Romeo when circumstances are against us. Shakespeare

February 27, 2019 General Studies

Romeo and Juliet
It is through the observing the decisions and experiences of others that we learn more about ourselves. Shakespeare tragedies teach us that while we are capable of feeling and expressing the heights of love, beauty and loyalty, we all too easily fall into the darker emotions of hate and rejection of authority when circumstances are against us. Shakespeare 1597 play, Romeo and Juliet, us the ultimate example of this settlement. The play shows the audience that while our emotions may be strong, they should be tempered by logic, it highlights the value we place on loyalty and authority and emphasises that no matter how hard we fight against our fate; the path of our life is often determined by others. Basically Romeo and Juliet explore the extremes if human condition and this remains relevant to modern audiences today.

Throughout the play romeo and Juliet many tradgies occur which have a great impact on human condition. The impact can be shown throughout three of main themes in romeo and Juliet. These themes are Love, Fate and conflict.

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Love : Firstly from studying the play Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare shows many variety’s of Love there is Romeos early love for Rosaline “which is like puppy love” Friendship love between mercuitio, benvolivo and Romeo and romantic love Between Romeo and Juliet as they will do anything for eatch other which is shown by their behaviour and language used, finally the other type is sexual love between mercution and the nurse asFirstly from studying the play Romeo and Juliet we can understand that as humans we often do things without thinking and often make mistakes. This can lead to harsh or unfair consequences affecting not just the characters’ lives but the people around them as well. For example Act 2 scene 3 when Romeo is talking to Friar Lawrence he is told “wisely and slow they stumble that run fast” by the priest. This metaphor implies that Romeo is rushing too quickly into his relationship with Juliet whilst it is human nature to pursue things that bring us happiness and pleasure given the context of the feud in Verona, Romeo would be wise to consider how his actions may affected the citizens of the city. A second example of this rash action is in Act 3 scene 2 where tybalt and mercuitio fight. In blank verse, at the close of the scene the prince decrees Romeo slew {tybalt}, he slew mercuitio, what now the price of his dear blood dath owe?”
The use of symbolism to give blood and human life a monetary value further emphasise that acting without thinking, The characters of the play negatively affected the lives of thoses around them. Through exploring the words and actions of the characters, audience see that ut us a truth of the human condition that we feel strong emotions that influence us the act without thinking, in this modern audiences can identify with Shakespeare characters.

Shakespeare wrote about many different human situations and his dramatic concerns on human beings. People have argured that Shakespeare is sexist racist protofemisnst a cynic a romantic and a philosopher. Throughout Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare was able to tap into universal human traits and caractistics
He has the ability to understand human thought process his characters are complex simulations of thinking and feeling action. Shakespeare captures concepts the way our minds work, human beings have a habbit of making decision’s based on more of their intuwitions emotions rather then there cognitive reason which can be A
Conflict is a central theme in rodeo and Juliet shakespare represents the theme through to arguing family Montague’s and Capulet’s , the family have been taught to hate eachother and this hatred impacts on other family members and the citisens of verona Conflict is a central theme in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare presents the theme of conflict through two warring families: the Montagues and the Capulets. The two families have been taught to hate each other, and this hatred impacts on the family members and the citizens of Verona. The citizens of Verona are unwillingly a part of the conflict as they witness the ongoing battles between the two families – battles which often result in death.

Shakespeare also presents the themes of conflict through inner familial conflict and individual conflict. Where conflict is presented, the struggle for power and control is also apparent.

How is the theme of conflict shown in Romeo and Juliet?
Conflict is shown in Romeo and Juliet through:
the two warring families: Montagues and the CapuletsJuliet’s inner conflict when she discovers Romeo is a Montague
conflict between Tybalt and Romeo
conflict between Juliet and her father
How does Shakespeare show this?EvidenceAnalysis
The two warring familiesShakespeare opens the play with a prologue and it is here that he first depicts the conflict between the Montagues and the Capulets.”Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona, where we lay our scene, from ancient grudge break to new mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.”Shakespeare opens his play with the first line, illustrating the “ancient” grudge that has been happening in Verona. Shakespeare does this to show that the conflict has been ongoing and isn’t likely to stop. He describes it as “ancient”‘ to illustrate how ingrained the conflict is with the families – it is a part of their daily lives.

Juliet’s inner conflictWhen Juliet discovers the true identity of her true love, she is shocked and cannot believe she loves someone who she is supposed to hate.”That I must love a loathed enemy.”Juliet uses ‘must’ which indicates that she has no other choice – she loves Romeo and cannot change the fact. This presents a conflict for Juliet, as she cannot change what she feels – despite knowing that she should.

Conflict between Tybalt and RomeoTybalt believes Romeo to have greatly dishonoured his family when he gate-crashes the Capulet party. He decides that Romeo must pay and offers to duel with Romeo.”Boy, this shall not excuse the injuries that thou hast done me; therefore turn and draw.”This shows that Tybalt believes he has been injured with Romeo’s actions. He commands Romeo to ‘turn and draw’, taking part in a fight.

Fate FateEnlarge imageAnother major topic of Romeo and Juliet is fate: the belief that an individual’s life has been decided for them and there is nothing they can do to change it. This is used right from the start. Romeo and Juliet’s ill-fated lives are described as ‘death-marked’, and they are a ‘pair of star-crossed lovers’. The idea of fate works on several levels. Shakespeare sets the two families against each other, and there is nothing Romeo and Juliet can do about this.

The couple have a feeling that things will go badly for them. Romeo thinks something is ‘hanging in the stars’, while Juliet says a ‘faint cold fear thrills through my veins’. This is far more mysterious for us. In Shakespeare’s time, fate was taken very seriously. An audience would have appreciated what he meant by all these references.

Romeo and Juliet ill fated lives are described at death marked and they are a pair of star cross lovers, the idea of fate works on ceveral levels. Shakespears sets the two familys against eachother and theres nothing romeo and Juliet can do about it
Love Perhaps the most obvious subject or theme in Romeo and Juliet is love. However, Shakespeare presents love in different ways. There is Romeo’s early love for Rosaline. This is like a puppy love, which the Friar calls ‘doting’ and not ‘loving’, because it was only really Romeo who believed he was in love.

Enlarge imageParis’ love for Juliet is quite similar. He wants to marry her, but approaches her father rather than Juliet (as was the tradition). He does not really show any deep feelings for her, and even says he has ‘little talked of love”. This seems to indicate he wants a good marriage and has chosen her, rather than the two of them falling in love.

There is another view of love – as something spiritual and between friends. This is shown with the love Juliet shares with her Nurse, the Friar and Romeo, and the friendships between Mercutio, Benvolio and Romeo. Each of these shows a close understanding. They might make fun of each other and criticise one another’s choices, but they respect and care for each other. They will also take great risks for one another: Mercutio dies to protect Romeo’s honour.

The love between Romeo and Juliet is our classic idea of romantic love – they will do anything for each other and their language and behaviour reflect this.

Finally, Shakespeare deals with yet another view of love – as something purely sexual. A number of characters, especially Mercutio and the Nurse, make repeated references to sex. This is very different to the idealistic love shown by Romeo and Juliet.


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