“Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare and “Romeo+Juliet” by Baz Luhrmann Essay

August 20, 2017 Music

Baz Luhrmann transformed William Shakespeare’s drama of Romeo and Juliet. to a fast moving. modern version. the movie Romeo + Juliet. Luhrmann has transformed the context. puting. costume. music. linguistic communication and the subjects in Romeo and Juliet. Although Luhrmann has transformed some things. he has redefined the love narrative gone incorrect and made a movie about the corruptness in society. Luhrmann has transformed the original Shakespeare drama utilizing assorted movie techniques and linguistic communication devices. such as in the prologue. and the dance hall scene. He appropriated the text to suit into the universe of love and force that Luhrmann has created.

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is set in the little Renaissance Italian metropolis of Verona Italy. in seventeenth century. In that clip work forces had power over adult females. and they were seen as being superior. In Shakespeare’s drama. work forces played the functions of the work forces every bit good as the adult females. The society back so was seen as being patriarchal they believe in thaumaturgy. destiny and fate. This was reflected in the prologue where phrases such as “star-crossed lovers” and “death marked love” are used to demo the love the two chief characters have for each other. and besides to demo that their destiny lies both in love and decease. Theatre was performed otherwise during Shakespeare’s clip. They had fewer props. and did non hold as many sound effects. Shakespeare uses a classical orchestra. The audience so still found the drama interesting. The costumes used was one of the ways to do the drama more interesting. they reflected the gender of the character being played. which were ever played by work forces.

Shakespeare’s prologue is read by a chorus. which explains the state of affairs. and tells us that we are in Verona. ” Two families. both likewise in dignity” this tells us that the two households are both comfortable and of high importance. “A brace of star-crossed lovers take their life. ” this tells us that the doomed lovers ( Romeo and Juliet ) will in the terminal dice. The prologue tells the audience that the decease of these two lovers has been caused by the feuding between their households. and that this feuding could non be stopped until the decease of their kids. “If you with patient ears attend. what here shall lose. our labor shall endeavor to mend” this quotation mark from the prologue states that the remainder of the narrative which has non been told in the prologue yet will be told in the drama which is still yet to blossom.

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Romeo and Juliet was written during the seventeenth century and the linguistic communication and manner is Elizabethan. Verona Beach California. Luhrmann’s society was much different. it was about the corruptness and force. and it is shown greatly in the prologue for illustration it shows the constabulary with guns besides you can hear gun shootings. it shows the new paper articles of the parents feuds and how they dislike each other. Luhrmann still has stuck to Shakespeare’s subject of hatred. hurting and agony. Luhrmann has besides used music really efficaciously in the prologue he has used orchestral music to do the scene much more powerful. Today the linguistic communication is seen as Wyrd to a immature audience. but through the transmutation into movie better apprehension is gained through movie techniques and the ocular facets such a more modern scene.

This has been shown in the prologue. The scene begins with a little telecasting in the Centre of a black screen. This is the modern replacement of the chorus. It is the current engineering to have information. Static is besides seen on the screen and a news reader delivers the same prologue. The background behind the reader reveals two chapped nuptials rings. symbolizing the decease of the married twosome. Romeo and Juliet. Fore grounded are the words “Star crossed lovers” . proposing to the respondent that the two killed were ‘fated’ to be together and decease. The violent society and the hate of the two households are besides reinforced as newspaper describing the ‘feud’ is revealed. The audience can understand the narrative better with dramatic imagination used in the prologue. because Luhrmann has transformed it so that a modern audience will understand it.

Baz Luhrmann has transformed the ball scene into a fancy frock party scene. which is where Romeo and Juliet first meet. Mercutio convinced him to travel to a Capulet ball. which is where he met Juliet. and they kissed “you buss by the book” . Baz Luhrmann has recreated the ball scene into a frock up party. utilizing techniques such as camera angles. costumes and music. The costumes that Luhrmann used to transform the drama created a more exciting movie. but still utilizing the original Shakespearean linguistic communication. The costumes that the characters wore in the party scene represented their personality and relationships. For illustration. Juliet is dressed as an angel because she is of high power. and she is referred to as beatific throughout the movie.

Lord Capulet is dressed as Julius Caesar because he is in charge and shows that he has power. Romeo is dressed as a knight. because he is courageous and brave. and he is Juliet’s “knight in reflecting armour” . Tybalt is dressed as a Satan. which shows him as being endangering and the “bad guy” . The music Baz Luhrmann used in this scene was the wellbeing vocal “Young Hearts Run Free” . played when Mercutio who was dancing. and dressed as a retarding force queen. This vocal gave the scene a happy. party temper. When Romeo and Juliet foremost saw each other. through the fish armored combat vehicle. the soft. decelerate vocal “Kissing You” was played. which gives a romantic temper. Luhrmann has transformed the authoritative dance hall scene into a modern party scene. which has made it much more appealing and merriment.

Baz Luhrmann has transformed Romeo and Juliet by modernizing the context. puting. costume. music. linguistic communication and subjects. which have been appropriated for today’s audience and for them to understand and bask the movie.


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