Romanticism And Emotion Over Reason English Literature Essay

October 5, 2017 English Literature

The characteristic attitude of romanticism that I chose to associate to two of our readings is the show of prefering emotion over ground. “ Ulysses ” and “ My Last Duchess ” are the readings I chose to associate to these features because they are slightly related in a sense that they are both told from the position of a powerful adult male, yet they are both really different given the subject in which they are discoursing. In the undermentioned paragraphs I will demo how the two portion the feature of emotion over ground.

“ Ulysses ” is being told from a well traveled, experienced male monarch ‘s position depicting his life now, how it was and how it should be. His emotions about the life he one time knew and loved are doing him suffering in his current state of affairs of remaining within the land to govern as a male monarch does. He lived the life of a nomad, going the universe sing all it had to offer, and he explains that that is what has made him who he is today, “ Much hold I seen and known ; metropoliss of work forces and manners, climes, councils, authoritiess, myself non least, but honour ‘d of them all ; and imbibe delectation of conflict with my equals, far on the tintinnabulation fields of blowy Troy. I am a portion of all that I have met ” . Reason tells us it is necessary for a male monarch to stay in his land and govern his people, but his emotions towards his past life have made him resent the life of a male monarch. His love for travel shows that passion gives you purpose. He refers to his boy Telemachus, “ To whom I leave the scepter and the isle, – Well-loved of me, spoting to carry through This labor, by slow prudence to do mild A rugged people, and thro ‘ soft grades Subdue them to the utile and the good. Most blameless is he, centred in the domain Of common responsibilities, decent non to neglect In offices of tenderness, and pay Meet worship to my family Gods, When I am gone. He works his work, I mine ” . You can state that even though his boy will be a good male monarch, worships the Gods, and performs his responsibilities to the best of his abilities, but his male parent ‘s emotions will non let him to see him as a well rounded male monarch because he has non experienced the same things.

“ My Last Duchess ” is a small different in footings of capable affair, but the emotions of the male monarch still do him to move outside of ground. In this reading a Duke is demoing person around his castle or palace, and they stop briefly at a picture of his late married woman. He has been late widowed and is in the procedure seeking to get married another adult female from another powerful household who is much younger than his old Duchess. While he is analyzing the image and speech production of his late Duchess, it becomes clear that he had her killed because of her crying behaviour. The most evident emotions that overcame him appeared to be jealousy, choler, and enviousness. When speech production of her behaviour he said, “ She had a heart-how shall I state? -too shortly made sword lilies,

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excessively easy impressed ; she liked whate’er she looked on, and her expressions went everyplace.

Sir, ‘t was all one! My favor at her chest, she dropping of the daytime in the West,

the bough of cherries some interfering sap broke in the grove for her, the white mule

she rode with unit of ammunition the terrace-all and each would pull from her alike the address,

or bloom, at least. She thanked work forces, -good! But thanked somehow-I know non how-as if she ranked my gift of a nine-hundred-years-old name. ” What I gather from this, is that he was covetous of the manner she spoke to others, the manner she looked at others, and the manner she responded to others. It besides seems that he was impeaching her of rip offing on him when he mentioned her offering “ thanks ” in ways that he did non cognize. He thought that merely because he made her his married woman, she should hold merely responded to him in the manner she responded to others, even thought it could hold merely been her moving out of kindness. The green-eyed monster, choler, and enviousness he felt grew to the point that it finally led to her slaying as it is implied in him stating, “ I gave bids ; and all smilings stopped together ” . The thing that is disturbing about the slaying in this reading is non merely the show of emotion over ground, but the deficiency of emotion when refering the slaying. He has genuinely objectified and dehumanized her in his ain head to the point that upon her being happy and perchance coquettish with other work forces, he could hold her killed and replaced without winking an oculus.

In decision, I believe I have explained how these two narratives have an obvious illustration of the show of emotion over ground. “ Ulysses ” devalued the mundane life of a male monarch because he was so emotionally attached to the life he one time had and could non ground to believe that the life of a male monarch could of all time be every bit fulfilling as the life of a wonderer. In “ My Last Duchess ” the Duke allowed his emotions to wholly take over his actions and, without ground or probe, had his married woman murdered because of suspected actions. To this twenty-four hours, we still have many cases that we allow our emotions to get the better of ground, so I found this presence in literature from so long ago to be a really interesting in supplying grounds that human nature has non changed all that much throughout the old ages.


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