Romeo and Juliet Character Sketch – Juliet Essay

September 8, 2017 General Studies

Juliet Capulet is one of the chief characters in Romeo and Juliet. a celebrated drama written by Shakespeare. Juliet is a beautiful. immature 13 twelvemonth old miss. Despite her age. she is pressured from the really beginning of the drama to acquire married. sooner to a immature Lord named Paris who is a relation of the Prince of Verona. During the gap scenes of the drama. Juliet seems to be an obedient and naive kid who ever obeys her parents’ wants. However. throughout the drama we see Juliet’s sense of independency develop when she makes the hideous determination to get married Romeo behind her parents dorsums. and forge her ain decease. She evolves into person who is capable of doing their ain determinations ; nevertheless her actions are besides noncompliant and rebellious.

Juliet is a 13 twelvemonth old adolescent. who will be 14 old ages old on July 31st. besides known as Lammas Eve. I imagine that due to her immature age and affluent household that Juliet is a really little. delicacy. kept up and polished teenaged miss. Juliet’s visual aspect is non described in item in the drama. nevertheless in Romeos monologue at the beginning of Act 2. Scene 2. he describes Juliet as bright when he says “It is the E. and Juliet is the sun” . Mentioning to her as the Sun is a metaphor for her being bright. He gets more in deepness and describes her as a “fair sun” in line 4. Therefore. I imagine she has picket. white tegument. Romeo besides says in Act 2. scene 2 “The brightness of her cheek would dishonor those stars” which proves that she has pink rose-colored cheeks. Romeos monologue in Act 2. scene 2 proves what a beautiful. bright. and just immature miss Juliet is. However. don’t be fooled by her mincing visual aspect ; Juliet’s actions throughout the drama would paint a different. more arch image of her in your head.

Juliet’s actions change rather drastically throughout the drama. At the beginning of Romeo and Juliet. Juliet seems to be a really obedient adolescent who follows her parents orders and does non stand up for what she truly wants. For illustration. in Act 1. scene 3. Lady Capulet asks Juliet “Can you like of Paris’ love? ” Juliet is speedy to hold with her female parent by stating: “I’ll look to wish. if looking wishing move” . This proves that Juliet is naively obedient. and will make as her parents state even if what they want for her is non what she wants. Juliet has given no idea to the thought of matrimony. particularly to Paris since she is merely 13 old ages old and does non cognize him. yet she follows her parent’s orders to give him a opportunity. However. after Juliet meets Romeo at the ball. her obeisance and trueness to her household dwindles off. Juliet begins to disobey her household. and evolves into person who can do their ain determinations. whether they are good or bad.

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She falls in love with Romeo ; a Montague. a member of the Capulet’s feuding household. She makes programs to get married him the twenty-four hours after she meets him without stating her parents and they spend their nuptials dark together in her room at the Capulet sign of the zodiac. This shows that she is arising against her parents by get marrieding person from the feuding household. and person who is non Paris. Furthermore. Juliet makes another noncompliant determination towards the terminal of the drama. When Lady Capulet tells Juliet about her nuptials agreements with Paris in Act 3. scene 5. Juliet adamantly and angrily refuses the proposal by shouting “He shall non do me there a joyful bride. ”

Shortly after Juliet’s statement with her female parent and male parent about the nuptials. the nurse suggests that Juliet marry Paris to delight her parents. Juliet does non take the nurses advice and responds with “I’ll to the mendicant. to cognize his redress ; if all else fail. myself have power to decease. ” Juliet takes affairs into her ain custodies and is eventually standing up for what she wants. She is non allowing her parents or even the nurse influence her determinations any longer. All of these actions show Juliet’s adulthood. and turning sense of independency. but besides her new defiant. disobedient ways.

Juliet is rather a brave. passionate. and dramatic individual. Throughout the drama. Juliet trades with emotional state of affairss rather dramatically and is speedy to do drastic determinations on urge. For illustration. the 2nd Juliet lays eyes on Romeo. and in their following few brushs. she is so really passionate about how she feels about him. In Act 2. scene 2. she expresses how much she loves him. which may look excessively dramatic since she hardly knows him. Juliet makes the unprompted determination to get married Romeo. without truly believing it through which shows how speedy she is to do drastic determinations. Juliet makes an highly brave and really hazardous determination in Act 4. scene 3. She decides to take the toxicant Friar Laurence made for her which will strike hard her unconscious for 42 hours. despite all of her concerns about it non working or perchance killing her.

She takes the toxicant because she is so passionate about being with Romeo that she would make anything. even fake her decease in order to be free of her household and able to go forth Verona to be with him. Despite Juliet’s immature age. she is genuinely a brave and passionate misss who does non allow anything halt her from acquiring what she wants. Furthermore. one of the major events of the drama takes topographic point in Act 5. scene 3 when Juliet stabs herself with a sticker after waking up to happen Romeo lying dead beside her. Juliet makes the drastic determination to stop her ain life after happening Romeo dead. This shows her fast determination devising accomplishments. and besides her passion and love for Romeo. She did non kill herself out of failing from what she had merely seen. but because she would non experience right populating without the adult male that she loves so profoundly. Killing yourself out of passion for another human being shows utmost bravery and courage which Juliet has plentifulness of.

Although Juliet is portrayed as a naive 13 twelvemonth old miss at the beginning of the drama. Shakespeare made it a really outstanding portion of Romeo and Juliet to demo how Juliet evolves into an independent. weather and passionate immature adult female. She begins to arise like most adolescents do and withstand her parents. but however she did it to stand up for what she wants and believes in and I think that shows utmost bravery. courage. and independency.


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