughts. Before this clip most written works spoke strictly of God and what was in the bible. These pieces spoke of the clemency in God every bit good as the wrath he could bring down. In those times it was sin to manufacture fabricated narratives for amusement. if there were to be a narrative it had to hold happened. However in the nineteenth century. things changed. A manner of composing known as romanticism came approximately and discussed the hereafter. the supernatural. the “other” side. which hadn’t been in composing much before.

Romantic authorship intended to set non fright. but world into the reader’s minds. This is the same end for a manner of composing that came shortly after romanticism. They were called the transcendentalists. Nonnatural authorship asserts the importance of holding trust in oneself and argues that no homo can of all time be genuinely happy until he or she “finds themselves” . The thought of “pushing the envelope” in 19th century authorship was evident. and the little chorus from society was seen in both composing manners.

When romanticism was foremost seen it was scaring to readers because it was so curious that people would compose narratives associating to mortality and decease Lashkar-e-Taiba entirely hold it be made up. ( In this clip you’d be deemed a psychotic Diabolist ) Subsequently in transcendental philosophy this was seen once more with non absorbing to society’s regulations and life by one’s ain Torahs. Transcendentalism is all about that. although in certain facets transcendental philosophy and romanticism do non travel side by side. Romanticism has a darker nature and a different intent for their bitterness of societal outlook.

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In romantic authorship alteration was encouraged in order to have reaction much like today’s pop stars. who merely do what they can to have attending. They don’t care whether their actions scare the reader or gives the reader the feeling the writer is psychotic. merely like how famous persons don’t attention if it harms themselves. other people or if it makes a complete sap out of themselves. ( Although today it is more utmost than the 1830s. ) In transcendental philosophy there is a different attack. a more philosophical one.

By speech production of inspirational topics and stating their audience to be comfy with themselves is a more elusive. natural every bit good as more direct attack to the audience. This teaches the reader non to care about what society thinks and go satisfied with their ain achievements. By losing the concern of societal judgement nonnatural followings can populate life without discord. and eventually accomplish true felicity. Romanticism inspired this thought in transcendental philosophy as seen by their similar statements but the ground behind it changed.

From forbearing from society’s regulations to have reaction and acquire people on one’s side like a romantic to believing transcendentally and forbearing from society to go comfy with oneself and accomplish personal enlightenment. This proves the manner of romantic authorship influenced the manners of the transcendentalists as both contain similar subjects and ethical motives. In Hawthorne’s “The Minister’s Black Veil” a curate begins to have on a black head covering which covers his face. It causes multiple reactions from his environing society. The people are afraid of him because of the head covering. because they do non understand why he has on the black head covering.

Many even try to coerce him to take it off. his bride-to-be even leaves him because of her junior-grade wonder. This reaction to the black head covering was the same reaction people had when reading any dark romantic piece. Peoples are afraid of what they do non understand. That is why people rejected romanticism. people reject nonnatural idea and the free address of any colored male ( in this clip ) . This is the same ground things like cheery matrimony isn’t allowed in certain topographic points. “The Minister’s Black Veil” is really relatable to transcendentalism most significantly “Self-Reliance” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Both send the message of “Do non allow society alteration you no affair what they say or do. ” The black head covering seems like more of a metaphor for a person’s true personality and people rejecting it because it isn’t the same as everyone else. In Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau tells a narrative of a dark he spent in gaol. He discusses how bad and overmastering the authorities is at the clip and reveals he has non paid canvass revenue enhancement in 6 old ages and is jailed for it. He touches on the pettiness of the authorities. for non paying a revenue enhancement he is jailed like an animate being. set in clip out because he broke a regulation he didn’t believe in.

A soldier is a hero for declining to contend in an unfair war but a adult male who refuses to follow an unfair jurisprudence is put with the slayers and stealers. Thoreau inquiries “Why such a large authorities can be so frightened of a bantam adult male? ” it is because as declared before society rejects what it can non understand. but no merely understand but what it thinks it can non command. A liquidator is evidently out of control. a stealer is out of control. but when jailed they are. Thoreau wishes to cognize why the authorities believes a non-taxpayer is unmanageable to the point of jailing.

This connects with a romantic piece by Edgar Allan Poe. “The Masque of Red Death” . The host of an elegant party shows his invitees multiple suites of different colourss stand foring different emotions. Toward the terminal when the host realizes what the symbols mean and so sees a black room that seals his and his guests’ destiny he is afraid to accept it. afraid to accept decease. This is besides seen in “The Raven” by Poe every bit good where the adult male mourning the loss of his lover Lenore is haunted by a Corvus corax who repeats “Nevermore” over and over until the adult male goes into lunacy.

The adult male refuses to accept the fact that he will ne’er see Lenore once more. that she is gone everlastingly and there is nil that can be changed. that it is fate. and he must accept it. A common error of worlds even today is deny and declining to accept their destiny. Final Destination is an full film franchise dedicated to people trying to avoiding destiny and non desiring to accept their terminal because they fear what can non be controlled. Just like the adult male tormented by the Corvus corax. the authorities that jailed Thoreau was merely afraid of what they couldn’t control.

Transcendentalism was a gradual development from romanticism because of their many similar facets and statements. Transcendentalism adapted the romantic thought of non-conformity and exposing society’s defects and used it to use to oneself and it started a revolution of people seeking their dream and what they believe in to accomplish felicity. Both manners of literature rocked the 1800s because of their will to take a opportunity with all their ethical motives of declining conformance. non fearing what society will believe. understanding what will go on in life and non being afraid. and still even inspires their readers today.


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